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Eventually RP running on the constitutional platform should answer jewsmedia smear of “white supremacist” it is them,in disguise as immigration and enrichment Zog's minion’s invade the lands of others in order to exploit wealth and resources.

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Originally Posted by Todd in FL View Post
I still can't believe you said this.

Think, for one second, what Ron Paul is doing. He is taking the liberal/libertarian vote away from the Dems by the millions by running on the Republican ticket advocating what they want the Dems to do. Those people have traditionally been against WNist goals. In other words, white liberal men who never had to deal with non-whites who believe the jew about non-whites are going to vote for a man who can do more about the non-whites than any WNist since WW2 and you want that man to own up to his opinions and be "manly" about it. PFFFTTTT!!!!

He's already stated that he wants to end the Fed Reserve, Iraq War and DEPORT illegals. Those 3 things are the biggest resources the jews have. He's also stated that he wants to END foreign aid and wars. How the fuck is that being "feeble" and "indirect" about issues pertaining to whites? How do you directly advocate the end of the Iraq war through the race issue?

This is a serious war against the jew and a bunch of hobbyists here get their feelings hurt because a non WN is winning against the jew. Right now I'll take the non WN Ron Paul over a bunch of seig heilers any fucken day.

Ron Paul has ALREADY won it all, if the elections were held today and the Jews weren't able to manipulate the tally, RP would receive the majority of the vote of both parties, anyone telling you any differently is either stupid, delusional or complicit.

ron paul


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