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Emily Henderson
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Emily Henderson
Default How to Give to White Charities for Chrimmasstime

If you want to give to something besides the 'ding ding' Sal Army who will give most of your money to niggers, or 'World' charities that will go to non-Whites who hate us, here are some ways to give to Whites:

In the US:

Food, clothing, and safe housing as needed to Appalachian families, so more than 90% likelihood the recipients will be White:

Stats show that more White kids than black are struck with Leukemia. St. Jude's Research Hospital, though not racially segregated, will undoubtedly help countless Whites, as they have for decades, because they charge not one dime for families who can't pay. They also have saved countless White lives via research, developing life-saving treatment for these horrible diseases.

Worldwide Orgs:
This org is to donate to White Boers in South Africa:

This org gives only to Greece, it's tied to Golden Dawn. They are asking on their website for particular food donations, like cereal bars and whatnot:

Probably are more things out there, and one could give to NASA, or local animal shelters to help dogs and cats, many of whom have been owned to their misfortune by feral nigs, like the countless dog breeders or illegal dog fight cases all across the country.

Local food bank, too, often will take stuff that you just don't want so long as it's unopened.
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier


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