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Brooklyn Rick
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Brooklyn Rick
Default Turkeys.....

What seems to be the best way to attract and keep turkeys on one's property? Do they have a favorite food, or cover? I;m trying to stock the yard with small game for future use in case anything happens.
Sine Timore
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For that purpose, chickens, rabbits and pigs are better for food sources.

Trees produce almost all one needs, and as far as area required and survivability goes, are more productive than field farming, producing vast quantities of nuts, fruit, wood etc. in a very small area.

Nuts are about as nutritious as grains, and a couple trees with effectively no effort can produce more crop than a large field requiring immense effort.
Combine several such trees with hedges producing berries, construction material, and these provide a comfortable living space for chickens, rabbits, goats and pigs, and it is a self supporting system, these require hardly any work, and also provide a means of exchange to trade with.
Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.


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