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Donald E. Pauly
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Smile Steele's Public Pretender a Drunk?

This might be grounds for appeal for ineffective counsel.

Sirens & Gavels
Federal public defender’s job opens

May 17, 2011 6 p.m.

The future of the top federal public defender in Eastern Washington and North Idaho could be in doubt, with the board that oversees the attorney’s office advertising for his replacement even as the attorney, Roger Peven, prepares to represent domestic terrorism suspect Kevin W. Harpham.

The federal public defender’s office is facing a civil lawsuit by three former employees, who essentially claim that they were fired in retaliation after they raised concerns about a lack of leadership on the part of Peven. The lawsuit also claims the three employees forced an intervention that resulted in Peven seeking inpatient treatment for alcohol abuse.

Peven did not respond last week or Monday to interview requests.

But Jeffry Finer, who chairs the board that oversees the Federal Public Defenders of Eastern Washington and Idaho, said the advertisement for a new executive director is not related to the pending lawsuit. He said Peven is not among the current applicants, but that applications will be accepted until July 1. “I anticipate he will apply. He is certainly welcome to apply” for the $155,000-a-year job, Finer said. Peven has held the top job at the federal public defender’s office since 2002, when Judy Clarke stepped down.

Finer said he hopes to hire Peven or the next executive director in time to start by Jan. 1, 2012. Harpham’s trial is currently expected to take place before the end of the year, so Finer said the hiring should “in no way” affect Peven’s representation of the domestic terrorism suspect, who faces several charges in connection with a bomb located along the planned route of the Martin Luther King Jr. Unity March in downtown Spokane.

Finer said the board has started a process to change oversight of the office from a local board to federal court. “What we have used has worked very well,” Finer said. “But we are way out of step with the general procedures used elsewhere.” Finer said he could not comment about his view of Peven’s performance.

Seattle attorney Mitchell Riese, who along with colleague Judith Lonnquist filed the suit against the federal defenders office in January 2010, said the advertisement for the top job “seems curious … but I have no knowledge that they are connected.” Riese added, “Certainly, a number of things or actions we allege in the lawsuit reflect poorly on Roger’s performance as a director. To what extent the board of directors has taken that into consideration in deciding to make those changes that Jeff Finer describe, I just don’t know.”

The suit – which is currently set for trial in February before Superior Court Judge Jerome Leveque – was brought on behalf of three federal defenders, Stephen Hormel, Lisa Werner and Billy Proctor, each of whom had at least 16 years experience in the office. “Throughout much of 2007, plaintiffs observed Mr. Peven progressively withdraw from active management,” the suit states. “Mr. Peven informed plaintiffs of serious personal problems he was experiencing. This resulted in a nearly complete disengagement from his day-to-day activities as executive director.”

In the late fall that year, Hormel, Werner and other staff conducted an intervention and Peven agreed to an evaluation that resulted in a 30-day inpatient stay for alcohol abuse treatment. After a leave of absence, he was reinstated as executive director on Jan. 22, 2008.

Upon his return, according to the suit, Peven conducted a “personal investigation” into the actions of Hormel – who had been named interim director – including the termination of a staff attorney. In June 2009, Finer, the board president, wrote his colleagues about how Hormel and Werner “expressed fear of retaliation by Mr. Peven.”

Following a series of reviews and help from an outside facilitator, Hormel, Werner, Proctor and other staff members voiced their opinions that Peven should be removed because of continued absences from the office, favoritism and lack of support to Hormel and other supervisors. The bad blood continued until Aug. 6, 2009, when Hormel sent a “retaliation/harassment” complaint to the board and Peven. Later that same day, Peven called Hormel into his office and fired him. He fired Werner about 30 minutes later and Proctor the next morning.

The three former staffers filed the wrongful termination lawsuit in January last year.

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America First
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America First

Isn't it strange that we talk least about the things we think about most?

We cannot allow the natural passions and prejudices of other peoples
to lead our country to destruction.

-Charles A. Lindbergh
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Originally Posted by America First View Post
"Defensive Racism" A book written by Edgar J. Steel is a powerful work, and he sent it to the USAG who happens to be non White. After reading twenty pages I say it is a book That TPTB do not want to upper half of Whites reading.
Eric Holder upon reading this book: "Hey I know I have real threats to deal with but there is this really old lawyer no one has ever heard of, who ten years ago wrote a book no one read, hasn't won a case in 15 years, and is old and in really bad health. You know we should go after him, see if he has a handyman who would be willing to testify that he was paid to kill the guy's wife."

You really think Eric Holder even read the book or gives a shit? 40 million white people voted for Obama in 2008. Not even 40 thousand have read this book.

You're not that important.
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Originally Posted by America First View Post
Russia sentences Israeli to 18 years for sex trafficking


An Israeli citizen was sentenced yesterday to 18 years in prison by the Moscow military court, for organizing a vast network of sex trafficking. According to the court, from 1999 to 2007, when most of the network's agents were arrested, Avi Yanai and his accomplices sold hundreds of women for prostitution to Israel, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. The minimal official estimate stands at 129 women, but some of the states still investigating the network put the number at several hundred. The women were lured from Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Uzbekistan.
He was probably framed by the same people who framed Edgar Steele
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Default Have YOU read the book?

Originally Posted by Lurker View Post
... 40 million white people voted for Obama in 2008. Not even 40 thousand have read this book.
Originally Posted by Lurker View Post

You're not that important.
I doubt that even 4,000 have read the book. And probably less than 2% of the Colonists even understood much less supported American revolution but that's all it took. Ideas spread and the perceived danger of the Winston Smiths of this world is that they have the courage to state that 2 + 2 = 4. That is arguably why "powers that be" slap them down hard before their public.

