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Default Carlos Whitlock Porter - Satires

That repression causes neurosis is a truism of the modern world. This applies chiefly to sexual matters. It does not apply to racial matters (at least not when expressed by whites).

It is the hypothesis of this authority (i.e., myself) that millions of white Americans are suffering from serious neurotic symptoms caused by the repression of their racial feelings.

Freud believed that neurosis would cure itself through the "catharsis" (κάθαρσις) of analysis, i.e., the "expression" (Äußerung) of "repressed feelings" (verdrängten Empfindungen).

It is the hope of this practitioner that the present modest volume may make some small contribution to the therapy of racially repressed white persons in situations of difficulty.

Carlos Whitlock Porter
19 September 2013


Two dozen outrageous satires by the author of Made in Russia : The Holocaust, Not Guilty at Nuremberg and War Crimes Trials and Other Essays.
Warning : Contains racially explicit material. For adults only.
With cartoons by A. Wyatt Mann.


Dedicated to A. Wyatt Mann, one of the greatest comic artists since John Tenniel : a man of infinite wit, inexhaustible ideas, unflinching courage, and a muse of fire.


Table of Contents

A Manifesto
A Dilemma
An Apology
Is Race Really Just Skin Deep ?
Jud Süss - Coming Soon to an Economy Near You
On the Banking System
On Christianity
On Debt
On Democracy
On Globalization
On Immigration
On Multiculturalism
On Slavery
On Stalin
On the Gulf War
Pseudozoological Satire #1
Pseudozoological Satire #2
Reply to an English Anti-Anti-Semite
Standard "Hate" Accusation Reply Form
The Aristotelian Connection
The Free Market
The Master Plan
Upon Being Convicted of "Incitement to Racial Hatred"
In Memoriam - A Dedication


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