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Old November 7th, 2018 #1
Join Date: Aug 2017
Location: Bremen ,Germany
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Thumbs down 90 % of people presented on music channels nowadys are Negroes . .

. . really . .

I mean , every genre . .

Not only Hip Hop ( which as I have clarified is not even a Negro idea but at least the idea behind it is European in origin ( ) ) but also that R 'n B stuff , 'Soul' , even Pop . .

You know , I wrote a treatise a while ago here about many musical styles presented as 'black' today not truly being black in origin ( ) but the NWO almost presents them 100 % on today's music channels ( MTV , VH1 et al . .)

This is getting even a bit extreme if you are used to the NWO tactics . .

Why , oh why ?

As it happens this song even was the soundtrack for a jeans commercial once . .

There have been a lot of threads here recently about today's popularity of Negroes but a field in which Negroes are promoted almost 100 per cent ?

Boah . .


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