Like probably everyone else here, I have no way to know if Ed Steele is innocent but, as do many here, just find the coincidences fascinating. I'd like to read the trial transcript but not enough to purchase it at the prices court reporters charge. Its asserted that his was a classic political show trial. If that's the case then the small percentage that are aware of his work are deemed important enough by government to attempt to discredit. My experience with dyed-in-the-wool Seventh-day Adventists, and Ed Steele admitted to having been raised to be one but apparently went off the reservation, is that they have more than the usual number of screws loose, e.g., David Koresh, and every one I've known had a serious moral blind spot in their characters. If we're to know anything however then we need to know what the government presented as evidence and more than just casual opinion as to its veracity.

The comment by "Lurker" that "You're not that important" is also fascinating. I disagree and rather think that those who, right or wrong personally, attempted to draw the attention of Americans to un-American phenomena that are accepted by the vast majority simply deserve our attention toward their not being forgotten.

For example, I'm glad to see Ed Steele's and William Pierce's writings still generally available via the Internet. Someone with the now obscure material Gordon Kahl's associates published, that indicates there was more to his position than the video Death and Taxes would lead you to believe, ought to be archived online and here would be a good place; I wish I'd kept what I read years ago after his spectacular killing got my attention. Sometimes making a big deal of destroying someone like Kahl or Steele has unintended consequences.

Steele's closest supporters are soliciting ideas. Would that they figure out how to get the transcript into the Court of Public Opinion.

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Donald E. Pauly
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Location: Las Vegas
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Angry Transcript of Pre-Arrest Conversation

This is the transcript of the recording of the Idaho State Patrolman giving Steele the fake news of the death of his wife and mother in law. It is very interesting and had to be highly incriminating to the jury. This is the first report that Steele had a concealed weapon permit.

Thanks are extended to my colleague from afar who stayed up late to do the optical character recognition for me. I will continue to post corrected versions as they are available.
======== -10.pdf

(UI) denotes "unintelligible"

Date of transcription 10/01/2010

The following is a partial verbatim transcription of a conversation between Edgar Steele (Steele) , Special Agent (SA) Michael `P. Sotka (SA Sotka) , and Idaho State Troopers Jess Spike (Spike) , and Holly Branch (Branch} on June 11, 2010. It should be noted that the recording has intermittent blank spots.

Investigation on 06/11/2010 at Coeur d'A1ene. Idaho

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 2

(Starting at 11:50)
(Sound of truck)

Branch: Big ole' trailer.

Spike: . This is quite a spread he's got here. Beautiful. What we're gonna do is walk him up

to the porch.

Branch: Yea. (UI)

Spike: Yep.

Steele: Well I decided you guys were gonna serve a summons on me. But I've never seen such a show of force.

Spike: No, this, this, no...
(Background talk on police radio)

Spike: ...this wou1dn't be for that.

Steele: Sorry I can't hear, I called your office an confirmed chan they had dispatched somebody.

Spike: Oh yeah.

Steele: ‘Cause I, you got a...what‘s going on?

Spike: why don't we, can we head up on the porch and have a seat up there?

Steele: What's going on?

Spike: Why don't you head up on the porch and have a seat up here.

Steele: I don't like the feeling of this.
(Sound of footsteps)

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 3

Spike: Go ahead and have a seat. Edgar, is your wife Cindy? Have a seat. (UI) early this morning...

Steele: Is she all right?

Spike: ...she was killed.

(Squeaking noise) ·

Spike: We don't know a lot of details of the crash...

Steele: Oh, come on. Are you serious, is this, are, is this confirmed?

Spike: It's confirmed. Oregon State Police contacted us about an hour ago and asked us to make the notification. From what we understand she was drivin' a vehicle that was registered to you. Would that be correct?

Steele; Yeah. Mitsubishi, a Black Endeavor.

Spike: 'Kay.

Steele: Oh, Jesus, (UI)

Spike: Do you have any weapons on your person at all today? The only reason I'm askin‘ is that I know you have a concealed weapons permit and I just wanna make sure you're not gonna hurt yourself or anything like that. Do you know anything about what she was doin' this morning, or...? Is there anyone I can call for ya?

Steele: Nah.

(Background talk on police radio)

Steele: I‘m sorry, I'll get it together here in a minute.

Spike: You're, whenever you’re ready, sir.

Steele: .0h Jesus Fucking Christ! when did this happen?

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 4

Spike: We're not sure an exact time. We got a call about an hour ago and it takes us a little time to assimilate our people and make a notification. That's why, didn't wanna do it over the phone, sir.


Spike: (UI)

Steele: (UI) deal with her mother over there. She takes her mother to the doctor all the time. A little early for. And I have a granddaughter there with a daughter that babysits.

Spike: The, then information that I have this morning. (skip)

Steele: So you know where this happened?

Spike: Yeah.

Steele: Who would I call there? (skip)

SA Sotka: name is Mike Sotka and I'm with the FBI, and I know you probably don't (skip) but obviously with who you are and the things you've written, a lot of people that hate you.

Steele" Yes there are.

SA Sotka: and a lot of people that would probably like to get back at you or your family, whatever that might be.

Steele: (UI)

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 5

SA Sotka: Yeah, it's not too hard, in the middle of nowhere. But, um,..

Steele: They could just walk up to your door and pop me. I figured it was probably gonna happen someday, actually.

SA Sotka: Well, the, um, sometimes the easiest way to get to one of us is to, you know get to somebody else that's close to us and make a message. So, um...(Skip}

Steele: ...exactly the way I do,

SA Sotka: Yeah, and maybe if you and I sat down and talked about that would be the case. I'm just sayin', it's a hate crime against you just like it‘s a hate crime against somebody else if that's what was done. Um, the details were...

