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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default Hitler

It sounds like a joke to say Hitler was too soft, but that is in fact what the evidence and important commentators says. It sounds like a joke only because the masses have been brainwashed through jew-communist media to believe that Hitler was a monster who tried to genocide the jews, when in fact he merely encouraged them to emigrate.

Savitri Devi correctly says that the next Hitler will be an Orkin man - an exterminationist, not a discriminationist.

Celine says that the NS made a huge mistake in not going through France house by house and destroying all the jews and communists.
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Donald E. Pauly
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Default Hitler Could Have Learned from Uncle Joe

The Fuhrer, of Blessed Memory, could have learned a few things from Josef Stalin, also of Blessed Memory. For one thing, Koba would have never let the English Army escape at Dunkirk. The Fuhrer, PBUH, also took too much abuse from the officers in the Army. Stalin killed off virtually the entire officer corps of the Soviet Army before WWII.
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Oy Ze Hate
We're the Good Guys
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Oy Ze Hate

Germany was a land chock full of gentlemen and ladies during Hitler's time. Hitler himself was a well (mostly self) educated artist who had once had only a desire to paint and be admired for his painting.

One can't look at Hitler in a vacuum. He and Germany saw what the kikes had done in Russia in 1918, and he and many other fine Germans (the flower of Germany) took part in the horrific war that led up to that Russian Revolution greatly effected the European continent. No doubt they also knew how controlled America was. They must have known a great many things we too know. Like about the jewish "Federal Reserve" - an entity able to create as much wealth as it wants right out of the thin air. The Germans were not dummies. They had the knowing of a great many things. Alas, the losers do not write the histories.

WWI was truly a war of extreme brutality, seeing as it was the first highly mechanized war. The last of the cavalry charges took place against concentrated machine gun fire. Nothing noble, honorable, or chivalrous about any of it. Then came the disastrous Versailles Treaty and Germany was "set up" by the very jews they had trusted for so long.

Anyway, brainwashed for life as we have been, we hear the word Hitler and a host of negative connotations literally spring to mind. White people are naturally friendly, open, and trusting. All our good qualities become liabilities when a predator who uses lies as a way of life enters the fray of our civilization.

Those German gentlemen and ladies didn't know how to deal with murderous vermin. It wasn't in them to do what needed to be done from a purely racial/biological/natural standpoint. But somewhere deep in the guilty confines of the jewish psyche, they know what they deserve. Hence...the Holocaust myth.

Would that the myth had been reality. Men need to understand that nature and the earth don't care what happens to the white race. We're deep in hostile space here, all alone, alive for the first time, all of us. But these fucking jews have been around for a while...and they've got a nasty, vicious, ugly Talmudic agenda, and our race is their target. We need to meet them as they are, not as we want to be.

And Christianity is not going to be ANY help to us in ANY form. Put it in the trash with all the other supernatural belief systems.

It's them or us. And if we don't care, nothing will. Does might make right? You tell me. Does a hungry shark have tinges of conscience when it bites into the helpless seal pup? Because the jew is the hungry shark and we're the seal pups.

No more Mr. Nice Guy, white man.
Old November 19th, 2009 #4
Oy Ze Hate
We're the Good Guys
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Oy Ze Hate

Speaking of what the Germans knew:

A particularly good article by Streicher:

What is Americanism?

When one speaks of America, millions of Germans think of their relatives who either recently or long ago left their German homeland to seek their fortune in the "New World." When someone succeeded in quickly making a lot of money in America, people said he had made his fortune. The result was that the "rich uncle" in America was envied, and his nephews and nieces were encouraged to join the fortune-seeker. Seeking fortunes in America led to Germany losing people, and the American continent received many people whose contributions are particularly clear in the agricultural and technical fields. That these people and their descendants now give great help to the enemies of Germany in this Second World War is a tragic fact.

The family ties between hundreds of thousands of German families and their American relatives led many to think that America would never join a second war against Germany. Now that that has happened, many Germans still believe that America will never allow Bolshevism to conquer and destroy Germany. Recent events have proven how false and dangerous this idea is. One has to be foolish or irredeemably stupid to believe that anything good can come to Europe from the land of presumed opportunity. That that did not happen after the First World War, and will not happen after the second. The Jews have made America what it is today: a nation raped by the Jews, a nation whose 130,000,000 people of many colors and races have been forced into helping the Jews achieve world domination! The descendants of European immigrants do not govern the United States of America today. The foreign and domestic policies of the country are made by the Jews and their lackeys. The American people wanted peace, but were maneuvered into war by Delano Roosevelt, a tool of World Jewry, who himself has Jewish blood in his veins. It was the same in World War I, when Woodrow Wilson, also a tool of the Jews, maneuvered it into the war.

