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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Jason Patric

jew Mother of Jason Patric's baby breaks her silence and details years of alleged abuse and anti-Semitism and claims he never once had the child even sleep over without her there

- Danielle Schreiber claims Patric was physically and emotionally abusive
- She and Patric are locked in a bitter custody dispute over their son, Gus
Schreiber says Patric agreed that he was only to be a sperm donor and not be involved in the child's life
- Patric has launched a campaign to win custody of his son and become the face of the 'fathers'-rights movement'

The couple broke up in 2008, but reconciled in 2011. According to Schreiber, the abuse continued.

'[H]e turned nasty on her again, hurling anti-Semitic epithets like "Ms. Jew Schreiber" and "Jew c***" at her. (According to an e-mail obtained by Rolling Stone that appears to be from Patric, he commented, "F*** THOSE JEW MOTHERF*****S," while discussing a business issue with Schreiber.),' Grigoriadis writes.
Patric responded to the allegations with a statement to the magazine.

All these false allegations against me from [Schreiber] and her legal team are baseless and without merit. They are an attempt to disparage me after their loss in the Court of Appeal. I will not legitimize the questions posed by Rolling Stone. There isn't one shred of evidence to any of this slander…. I will happily present all of my evidence at trial, and will very soon have Gus back in my arms. I also will continue to refuse to disparage my son's mother in public. I don't intend to alienate him from her. The only one that is hurt by this is Gus. He will soon be old enough to know the truth."


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