Steele: I'm not, 1'm not a member of a protected class is the only problem.

SA Sozka: Um...

Steele: It's not a hate crime against white (UI).

SA Sotka: Well, what, what...

Steele: [UI]

SA Sotka: ...we wanna find out who did this. We have a little bit of information. There was one other car: in the general vicinity that stopped and they said that it looked like your wife was veering or run off the road. Ah, the car flipped multiple times. She was not wearing her seat belt and, they believe not wearing a seat belt was probably what caused the death. I mean, if she woulda had it on she probably woulda been fine. But, um...

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 6

Steele: Well, wait a minute, is this, so you got an eye witness...

SA Sotka: Who saw a car run her car...

Steele: I'm not thinking real clear.

SA Sotka: Take your time.

Steele: Bear with me. You've got an eye witness...(Skip)

SA Sotka: Uh...

Steele: In fact, can I get cards from everybody here?

SA Sotka: Yeah, what I'd like to do, if possible, if I could sit down with you and talk about who might want to do this to you. Do you have any...I mean, I'd like to interview you if you cou...if you're able to (skip}...find out who is involved. If that‘s possible. I don't know if you're up to that right now. Um, time is of essence... (Skip)

Steele: _ Well let's start with the membership of the JDL. And then 1et‘s start, then let's follow that up with the membership of the ADL.

SA Sotke: (UI)

Steele: And I think the SPLC actually kind of likes me, because they...(Skip)

Steele: ..and I'm friends with it‘s head. A Jew, by the way.

SA Sotke: So JDC, or what was the other one?

Steele: Oh, the JDL, Jewish Defense Leaéue.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 7

SA Sotka: (UI)

Steele: They're based out of Nevada, I believe.

SA Sotka: And the ADC, you said?

Steele: ADL, the Anti-Defamation League. B'nai B'Rith.

SA Sotka: I know the Southern Poverty one.

Steele: Southern Poverty, I refuse to believe that they would have anything to do with it.

They're, they're morons, but they’re okay. `

SA Sotka: Do you think it could be one of the top two?

Steele: Nah.

SA Sotka: Not really?

Steele: Well, the JBL: I'll tell ya, I mean I've got recorded death threats from the ADL, from one of their thugs.

SA Sotka: Recently? I probably need to get those if,..

Steele: It's been a while, no, yeah, and he's dead now too.

SA Sozka: I don't think he did it.

Steele: I don't think so. ·

SA Sotka: Um...

Steele: And their head, um, Irv Rubin, was killed in prison a year or two ago.

SA Sotka: But nothing...let's, let's talk about Cindy. What...

Steele: The only threat I've gotten recently has been a, a, um, I'm tryin' to think of what his name is. He's actually one of the wacko white right-wingers.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 8

SA Sotka: Right—winger?

Steele: Um, I've got it on my computer, I'm sure.

SA Sotka: I wanna get that some time. Um, is, I mean I wanna make sure your sa...

Steele: That's the only one that I've gotten in the last month or so. I've been real...

SA Sotke: (UI)

Steele: ...I've been real quiet the last year with my writings and I‘ve done it on purpose.

SA Sotka: Kay. Um, how about Cindy? What, Does Cindy live here, does Cindy live there?

What's Cindy's status? I know...

Steele: She lives here.

SA Sotka: Um, this is her house?

Steele: Her mother has been in and out of the hospital since she went over...there's no chance this could be a mistake, right?

SA Sotka: I don't think, we would all be here, especially me. If this is a mistake.(UI) (Skip)

Steele: (UI) she was on her way to see a real estate broker and sign a paper.

SA Sotke: When was the last time you talked to her?

Steele: Last night.

SA Sotka: Did she say anything about seeing a real estate broker or...?

Steele: Well....

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 9

Steele; And I told her to call this woman and have her come over last night or this morning. Except, her mother‘s the one that needed to sign the damn papers.

SA Sotka: She have a house or somethin' she's gettin' rid of?

Steele: Yeah. It's up for sale.

SA Sotka: Are they movin‘ back here then or is it, is that the plan? Or what would the plan have been? `

Steele: Oh, to get her mother into an apartment there nearby and get her well enough so that she could then be on her own again and...

SA Sotka; um...

Steele: Her mother doesn't knew about this yet.

SA Sotka: When was the last time she was here? I mean was it recent or has it been a long time she has been with her mom. Has it been days, weeks, months, years?

Steele: About a week ago.

SA Sotka: A week ago she was in town?

Steele: Aha.

SA Sotka: So she come back like every week? Or is it...?

Steele: (UI) every couple weeks or so.

SA Sotka: Every couple weeks?

Steele: Couple, three weeks (UI) days.

SA Sotka: Did the mom come with her? Did the mom..

Steele: Sometimes.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 10

SA Sotka: Okay, so sometimes.

Steele: But she's been too frail...

SA Sotka: Yeah.

Steele: come these last few times.

SA Sotka: Um, is there any, this is a very hard question to ask at this time, but to follow up on the investigation. Is there anybody over there that she, infidelity or anything like that, that would be a possibility that somebody there found out. Like maybe the, if she is maybe the husband, if this guy's the husband the wife might be ticked off, or something and I don't know.

Spike: Is there anything that led you to believe that there was anything going on recently?

SA Sotka: Sometimes, you know, we've done a lot of these things and that comes up a lot in cases, you know, when somebody‘s pretty much gets murdered. And that's pretty much what it is if she was run off the road. Whether it's a unknowing motorist, drunk driver, or whatever. You know. I'm taking it by your silence there's something bothering you about that question. Something you‘ve known about?