Cordell Hull, one of the most prominent Jewish lackeys, controls the foreign policy of the United States of America. Hull is a particular favorite of the Jews. He was the one who stood alongside as Roosevelt lied to the American people and said that no American mother needed to fear that her son would fight in Europe. He and Roosevelt did everything they could to bring the United States into the Second World War. It is claimed that Cordell Hull is not a Jew. His appearance however leaves no doubt that Jewish blood is working its mischief in him and is producing that spirit that is typically Jewish. Perhaps it is this concealed Jewish blood that enabled him to overcome his horror when he married the baptized full Jewess Frances Witz. She is the daughter of the Jew Isaac Witz, who as is well known gained his wealth in ways that almost led him to prison or the electric chair. The New York Jewish newspaper "The American Hebrew" has this to say on 13 February 1942 about the Jewish spouse of the American Secretary of State Cordell Hull:

She is a tireless suporter of all efforts to help mankind.

It is an open secret that Jews do not work, but rather let others work for them. The "tireless work" of the wife of the American Secretary of State must therefore be a different kind of work than is done by working people. What is meant by saying that the Jewess Hull works untiringly in "all efforts to benefit mankind?" It is written in the Jewish law book, the Talmud, that only the Jew is human, that Gentiles are only animals. When the Jews speak of humanity, they mean only the totality of Jews. The Jewess Hull is therefore a "tireless worker" in the service of all the Jews. What her "efforts to benefit mankind" are has become clear through the protocols of the 1897 World Jewish Congress in Basel. It concluded that the Jews must work to destroy the national characteristics of other peoples through revolution, in order to make possible world domination by the Jews. In other words, the Jewess Hull is praised by "The American Hebrew" for being a tireless worker to establish world Jewish domination for the benefit of the Jews. The organized American air and ground pirates, who even call themselves murderers, are assisting in establishing this Jewish domination. The Jewish ties of the American Secretary of State are also evidenced by the fact that his sister married a Jew.

During Hull's term in office — he has served as Secretary of State since 4 March 1933 — the American State Department has been completely judified. The offices of the American State Department are filled with Jews both young and old. The diplomatic representatives of the United States of America to other nations are almost entirely Jews. For example, the ambassador in Paris from 1933 to 1936 was the Jew P. Strauss. The ambassador in Moscow after 1933 was the Jew Bullitt (after 1936 he was in Paris). The Jew Sack has been ambassador to Costa Rica since 1933, the Jew Schönfeld ambassador to Finland since 1937, the Jew Steinhardt (from 1939-1942 ambassador in Moscow) has been ambassador in Ankara since 1942. Cordell Hull's assistant secretary in the State Department is the Jew Pasvolsky.

World Jewry has made clear its thanks to the Jewish lackeys President Delano Roosevelt and his secretary of state Cordell Hull. Both Roosevelt and Hull received the highest honor World Jewry has to offer: "The American Hebrew Medal." It is the medal that World Jewry awards only for particularly valuable services. The president of the United States and his secretary of state were made honorary Hebrews. Cordell Hull received yet another honor from the Jewish weekly "The American Hebrew." It ran a long article in praise of the Jewish lackey Hull in its 13 February 1942 issue. He was praised as Roosevelt's "diplomatic chief of staff," as "one of the greatest statesmen of the world," one who had earned a place in the ranks of "immortal Americans." He was even called a "saint in serge." Never before has a Gentile, a "Goy" been praised, even deified, so unanimously by Jewry as this Jewish-related, Jewish-thinking, honorary Hebrew, the Jewish lackey Cordell Hull. This proves what Professor Werner Sombart wrote on page 43 of his book "The Jews and Economic Life":

One can rightly say that the United States owes what it is entirely to the Jews: that is, its American nature. What we call Americanism to a large degree is nothing other than the influence of the Jewish spirit.

