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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Andrew "Dice" Clay (Silverstein)

article from 1999

Andrew "Dice" Clay (Silverstein)
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M.N. Dalvez
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M.N. Dalvez

Yeah, a jew pretending to be an Italian tough-guy. That schtick was old in the 1960's ...
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It's interesting that a thread on this guy should pop up, because I realised something about him recently that previously eluded me. He is yet another jew who was hard at work promoting a "general loosening" of morals in American society. Kind of a "frontline soldier", if you will. As far as I'm aware his career is pretty much non-existent these days, but you can find a lot of his stuff on YouTube. As an example of him using typical jew tactics, in one of his stand-up videos he's talking about blacks, and one of his punchlines is "its always been about the black dick". Reinforcing in the goyim's minds the myth that black guys have larger penises. A lot of his material is in line with jewish "attack Western morals" tactics, and he is jewish himself. Oy vey!
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Paul Smith
Death Camp of Tolerance
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Paul Smith
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Originally Posted by M.N. Dalvez View Post
Yeah, a jew pretending to be an Italian tough-guy. That schtick was old in the 1960's ...
Don Black's Stormfront ''Russians''
Russia Insider
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Dale VanderMeer
Your Pro-White Neighbor...
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Dale VanderMeer
jewsign Interview With The "Tough Guy" Tapir...

The bagel muncher says he's all for poofter nuptials and says women enjoy his "act". Somehow, I find that hard to believe.
Slate: You start the new special with your sons opening up for you, so we see Andrew Dice Clay the family man right away. But then in one of your very first riffs once you’re on stage, you give one of the guys in the front rows a hard time by saying he’s going to "catch gay."

Clay: You’re going to "catch fag." I don’t say gay.

Slate: Because gay is too nice a word?

Clay: I get asked about that. And I say, “Why would I say gay? That’s politically correct.” But the other reason I say fag—number one, let’s just talk about the word fag. Fag is a funny word. To gays, it was insulting years ago, and I understand that because I have gay friends. But as a word onstage, for what I do as a comic, you don’t say, “You’re going to catch gay.” It’s not funny. “You’re going to catch fag” is funny. ...
Slate: Women in particular have gotten upset with you and your act over the years.

Clay: Not anymore. They’re cheering for it, it’s amazing.

Slate: Have things really changed in that regard?

Clay: Oh, it’s crazy. When we did the special—and I’m talking to them and doing bits about these sexual things blown out of proportion—they’re chanting, they’re cheering. As I said in the special, “I always knew to treat a woman like the pig that she is.” But today, they want to prove it to you. Just by the way that they dress, with the animal prints—that’s not trying to be demure. They’re trying to say, “Hey, I’m looking sexy for you, I’ve got some makeup on and a fucking cheetah jumpsuit on—how do you think I want this date to end?”...
Typical tapir "logic".

Last edited by Dale VanderMeer; November 24th, 2013 at 07:15 AM.
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Scum ooze from east side Manhattan and the women liberation of escapade etc.this is one of their slogan back in the 70s: "if it feels good,just do it"
Old November 24th, 2013 #8
Bobby Bandanza
The anti-Jew.
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Bobby Bandanza
Default Vice Versa


"Whatcha gonna do when Trumpamania and the largest rats of Judea Jew wild on you?!" - Me


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