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Michael Jeffrey
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Michael Jeffrey
Default August free book offer from Patriotic Dissent Books

August Free Book Promotion:

From now through the month of August, Patriotic Dissent Books is running a free book promotion. Spend $50.00 or more (s/h included) and you will receive a free copy of Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans by Hans F.K. Günther.While supplies last. In the event that this book becomes out of stock, a replacement book (at our discretion) of equal or greater value will be provided.

Description of the book:

In this work the author advances some reflections on the religiosity of the Indo-Europeans - that is to say, the Indo-European speaking peoples originating from a common Bronze Age nucleus.

By comparing the structure of the Indian, Persian, Sacaean, Armenian, Slavic and Baltic languages, and of the Greek, Italian, Celtic and Teutonic dialects, we can reach a conclusion as to a common or primal Indo-European language, approximating to the latter part of the early Stone Age. In the same way, an examination of the laws and legal customs of the different peoples of Indo-European language reveals a primal Indo-European feeling for law. Similarly, from a comparison of the religious forms of these peoples we can identify a particular religious attitude emanating from the Indo-European nature – a distinctive behavior of the Indo-European races towards the divine powers.

Religious belief has profound effects upon our lives and upon the race and civilization to which we belong. Religions produce not only cultural artifacts but they also constitute a controlling influence over what men think, and therefore also over what men do, thus influencing the shape of the future. Professor Günther examines here the innate religiosity of the European peoples.

Paperback, 112 pp

Place an order with Patriotic Dissent Books today and get your free copy of this wonderful book as our gift to you (orders of $50.00 or more; s/h included).

Offer valid through 8/31/19

Patriotic Dissent Books

Order today and support freedom of speech!

Patriotic Dissent Books is an independent book distributor that is thoroughly committed to freedom of speech in these very controversial times. We happily provide books and media which are now considered, by many, to be of a 'Politically Incorrect' nature. Check out our large inventory of pertinent titles on the contentious topics of: race, religion, and all matters across the political spectrum. Our catalogue is continuously growing, so please check back often for new titles.
Patriotic Dissent Books - Pro-White and 'politically incorrect' independent bookstore.

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