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Old January 22nd, 2010 #1
alex revision
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alex revision
Default "Suppose they [the Germans] pay for six million Jews, but when the reparations period

"Suppose they [the Germans] pay for six million Jews, but when the reparations period is over, ... where will you get six million more Jews so that you can get more money?"

Yohanan Baderís worries in 1952, that after the agreed upon "restitution-payments" were paid-up by the Germans, no more money would be coming in, were totally unfounded. Shmuel Dayan (Mapai) was much more aware about Jewish cunningness after the restitution-agreement with the Adenauer government when he exclaimed joyfully: "A glick hot unz getrofen (lucky us!) - six million Jews were murdered and we can get some money!"
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As Winston Churchill said that if we give Jews Palestine, what is guarantee they would not ask for more.

West German paid US$93 billion to Jews as reparations, however, the communist/Jew rulers of East Germany refused to pay a single penny while Washington paid just US$500,000 to the vultures.


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