Steele: I don‘t know?

SA Sotka: Okay,

Steele: It‘s just, she's been over there so much. You Know she just...the thought's crossed my mind.

SA Socks: It has crossed your mind. But no, no name we can go talk to?

Steele No.

SA Sotka: How about friends over there? Any, um, friends that she may have established over there that

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 11

we can go talk to and sea maybe if they have any clue. I mean...

Steele: Well she grew up over there.

SA Sotka: Oh, that's where she's from?

Steele: Yeah. She's got friends over there. Uh, Karen, um, don't know what her last name is.

SA Sotka: (UI)

Steele: Karen, Karen is really the only...

SA Sotka: Hello. this is Mike.

Steele: (UI) her best friend.

Spike: Okay, but you don't remember Karen‘s last name?

Steele: I mean, it's, it's...

Sotka: what, I'll ask. Okay. I'll call you right back. Sir, I have more bad news. Your mother—in—law was just shot. She's dead at the residence. when they went to go talk with her. There's something going on.

Steele: What the Fuck! (Skip)

Spike: Hang on, Sir. (Skip)

SA Sotka: Okay, I'm gonna call down, (UI).

Steele: I'm okay right now guys.

SA Sotka: 'Kay. (UI)

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 12

Spike: Why don‘t we start with who the other family members (UI)

Steele: what is this? (UI) Fuck me! Hold on, I'll be right back. (UI) (skip)

spike: (UI)

Steele: [UI)...I need to call my daughter, I'm scared to.

Spike: Yeah, but let's just wait, okay?

Steele: I want to make sure she's okay, though.

Spike: Well.

SA Sotka: Sir, sir.

Spike: Wait right here.

SA Sotka: I just, I just.

Steele: I went to call my son.

SA Sotka: well call in a second. There’s, there's...

Steele: I've got a daughter in Texas, I wanna make sure.

SA Sotka: I got some information, I wanna tell you everything. I just found out outside from, this is directly from the horse's mouth. Um, do you wanna sit dcwn? Th, that's, there's nothing else besides what I told you injured or hurt or anything, but...

Steele: (UI)

SA Sotka: ...your wife, it appears from the crash...

(continued in next post)

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Donald E. Pauly
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Angry Page 2 of Pre Arrest Transcript -10.pdf
(last half)

(UI) denotes "unintelligible"

Date of transcription 10/01/2010

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 13.


SA Sotka: ...damage to another car that must of hit her car, causing her to go off the road. That car is not identified yet. Um... (skip}

SA Sotka: ...m¤ther-in-law, I'm sorry. Um, based on the conversation I'm assuming she's dead. Um, I don't know if they are still treating her or whatever, but that's the case.

Steele: Is that confirmed?

SA Sotka: I will...

Steele: because...

SA Sotka: Yeah.

Steele: ...if she‘s been shot, she probably saw the person.

SA sotka: She might. I have no clue, I mean, between you and I...

Steele: I wanna know who did this.

SA Sotka: ...I don't think she made it. I mean they're tryin', what they try. You know what I mean? But I, I mean it's a bad situation.

Steele: I wanna know who did ...

SA Sotka: There is a vehicle, about four miles away from the residence. I have no clue if this is the vehicle involved, but there is a big irony. There is a guy who lives around here that was in the pursuit and he flipped his vehicle when they used the spike strips. He was unconscious, I don't know what his situation is, but, I d¤n't know if he's going to make it
or not, they’re workin' on him right now, but I have to run the name past you.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 14

Steele: A guy from around here?

SA Sotka: Sagle, Idaho. which I would assume is close enough...

Steele: You gotta be shittin' me?

SA Sotka: ... Last name of Fairfax. Does that name ring a bell at all?

Steele: Larry Fairfax.

SA sotka; I think that‘s the first name, I can't remember it for sure. Do you know him?

Steele: Yeah, he does work here.

A Socks: Around your house?

Steele: Outside, with the horses. (Skip)

Steele; (UI) (skip)

Steele: In Oregon state.

SA Sotka: He's in Oregon state, I've confirmed that, and it flipped over (UI). (Skip)

Steele: Obviously thexe’s a connection here.

SA Sotka; I'm thinking the same thing. (UI)...

Steele: Have they connected his vehicle to the ome that the eye witness saw?

SA Sotke: Probably right now there is too much damage to determine any of that. I mean...

Steele: But there would be a paint transfer?

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 15

SA Sotka: Right. yeah, but I...

Steele: (UI)

SA Sotka: I don't even know if there's, yeah, down the road, but ya know, that’s...

Steele: Matches by eye we would get the color and that would be good enough for now.

SA Sotka: Yeah. They might be doing that. I...

Spike: Kind of hard in our position to have that information right this second.

SA Sotka: Were here to make somethin'; there may be more and more before I leave, I don‘t know.

Steele: What the fuck is goin' on?

SA Sozke: 'Kay. I need to follow up on this Larry guy. Does he go to Oregon City a lot? Did you see him any time this past week?

Steele:' I have no idea that he's ever been in Oregon City.

SA Eotka: Well I want to start to investigate him a little bit. What..

Steele: Why would he be in Oregon City?

SA Sotka: I don’t know that's what I want to start to investigate. What, you saw him yesterday; did you seem him before yesterday? (Skip)

SA Sotka: (UI) find out his name (UI) This is my policy, I (UI)...

Branch: Hello there.

A1 Banks: You don't look like Ed. -

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 16

Branch: N0. Ed's a little bit busy at the moment sir, can I help ya?

