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Kevin Goudreau
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Kevin Goudreau
Default Anne Frank Fraud

In the 1950s Otto Frank was sued by a fellow Jew for 50.000$ and won in a New York city circuit for helping Otto write the book and make money off of it.

Levine proved in court that Anne Frank could not have written 3/4 of her fake diary because 3/4 of the supposed diary was written in ball point pen which wasn't invented until 1947.

Lies upon lies, Anne Frank is a great work of fiction, my hippie wife always says, " I was in Europe and visited Anne Frank's house" just like Auschwitz and Anne Frank's house they are Hollywood reproductions to tell a fake story. Ernst Zundel proved in the Supreme Court of Canada that Anne Frank was a lie among other holohoax lies that were later debunked as lies. Yes perhaps 250,000 Jews died from typhoid but no more than that was possible. According to government statistics and the Red Cross there were less than 2 million Jews in all Europe.
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