"The influence of the Jewish spirit" today dominates the United States of North America. "The influence of the Jewish spirit" is what drove the American people into the disaster of the First World War, and forced them also in this Second World War to sacrifice enormous amounts of its blood. "The influence of the Jewish spirit" will destroy the New World, unless a savior appears to rescue it from the abyss before which it stands.
Old November 19th, 2009 #5
Oy Ze Hate
We're the Good Guys
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Oy Ze Hate

The Penguin, or four term jewish tyrant?

And this crippled clown was considered a hero? He's a friggin' disgrace and the epitome of the real life monster ZOG has become.

"How many B-51's are we going to need?"

"Several thousand. Same with the Bradleys, the P-51's, the aircraft carriers, the subs, the destroyers, you name it."

"But how are we gonna pay for all that? The taxes taken in by the IRS will never begin to cover it all."

"We'll borrow a few billion from the Fed."

Hitler wanted to take over the world? Great! Fabulous! This is gonna be a blast!

Old December 22nd, 2011 #6
John Tyler
Join Date: Nov 2011
Posts: 99

[QUOTE=Alex Linder;1074329]It sounds like a joke to say Hitler was too soft, but that is in fact what the evidence and important commentators says. It sounds like a joke only because the masses have been brainwashed through jew-communist media to believe that Hitler was a monster who tried to genocide the jews, when in fact he merely encouraged them to emigrate.

Savitri Devi correctly says that the next Hitler will be an Orkin man - an exterminationist, not a discriminationist.

Celine says that the NS made a huge mistake in not going through France house by house and destroying all the jews and communists.[/QUOTE
I was quite dissappointed to hear that Hitler didn't kill 6 million jews. Afterall anyone who kills 6 million jews can't be all that bad.
Old December 12th, 2016 #7
Bread and Circuses
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It looks like National Socialist use of violence was mostly about self-defense and retaliation from constant attacks coming from the judeo-left.
When the NS movement was small the communists intimidated its followers with shouting and spankings.
When the NS movement became more professional and mainstream the reds could not outnumber them so the shouting and spankings were ineffective tactics so they focused themselves on assassination attempts of the movement leadership. The more famous Hitler became the more they tried to kill him.

Adolf Hitler gives a speech to supporters on the campaign trail during the 1932 German federal elections, which the Nazi Party led with 37% of the vote. Notice the 3 bodyguards dressed in civilian clothing, 2 of them have boots (SA?). The police, the ones wearing helmets are far away from Hitler.

Here’s a list with a lot of the assassination attempts on Hitler's life.

München November 1921
Location: unknown

Assassination attempts on Hitler's life began long before he ascended to political power. The first recorded attempt occurred in Munich in 1921. In November of that year Hitler spoke at a beer hall rally that was attended by a large audience, which included some three hundred people who were either members of opposition groups or merely violently hostile to him. The crowd included members of the Independent Socialist Party, the Majority Socialist Party, and the Communist Party.

Hitler's speech "Who Are the Murderers?" was a vitriolic denunciation of the assassination on 25 October 1921, of Majority Socialist Reichstag Deputy Erhard Auer. It was routine at such gatherings for the audience, both proand anti-speaker, to consume beer in inordinate quantities and to cache the empty Steins under the tables to use as ammunition in the inevitable melee. During Hitler's speech sharp remarks were exchanged between members of the gathering; this triggered first an avalanche of Steins, then the throwing of chairs, and finally a brawl that erupted throughout the hall. In the midst of the ensuing battle, the twenty-five Nazi Storm Troopers on hand for just such an eventuality managed to shepherd most of the three hundred opponents out of the building before the police appeared in sufficient strength to secure the hall. Before the police arrived several unknown assailants fired shots at Hitler, none of which hit the target.

The gunfire was returned, possibly by Hitler himself, who always carried a pistol. These shots also failed to find a target. By the time the SA men cleared the hall of opponents many people had been injured, however, none seriously. Incredibly, Hitler persisted with his tirade for fully twenty minutes more, until police reinforcements finally closed the hall and dispersed the crowd into the street. Police reports show that some 150 Steins were smashed, together with a number of chairs and tables, and the hall was strewn with lengths of brass pipe, brass knuckles, and similar weapons commonly used in civilian riots.

Thuringia and Leipzig 1923
Location: unknown

In 1923 Hitler again narrowly escaped death. Two attempts were made on his life by unknown assassins. The first occurred in Thuringia where shots get fired at Hitler from a crowd; a second, in which shots were fired at his car, in Leipzig.