Banks: Yeah, I'm here to pick him up.

Spike: I'll (UI), I'll talk to 'im. How‘s it goin'sir?

Banks: Just fine.

Spike: Uh, there's been a family matter tha: is kinda personal and until he wants any information released. Okay. you can wait, but it‘s gonna be a few minutes, so.

Banks: I see.

Spike: You mind,is that your van? .

Banks: Yeah.

Spike: Okay. Can you just wait in your van?

Banks: Sure.

Spike: Uh, 'til he wants to come out and talk to you?

Banks: Yeah.

Spike: He's not in any kind of trouble, but there's, there's been a family matter that he's been...

Banks: Huh.

Spike: ...notified on.

Banks: I see.

Spike: Okay?

Banks: You guys get to notify him, huh?

Spike: Yep.

Banks: Well that's a bummer

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 17

Spike: Yes it is. One of the fun, fun parts of our job.

Banks: Uh huh.

Spike: What’s your name?

Banks: Al Banks.

Spike: A1 Banks, okay. Just go ahead and have a seat, okay? And we'll have him come out and talk to you.

Banks: (UI)

spike: Yeah, it's the air conditioner

Banks: Oh, okay.

Spike; It'a just the condenser.

SA SOtka: Can you guys find out if he knows a Larry Fairfax?

Banks: (UI)

Spike: Yeah, he, he, uh, the other office: that's talkin' to him. Do you know a guy by the name of Larry Fairfax, by any chance? (UI)

Banks: (UI) Larry Fairfax, no.

Spike: Okay. Go ahead and have a seat; in your vehicle, it'll be a few minutes. Okay? (UI)

Spike : Negative.

SA Sotka: (UI) the day you picked up the trailer.

Steele: (UI) Um. (UI) he or his kids have been feeding the horses now a days (UI, skipping)

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 18

SA Sotka: (U1) call and find out.

Steele: (UI) custody, right? (Skip)

Steele: (UI) (skip)

Spike: You said that: you and Cindy spoke a fair amount.

Steele: (UZ) they talked (UI) I know that (UI)

SA Sotka: (UI)

Steele: (UI) he asked me, however, how she was doing (UI) .

SA Sotka: (UI)

Steele: (UI) (Skip)

SA Sotka: (UI} Do you suspect him and her (UI, skipping}? (skip)

SA Sotka: (UI) and that's why we're here. Yeah. no, no, no, here's' your chance to come clean. (Skip) (UI) (Skip)

Steele: (UI)

SA Sotka: Okay, thanks for following your alibi. That was really good. (UI, Skipping} ·

Unknown female: Central, seventeen on eight.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 19

Dispatch: FS l7?

Unknown female: In service channel eight area.

Dispatch: 959.

Spike: Watch your heed and shoulders on the way in. When you get in, slip your hands all the way down to your butt, there's a space for them. See that hard plastic...

Branch: Patrol 46

Dispatch: (UI)

Branch: Subject's in my patrol vehicle, secure.

Dispatch: 959.

Branch: Alec will you put 958 on the radio.

Dispatch: 959.

Spike: Alright, I'm going to shut my tape down.

Branch: I'm keepin mine on?

Spike: Yep, uh...

Branch: Coeur d'Alene?

spike: Yes. uh, same, same drill. Go down second door, pulling forward, ha, have you gotten your car down into the sa11y...

Branch: Yeah. was there a code to get in the gate?

Spike: No, just hit the button and they'll see who ya are. Just identify a male in custody...

Branch: Okay.

Spike: ...uh, he's cooperative, you know, whatever.

Branch: Okay.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 20

Spike: 'Kay.

Branch: Did we put a seatbelt on him?

Spike: Yes I did.

Branch: Okay. Thank you.

Spike: Thank you.

Branch: I think he*s gonna follow me down. (UI, radio traffic)

Branch: You gonna follow me down or do you want me to go ahead and head out?

SA.Sotka: I'd like to follow you down. I need to get him interviewed though, so I'm gonna have one of my guys interview him and I'm follow you down.

Branch: Okay. Interview him here or there?

SA Sotka: (UI) huh?

Branch: You wanna interview ’im here?

SA Sotka: Uh, yeah I'm gonna have him interview him here.

Branch: 'Kay. You okay for a minute?

Steele: Yep.

Branch: What's that?

Steele: (UI)

Branch: Okay. We're gonna get ya outta here in just a second.

Spike: (UL) 958 service on the (UI) talk to you on the radio.

Branch: I don't wanna make any calls on my cell phone.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 21

Spike: Okay.

Branch: That's why I did that. Just to let him know that we got him, would you call dis, he asked we to make sure you called him. So would you just call him and tell him he's in custody?

Spike: Sure.

Branch: Thank you. That was his concern.

Spike: Okay. (Radio traffic)

Branch: Thank you.

Unknown Male: We have him in custody. Okay? Alrighty. (UI)

Branch: I'll be transporting him down to the federal courthouse.

Unknown Male: And county, uh, search warrant, are on their way up from Athol right now to do the search warrant. Alrighty, we'll do that. You bet. (Pause)

Branch: Oh yeah? Make sure that Spike searched him. 'Cause I'm not sure he did.

Unknown Male: Okay.

Branch: I just wanna make sure of that real quick. He's been thoroughly searched?

Spike: Yeah. Yep.

Branch: We’re gonna take off.

Spike; (UI)

Branch: Okay, okay. Ready when you are?

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 22

SA Sotka: Yeah. Well, okay, okay, where do we take 'im? To Kootenai and then (UI), or...okay, okay. Call me right back. Okay, yeah. She's gonna check with (UI). If they don‘t
wanna do the initial appearance today.

