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Robbie Key
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Robbie Key

"I don't think everybody have to talk about it [the jewish question], I'm very heartened to people like Jared Taylor and Richard Spencer who have been more courted by mainstream media lately" (possibly paraphrased)... Kevin MacDonald on the latest Duke radio show (2015-09-30).
Why are they more 'courted' do you think Mr Professor, but not you, Mr. Linder or David Duke (since his CNN-appearance)? Real tough question, eh. I think this shows everyone that politics isn't about intelligence, at its core, it's about personality. You have to be cunning, suspicious, aggressive, ruthless and, most of all, principled.

Why don't everyone have to speak about the Jewish role? You've written thousands of pages on their role in the destruction of our civilization as we knew it, and their power today in our societies. It is basic truth. Yet, they don't "have to" speak about it? Why not? Truth is truth. Reality is reality. It HAS to be spoken about.

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C'mon, Dr. Kevin MacDonald can't say "Yes, we went an ALL-WHITE America." Although I tire of small-measures as much as anyone, I recognize that his position in this is unique. He's trying to win with logic in certain finite areas.
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isaac schultz
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isaac schultz
Default isn't it strange

Originally Posted by America First View Post
On September 18, 1913, Representative Lindbergh voted YES to the federal reserve bill as it passed the House.....

YouTube George Lincoln


homeland, jim giles, kevin macdonald, repatriation, wn lite= fail


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