Berlin 1929
Location: Sportpalast

In 1929 an SS soldier on guard duty at the Sportpalast reportedly secreted a bomb under the speaker's platform minutes before Hitler was scheduled to appear. After the usual introductions, Hitler began a speech anticipated to last several hours. The SS guard felt a sudden need to use the men's room; confident that there was ample time in which to set off the bomb, he left his position for what he expected would be only a brief absence. Unfortunately for him and the rest of the world, he was accidentally locked in the toilet. Unable to free himself from the locked room in time, he failed to trigger the bomb. Hitler escaped injury or death because of an odd twist of fate. A friend later called it the joke of the century. "The history of the world might have been changed if he hadn't had to go to the bathroom".

Berlin 1932, January
Location: Hotel Kaiserhof

Hitler often dined at the Hotel Kaiserhof with members of his staff. One night in January 1932 he dined at the hotel with his staff as usual but within an hour of eating the meal most of his table had fallen ill with food poisoning. Hitler was the least affected, possibly because he ate a vegetarian diet. Nobody died and nobody was charged.

Train 1932, March 15
Location: between München and Weimar

Hitler was travelling from Munich to Weimar with Josef Göbbels and William Frick. Shots were fired at the carriage they were travelling in but no one was hurt.

Car 1932, June
Location: near the town of Straslund

Hitler was travelling in a car near to Straslund. A group of men were waiting at a tight turn with the intention of ambushing the car and killing Hitler. However the car managed to get away.

Car 1932, July
Location: Freiburg

Hitler made a speech to mass of people at Freiburg on 29th July. Just before or just after the speech a crowd threw stones at his car. One stone hit him on the head but he was otherwise unhurt.

Assner 1933, February
Location: unknown

After Hitler became Chancellor, the assassination attempts not only persisted but in fact increased. Hardly a week passed without an assassination plot being unearthed, or at least a report of one filed with the police authorities. In February a schoolteacher reported a plot to poison Hitler, and the Bavarian Legation in Berlin revealed that Ludwig Assner, a former Nazi turned communist, claimed that Hitler was a madman who would plunge Germany into misery and that he, Assner, would kill him to prevent this from happening. Although police were on alert for the would-be assassin, his threats against Hitler were dismissed as trivial when he demanded a large sum of money in exchange for abandoning his plans.

Throughout 1933 and 1934, reports of planned attempts on Hitler's life were received almost weekly by police. They included bizarre stories of exploding fountain pens, tunnels crammed with explosives dug under buildings in which he was to appear, poison squirted in his face, and dozens of others including one claiming his plane would be shot down over East Prussia. Many of these rumors were not taken seriously, largely because of the sources; however, at least fourteen were deemed sufficiently valid to merit earnest investigation by criminal police officials.

Bomb 1933, March 4
Location: Königsberg

On 3 March 1933, one day before the newly appointed Chancellor was to address a political rally in Königsberg to campaign for his slate of candidates in the 5 March Reichstag elections, police moved against a communist group whose leader, a ship's carpenter named Kurt Lutter, had organized a plot to blow up the speaker's platform while Hitler spoke. The plan took form during two clandestine meetings held in February that were infiltrated by a police informer who leaked the information to the authorities. An investigation failed to uncover the explosives, and since none of the conspirators would confess to the crime of attempted political assassination, which carried the death penalty, Lutter and his group were ultimately released after being detained for several months.

Tag von Potsdam 1933, March 21
Location: Potsdamer Garnisonskirche

Hitler was due to attend a ceremony to commerate the opening of the new Reichstag building and the agreement that had led to the passing of the Enabling Act. Known as the Day of Potsdam the ceremony was to take place in the Garrison Church (Garnisonskirche) on March 21st. The day before the ceremony authorities discovered a tunnel that had been recently constructed beneath the church. It was thought that the tunnel would be packed with explosives and detonated while Hitler and Hindenburg were in the church.

Berlin 1933
Location: Old Reichskanzlei

Beppo Römer, a communist and former leader of a Freikorps, came into the Reichskanzlei. When he got discovered they send him to Dachau concentration camp. In 1942 he was killed.

Obersalzberg 1933
Location: Berghof area

Hitler's life was threatened by a would-be killer at Hitler's country house not far from Berchtesgaden. The hilly countryside surrounding the house was crisscrossed with numerous walking paths along which Hitler liked to stroll, usually accompanied by a small entourage of security people and political followers. The Führer generally led the column while his disciples alternated walking alongside him to exchange a few words of intimate conversation. The security men maintained a discreet distance and performed their duties as unobtrusively as possible.