Branch: Ch. `

SA Sotka: So we might have to that.

Branch: Instead of the federal courthouse?

SA Sotka:` Well it depends if they wanna do the initial today or Monday.

Branch: Oh.

SA Sotka: They have ta do it within twenty-four hours or a reasonable amount of time (UI).

Branch: Huh?

SA Sotka: So. . .

Branch: (UZ) isn‘t that something. You did it right though.

SA Sotka: (UI) Okay I'1l head that way. We're gonna go towards the courthouse (UI) Kootenai County Jail (UI).

Branch: {UI) How are you?

Unknown Male: Good, how you doin'?

Branch: Good.

SA Sotka: (UI)

Branch; They were discussn' takin' him to Bonner County. but we're gonna head towards the federal building and they may divert us to Kootenai County Jail, so...

Spike: Okay, uh, maybe another change of plan.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 23

Unknown Male: Cpatian wants a marked unit up her all day, (UI) search warrant...

Branch: Oh.

Unknown Male: For the Aryan Nations issue...

Branch: Oh.

Unknown Male: So he's thinkin' abou: havin' Jess transport and havin' you sit up here.

Branch: Whatever you wanna do? `

Unknown Male: What do you prefer?

Branch: Ride my horse. (Chuckles) (UI)

Spike: That was not one of the choices given.

Branch: (UI) ‘

Unknown Male: (UI)

Branch: (UI) he messed the schedule up, he messed it all up. (UI)

Unknown Male: So, um, if you gotta go to court though. You gotta be back in Coeur d'A1ene by 12:30, 12:15. It's two hours from now. So...

Branch: Do what we need to do- If you need me to stay I will.

Unknown Male: Why dont you have Jess transport down...

Branch: ‘Kay.

Unknown Male: ...and you can stay here with these guys.

Branch: ‘Kay. I‘m gonna have Troupe: Spike take ya in to Coeur d'Alene, okay? Sit ya outta that car.

Transcription on 06/11/2010 Page 24

Come on out. sir. Taka your time. this is, I know these cars are small.

Steele: (UI) hurts.

Branch: I'm gonna put my hand on your head here, just so you don’t bang it, okay? A little change of plans. Mr. Steele...(Skip)

Branch: (CI) Pu: him in 506‘s custody, he'll be transporting.

Spike: A bit more room, but not much.

(End of Recording and Transcription)

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Angry New Trial Motion

Steele's attorneys continue their wrecking of his case. Their supposed defense expert being of vacation in Bora Bora when he was needed at trial gave the jury a good laugh. They squandered over $108,000 of movement money and put Steele in a lot worse shape than if he had pleaded guilty. Cyndi could have put that money to good use.

Sirens & Gavels
Document details Steele’s trial request
Posted by Meghann
May 23, 2011 2 p.m.

Edgar Steele's lawyers have 10 reasons he should receive a new trial, including alleged untimely production of Larry Fairfax's notes, errors in admitting the video tapped deposition of his alleged Ukrainian love interest, and newly discovered evidence about the viability of the explosive device.

Federal prosecutors listed the reasons in a document filed last week in U.S. District Court in Coeur d'Alene in response to a sealed document by defense lawyers Robert McAllister of Colorado and Gary Amendola of Coeur d'Alene that talks of intent to seek a new trial.

The defense document was filed a week after a jury in Boise convicted Steele of four felonies related to a plot to kill his wife and mother in law.

According to prosecutors, McAllister and Amendola included the following reasons:

1) Newly discovered evidence regarding Jeff Buck and the viability of the explosive device (from Fairfax's sentencing);
2) Defense was unable to secure the attendance of Dr. George Papcun to testify;
3) Contention that the Court erred in excluding the testimony of Dennis Walsh;
4) Alleged violation of attorney-client communication privilege;
5) Alleged untimeliness of production Fairfax’s “fictional book” notes;
6) Alleged error in allowing cross-examination of Cyndi Steele using the petition for divorce from 2000;
7) Alleged error of admitting the video tape deposition of Tatyana Loginova;
8) Alleged error in sustaining objections to testimony of Bob Stoll, DVM;
9) Allegations of error in sustaining Government objections during cross-examination of Larry Fairfax; and
10) Allegation of error in instructing the jury as to the second question of the jury during deliberations.

The sealed motion filed last week apparently was not an actual motion for a new trial - it asked for more time to file that motion.

Prosecutors objected to that request, saying the fact that the defense was able to list 10 reasons for a new trial seven days after the verdict was proof they didn't need more time.

But U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill gave the defense until June 30 to file final post-trial motions. Steele is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 22; he faces at least 30 years in prison.
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Angry Ukrainian Embassy Bragging About Helping Convict Steele

FBI-Ukraine cooperation helps secure conviction in US murder-for-hire case
May 18 at 11:35 | U.S. Embassy Kyiv

The FBI recently concluded a successful investigation and prosecution of U.S. citizen Edgar J. Steele for charges stemming from his attempts to hire a hitman to kill his wife in 2008. The FBI’s investigation determined Steele hired Larry Fairfax, a handyman, to place a bomb in Cyndi Steele’s vehicle.

When the bomb failed to detonate, Steele discussed with Fairfax his desire for his wife to die in a car accident. Fairfax eventually brought the plot to the attention of local authorities and the FBI.

Department of Justice prosecutors believed Steele’s motive for the plot involved his desire to have a new wife without losing portions of his assets in a divorce settlement.

The FBI investigation determined Steele was looking for his new wife in Ukraine. Because of the case’s connection to Ukraine, U.S.-based investigators sought assistance from the FBI’s Legal Attaché’s office in Kyiv and the Legal Attaché’s contacts with Ukrainian law enforcement authorities.

As part of the evidence collected in the case, U.S.-based FBI agents recovered information that Steele was using on-line dating websites to find a new wife. When Steele’s dating interests appeared to include several women in Ukraine, the FBI’s Legal Attaché office in Kyiv worked with the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) to identify and interview one of the women in contact with Steele.

Working with little information, the Legal Attaché’s MVD contacts were able to locate and interview the woman who provided information corroborating the prosecution’s theory that Steele was actively seeking a new wife. Following Steele’s indictment on charges related to the murder-for-hire plot, prosecutors determined a need to incorporate the Ukrainian citizen’s testimony in Steele’s trial.

In March 2011, the Legal Attaché’s office, along with the Department of Justice’s Office of International Affairs, obtained unprecedented assistance from the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office (GPO) to conduct a court authorized, video- link deposition with the court in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The GPO worked closely with the Legal Attaché’s office to obtain the witness’s cooperation, the witness’s transportation to the deposition site at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, and to provide Ukrainian legal support to the proceedings and to the witness in order to protect her rights under Ukrainian law.

The GPO also supported the FBI’s efforts by negotiating with the witness for the release of letters she received from Steele to the FBI as evidence. The staff at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv also successfully negotiated technological challenges to successfully support the effort to facilitate the deposition.

In April 2011, Edgar Steele was tried in Federal Court in Boise, Idaho for the plot to kill his wife. Ukraine-based Assistant Legal Attaché Brent A. Smith traveled to the trial to provide testimony surrounding the evidence collected with the assistance of the MVD and the GPO.

According to the Assistant United States Attorney prosecuting the case, the evidence and testimony collected through the assistance of the Ukrainian government was pivotal in establishing and corroborating Steele’s motive for attempting to have his wife killed.

Steele’s trial concluded with convictions on all four counts related to the murder-for-hire plot. Additionally, the cooperation in this case broke new ground for U.S. prosecutions with links to Ukraine through the successful completion of the first video-linked deposition that was deemed admissible by U.S. courts.

Posted by Daniel Cisek, Deputy Press Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv. Blogs of the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv can be found at
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Default No Gratitute for Exposing Russian Bride Scam

Note on the link above article, , that there are many ads for Ukrainian women.

It looks like the Ukrainian government has no gratitude for Steele supposedly exposing the so called Russian bride scam. They were happy to see him convicted. It is probably like the Mexican government, they like that foreign exchange coming into the country. Any fool who sent his money for the Russian bride scam deserves what he got. We don't need any more immigrants in our country, White or not.

How touching it was when Steele studied Russian in jail. He wanted to write his Ukrainian girlfriend without her having to have his letter translated from English. I wonder if he regrets stirring that hornets nest yet.
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Leonard Rouse

The feds instituted an international, cross-agency investigation--including valiant gumshoe work on the other side of the planet--purely to rescue Cyndi Steele from her philandering, murder-bent husband and his incompetent redneck accomplice.

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Smile Steele Protests Jail Treatment

This is an encouraging development. It is about time for Steele to give up his Russian studies and do something useful. His Ukrainian girlfriend is not going to write him back. The jail has him over a barrel. They can move him anywhere in the country and get him away from his wife and family for visits.

Cyndi Steele: Regarding Bonner County jail, 5/24/2011
2011 MAY 25

(Below is an email sent by Cyndi to friends, family and close supporters. The FES Admins have received authorization to release this for publication. It is not enough for ‘The Powers That Be’ to railroad Mr. Steele to jail using an informant frame-up and manufactured evidence. Now as Edgar awaits sentencing (and the chance to appeal), ‘TPTB’ – also known as The Police State – keep their iron heel bearing down on the neck of the innocent. Welcome to Soviet Amerika. Clarifications in [].)

“Yes, you’ve heard it here. The tort claim that Ed filed against BCDC [Bonner County Department of Corrections] made news on the Mike Brown radio news. Now the question is, will it now make the newspapers.

I didn’t hear the report, but I’m sure that Mike Brown used it to ridicule Ed as Brown has been a thorn in Ed’s side for years. He probably didn’t even give the time of day to what the tort claim was about, as follows:

Ed filed a tort claim in protest of not being allowed access to books. One, inmates are not allowed to have books sent to them. Second, the only books offered for reading is by the jail Chaplain, whose cart of books are about 90% religious, promoting Southern Baptist ideals. The other 10% is some leftover books (novel type) that are falling apart. Now, Ed is not complaining about these books being offered, he is just complaining that they are the only books being offered and he (and others) is being denied
freedom to religion.

Now, according to Al’s [Dr. Allen Banks] discussion with the sheriff, all Ed has to do is request the books he would like to read from the Chaplain and the Chaplain would purchase these books with a fund provided for that purpose. Now according to Al, the sheriff claims Ed has never asked for any books. Well, as usual, that is wrong. Ed has asked the Chaplain for two or three books, but the Chaplain refused because he only believes in Christianity and would not bring in any books that had to do with any other
form of religion because he didn’t believe in them. Note to Al – Ed had told me this earlier, but needed to reconfirm with Ed.

However, for now, Ed is going to return to silence and not push the issue or file any of the 3 to 4 other tort claims he would like to lodge against BCDC. Why? Well, after filing the above tort claim, he was
threatened by the officials that if he didn’t stop being disruptive, they would transfer him to the Federal Sea-Tac [Seattle-Tacoma region] Detention Center just south of Seattle. In other words, shut-up and conform or we’ll ship you out and then see how you like it. Of course, the biggest loss would be the visits that Ed and I are now able to have and sadly know that this will pass when he is sentenced and shipped to wherever. Thus, for now, Ed is choosing to be silent in order to not lose our visits.