However, since the grounds through which Hitler's party strolled were public property, it was not unusual for them to meet other strollers, sometimes even exchanging pleasantries. Repeated observances of a man in an SA uniform who was acting in a suspicious manner and was watching Hitler's group carefully did not escape the attention of the security forces. During a routine security check, a personal search revealed that he was carrying a loaded handgun, a serious violation of law, and he was immediately arrested.

Rosenheim 1933
Location: road between Rosenheim and Obersalzberg

After Hitler picked up friends from München in Rosenheim, unknown people shoot at the car of Hitler, somewhere on the road between Rosenheim and the Obersalzberg.

Bad Wiessee 1934
Location: Road München-Bad Wiessee, exact location unknown

An alleged coup attempt against the Führer in 1934 by the leaders of the SA, remains an enigma to this day. The SA leader, Ernst Röhm, had long advocated replacing the German army with his own organization. Unproven rumors persisted that Röhm coveted the position of Führer for himself. Whether the rumors were valid or Hitler simply decided to appease his army generals and rid them of a nuisance, the alleged plot was Hitler's pretext for the arrest and murder of several hundred SA leaders from 30 June 1934, through 2 July 1934.

Hitler himself participated in Röhm's arrest while the latter was vacationing in Bad Wiesse, south of Munich. With the arrests accomplished and the prisoners en route to Stadelheim prison near Munich, Hitler and his entourage, including an SS security contingent, prepared to drive to Munich. Minutes before they were to leave, a truck carrying heavily armed SA bodyguards known as the Stabswache drove up. Learning that their leaders had been arrested, the SA men assumed combative positions against Hitler's cadre, creating a highly charged and dangerous situation for the Führer.

Hitler somehow persuaded the SA team to retire. Reluctantly they returned to their truck and started out on the road to Munich. Minutes after leaving Bad Wiesse, the men had a change of heart and resolved to kill Hitler, disarm his security force, and rescue the SA leaders. Concealing their truck well off the highway, they established a deadly ambush. Machine guns set up on both sides of the road created a lethal field of fire that could not fail to annihilate Hitler's party. However, Hitler distrusted the SA group and decided to take an alternate route to Munich as a precaution against just such a contingency. Had Hitler traveled the main road, it is likely the SA unit would have killed him.

Lacking documented hard evidence that the SA leaders planned to murder Hitler, and since Röhm and his closest confederates were executed, it will never be known whether the plot actually existed. Hitler's brutal action against the SA caused many former Nazis to join a growing list of those who wanted him dead.

Berlin 1935
Location: unknown

In 1935, a right-wing group hatched an elaborate scheme to kill Hitler. The group's leader, Dr. Helmuth Mylius, was head of the Radical Middle Class Party, an industrial entrepreneur, and editor of a right-wing newspaper. Mylius and retired Navy Captain Hermann Ehrhardt developed a plan to infiltrate Hitler's SS bodyguard units with their own supporters. So successful were they that 160 men penetrated SS security and began accumulating data on Hitler's movements. The coup never came about because the Gestapo, having been informed of the plan, infiltrated the group and arrested most of the participants.

Berghof 1935
A SA man, named Kraus, according to Bridget Hitler, who was granted permission to present a petition personally to the Führer, was the would-be assassin who came nearest to succeeding. At the Berghof, Hitler's Bavarian Alps' retreat, he fired a single shot at Hitler and missed. He was shot at five times by the guards and died instantly. His motives are unknown but it might be surmised that they had something to do with the murder of Röhm, SA leader in 1934.

Berghof 1935
Another version of an attack motivated by Röhm's assassination was brought forward by Otto Strasser in his book "Flight from Terror" (NY 1943). It seems much more credible than the Bridget Hitler's version. Another SA man named Heinrich Grunow, who had not swallowed Ernst Röhm's murder, got in touch with Otto Strasser, head of the Black Front opposition movement to Hitler, and set up a plan to kill Hitler while the Führer was driven to his beloved Berchtesgarten retreat. Grunow was a member of the close guard protecting Hitler at Berchtesgarten and knew that at some spot on the road the car had to slow down to less than 15mph and argued to Strasser that it would be a propitious location to shot at Hitler. Strasser agreed to the plot and Grunow went to execute his murderous task. Unfortunately, according to Strasser, Hitler had taken the wheel on this day and Grunow shot the driver in the back seat while Hitler escaped alive. The irony is that Grunow, persuaded that he had succeeded in his attack, committed suicide on the spot while Hitler-the-driver scared to death rushed out of the car that he had put to a sudden halt. Hitler's chauffeur, Julius Schreck, was hit in the chest, the jaw and his right temple. Officially he died of a tooth infection.