The shame of this is that the other tort claims (especially one) are of more serious matters. He should be allowed to file these claims because he is complaining about the illegal activities by these high and
mighty officials. The most important one being that he is still being denied the proper access to confidentially speak with his attorney(s). They have allowed him only one number that he can call for his private attorney/client conversation(s), which is Mac’s [Robert McAllister, current attorney] home phone number. So he can’t speak with Mac privately on the other 3 numbers he has for Mac, he can’t speak privately with Gary [Amendola, assistant attorney] at all and he can’t speak with any other attorney that he wants to discuss the possibility of taking on his appeal and hopefully new trial. He can call and talk to them, but they will not be private and they will be recorded.”
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Originally Posted by Donald E. Pauly View Post

(End of Recording and Transcription)
What's crazy about this is that the government can lie their asses off and circumvent a man's Constitutional right to remain silent, but if someone lies to them, they can be hit with the felony charge of "lying to investigators" as a completely separate charge apart from any initial charges. Martha Stewart got convicted of exactly such a charge.
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Note to self: Tell husband he better act a little more upset than that if someone tells him I am dead.
Come Home to the Pacific Northwest
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Angry The Five Words

Originally Posted by Roy View Post
What's crazy about this is that the government can lie their asses off and circumvent a man's Constitutional right to remain silent, but if someone lies to them, they can be hit with the felony charge of "lying to investigators" as a completely separate charge apart from any initial charges. Martha Stewart got convicted of exactly such a charge.
You would have thought the Steele would have known The Five Words. He should have told the cops that he wasn't going to talk until he got a lawyer.
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Angry Idaho Highway Patrolman

Originally Posted by April View Post
Note to self: Tell husband he better act a little more upset than that if someone tells him I am dead.
I was nailed to the cross for pointing out that the Idaho Highway Patrolman had no dog in this fight. His testimony was that he had delivered a dozen death notices in his career. By now, he knows how a husband is supposed to react when given the news of his wife's death. His testimony was highly damaging and never even contested by the worthless defense lawyers.

Note that Steele's lawyers don't want to talk to him very badly now from the previous post. Why should they? They have his $108,000 now so he is merely a pest . Steele should sue them for $1 million each for malpractice. They surely have that much malpractice insurance and it should be easy to get with a laughing stock trial like this.
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Smile Rushing to Judgement

Originally Posted by April View Post
Note to self: Tell husband he better act a little more upset than that if someone tells him I am dead.
While you make a good point, it really depends upon whether you are heavily insured.
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Smile Judenpresse on Jail Complaint

It seems to me that Steele should thank G-d for little favors. He was only allowed post cards in Spokane jail. At least he can get letters here. Why didn't he file a lawsuit in Spokane when he was really being abused? Perhaps some of that old fire is coming back in him.

Steele challenges jail’s book policy

Posted: Wednesday, May 25, 2011 10:00 am

SANDPOINT — A Sagle attorney convicted of plotting the murders of his wife and her mother is threatening litigation over the Bonner County Jail’s book policy. Edgar Steele contends the facility’s policy of allowing only Bibles to be delivered to inmates violates his right to freedom of religion.

“I am a Taoist,” Steele said in the four-page tort claim, also known as a notice of intent to sue. Taoism is philosophical and religious tradition which dates back to 6th century China. It emphasizes compassion, moderation and humility.

Steele also contends the jail effectively censors inmate reading materials because jail chaplains distribute them. Steele said the materials tend to be of the Christian fundamentalist and dispensationalist varieties. “This constitutes an illegal and extensive entanglement of church and state,” Steele wrote.
The claim seeks a broadened book policy. If the claim is denied, Steele would be free to file suit against the county in 1st District Court. If the matter results in civil litigation, Steele intends to obtain unspecified monetary damages from the county.

County officials do not comment on pending tort claims as a matter of policy.
Steele, 65, was accused of plotting with handyman Larry Fairfax to kill the two women last summer. Fairfax exposed the plot to the FBI before it could be fully carried out, although a pipe bomb was found affixed to his wife’s vehicle.

A U.S. District Court jury in Boise convicted Steele on May 5 four criminal counts related to the alleged murder-for-hire plot. The prosecution argued that Steele, former defense counsel for the Aryan Nations, hatched the plan so he could pursue other women. Steele’s legion of supporters, which includes his wife, maintain he is a victim of an elaborate federal government frame-up aided by Fairfax.

Steele is scheduled to be sentenced on Aug. 22. He faces at least 30 years in federal prison. He is being held at the Bonner County Jail while sentencing is pending.
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Angry Miranda Warnings

I see no evidence from the pre-arrest transcript that Steele was ever given his Miranda warnings. Why didn't his worthless lawyers challenge the arrest? It is of interest that an old fashioned typewriter was used to prepare the transcripts and that they came from a three ring binder. It is clear that who ever prepared the transcripts was experienced at such matters by the acronyms that they used. The (UI) for unintelligible is common for transcripts such as those taken from cockpit voice recorders. The (skips) is not clear to me.
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Angry Political Aspect of Arrest

Unknown Male: Cpatian wants a marked unit up her all day, (UI) search warrant...

Branch: Oh.

Unknown Male: For the Aryan Nations issue...
If this was a simple murder for hire investigation, the issue of Aryan Nations would not come up. Note the quote above where the execution of the search warrant is discussed. Why did Steele's worthless lawyers not make a big issue of this?

edgar steele


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