Wien 1935
Location: unknown

Communists planned an attack on Hitler, Blomberg, Göring, Göbbels and Hess.

Group Markwitz 1935
Location: unknown

The group Markwitz wanted to kill Hitler, but the Gestapo infiltrated the group. All the members of the group were killed.

Hagana 1936
During 1936, David Frankfurter, a Jewish medical student living in Berne, killed Wilhelm Gustloff, Hitler's deputy in Switzerland. Gustloff became Frankfurter's substitute target when the assassin realized his primary target, Adolf Hitler, was beyond his reach. A year later it was learned through SS contacts with the Hagna, the Jewish intelligence service in Palestine, that Gustloff's murder was part of a failed assassination plan against Hitler by a Paris-based group known as the Alliance Israélite Universelle.

Strasser’s Plan December 1936
Location: Nürnberg Stadium

In December 1936, a young German Jew who had been living in Prague infiltrated into Germany as part of a plot to kill Hitler by blowing up a building in the Nuremberg Stadium. Helmut Hirsch, acting under the influence of Otto Strasser, one of Hitler's most virulent opponents, agreed to plant the bomb built by another of Strasser's followers.

Hirsch arrived in Stuttgart on December 20, three days before the scheduled meeting with his contact, a Strasser disciple who was to deliver the bomb. Hirsch did not know his contact had been arrested crossing the German-Polish border with the bomb, and under questioning by the Gestapo he revealed the bombing plan and identified the would-be bomber. Since Hirsch had used his own name at the hotel when he completed the forms required of all guests, it was a simple matter to track him down and arrest him.

On 8 March 1937, Helmut Hirsch was tried, convicted, and sentenced to death by beheading. The execution was carried out on 4 June in Plötzensee.

Otto Strasser probably instigated more than a few death plots against Hitler. Otto and his brother, Gregor, were socialists before joining Hitler's National Socialist Party. Gregor entered into an unqualified allegiance to Hitler, but Otto held some serious reservations. He openly disagreed with Hitler on important issues such as a major strike by metalworkers in Saxony. Otto Strasser championed the workers; Hitler, who was being subsidized by wealthy industrialists, was ordered by them to disclaim Strasser and condemn his support for the strikers. Hitler and Strasser met twice in Berlin's Hotel Sanssouci on 21 and 22 May 1930, to reconcile their differences. Neither man budged from his position and they parted enemies. Expelled from the Party, Otto Strasser formed his own socialist organization, which he called the Schwarze Front (Black Front).

When Gregor Strasser died in Hitler's attack on the SA, Otto realized that he had lost the protection his brother's position in the Nazi Party had afforded him and that his own life was now in danger. He fled Germany and continued to scheme against Hitler from asylum in Poland, Czechoslovakia, and later Paris. Throughout 1937 and 1938, German intelligence uncovered a steady flow of information revealing plots to kill Hitler by the Black Front, as well as other opponents of the Führer, many of whom were German émigrés.

Josef Thomas 1937, November 26
Location: Reichskanzlei Berlin

A mentaly ill man called Josef Thomas from Ebersfeld ran around in the Reichskanzlei. He got arrested. No one ever heard from him again.

Bomb 1937
Location: Sportpalast Berlin

An unknown person puts a bomb in the speakers platform of the Sportpalast. It is said that the bomb didn’t go off because the guy who placed it got, in some way, stuck in the toilets.

Dohnanyi 1937
Dr. Johannes von Dohnanyi of the Abwehr, personal advisor to Reich Minister of Justice Franz Gurtner, had disapproved of Hitler and his Nazi Party almost from the beginning when, through his post in the attorney general's office, in Hamburg, he was exposed firsthand to Nazi brutality. As early as 1937 Dohnanyi tried to recruit Hitler's adjutant, Hans Wiedemann, in a plot to shoot the Führer.

Read more:

Only force rules. Force is the first law - Adolf H. Man has become great through struggle - Adolf H. Strength lies not in defense but in attack - Adolf H.

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