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Default Jews Push Interracial Porn, Even Though It's not Profitable

Links within the text are on the site hosting the piece.

In February 2013, the Jew gossip merchant Harvey Levin led a “Crusade For Racial Equality” after his program, TMZ, reported there was a white porn star who refused to do interracial porn. The “Crusade” was composed of the Jew Levin dispatching his minions to go around agitating black porn-addicts and tapping into the tribe’s mass media network to browbeat this woman into submission.

Alexis Texas, the woman at the center of this artificially created controversy, stated that she refused to do pornography with black men because it would alienate her white audience, and thus make her “product” less profitable. Her explanation was that this was not a moral or racial decision, but a shrewd business one (the only value system accepted as legitimate in America). As Levin himself put it: “More black = Less green”.

Interracial Porn Isn’t Profitable

I looked at a list of the 50 best selling pornographic films of all time and not a single one featured interracial (describes black men and white women in the industry) scenes. In fact, the most popular female porn stars, featured in most of these best selling smut films: Jenna Jameson, Tera Patrick, Jill Kelly, Asia Carrera, Stormy Daniels and Jesse Jane, have never done a single interracial scene in their entire careers. I cross-referenced this to control for the age of internet porn, but found the same results. PornMD is a data collection project that has gathered the 10 most popular search terms on pornographic websites from all around the world, and “interracial” was not in the top 10 anywhere on the planet.

In fact, the #1 search term for most was for their own ethnicity.

In an all-encompassing study of pornography that used information collected from 10,000 participants, it was found that only 53% of female porn stars ever do interracial scenes. The researcher also made sure to report that most of those who do participate in porn with black men do it “when the time is right”, or in non-PC English, they do it as a last resort when they start getting desperate for work. To make an analogy, it would be like Nicolas Cage doing an Olive Garden commercial because he’s behind on his credit card debt: the lowest of the low amongst the lowest of the low.

Agents charge premiums to use their clients in interracial porn (since it often sinks their careers due to white male boycott), yet the films do not sell as well as non-interracial porn. This is a terrible business proposition in other words that only large companies able to off-set losses can afford.

Interracial Porn Is Political

So if the shekels are modest, at best, why is interracial porn one of the most widely produced kinds of filth? To understand, let’s start with who is pedaling it.

Looking at the top pornographic booking agencies, I was able to find a very interesting trend. Granted, all people who partake in this trade are some breed of scum, but there is a noteworthy contrast between the behavior of Jewish (motivated by both profit and political agenda) and Gentile (motivated solely by money) porn agents. LA Direct Models, one of the few “talent” managers owned by a Gentile (Derek Hays, a retired English male porn star), only offers 20% of its women for interracial scenes, while Spiegler Girls, owned by Mark Spiegler AKA Shylock (how he signs his business cards) demands that 80% of his clients participate in interracial porn.

Vivid Entertainment, which is by far the dominant force in the world of pornography, has used 80% of its “actresses” in interracial scenes and is known for churning this stuff out. Vivid was founded and is chaired by the Jew Steven Hirsch and his wife Marci Hirsch. There is no real explanation for this substanital inversion other than the fact that Jewish-owned companies go out of their way to promote this kind of pornography. The tactic is to build themselves up with intra-racial pornography, and then once they dominate the market, promote the more perverse and less popular varieties.

According to Shylock in an interview with Business Insider: “Some agents will charge a premium for girls who do interracial. But we don’t do that: it’s the same rate for non-interracial.”

Shylock goes on to cite Sasha Grey as an exception that disproves the rule regarding the career suicide of making porn with negroes, since she started off doing interracial porn and her career took off. But Grey’s fame was not organic, it was created from scratch by moguls at the top. Adult Video News (AVN), a powerful industry trade journal founded by the Jews Paul Fishbein, Irv Slifkin, and Barry Rosenblatt in the 1980’s, helped put Grey on the map by awarding her with the title of “Performer of the Year” in 2008–a year in which she starred in an enormous amount of interracial porn movies.

Grey was the youngest person (20 years old) to ever win the “prestigious” award, and while she had been in the industry for barely two years, her enthusiastic race-mixing paid off and Jews eventually rewarded her with a laughable Hollywood career. Parallel to her in AVN “achievement” is the equally famous black male Lexington Steele, who won AVN’s “Performer of the Year” numerous times (virtually unheard of for a male porn star) and has enjoyed cameos (read: promotion) in non-pornography such as (Jew) Jenji Kohan’s Showtime series Weeds. Lexington Steele’s fame is smoke and mirrors to compel women ambivalent about making interracial porn to piggyback off his fame when their job offers start drying up.

This dynamic can go in reverse as well, or at least they try to will it. By 2013, it became obvious that Miley Cyrus, once a wholesome child star that a whole generation of kids grew up with, was willing to do anything for publicity. Her infamous antics have gotten her lots of promotion from the Jewish media who reward her by artificially lengthening her career (similar to retired supermodel Heidi Klum getting her own TV show after she got with Seal), and like sharks who smell blood, Jews saw an opportunity to exploit her weakness.

A porn company called GameLink, whose founder, CEO, and President is an ardent Zionist and Israeli-“American” dual citizen named Ilan Bunimovitz, sent Miley Cyrus a letter shortly after her “Wrecking Ball” performance. The inquiry offered her $1 million dollars to star in an interracial pornography scene. A GameLink representative expounded on the company motives behind this offer:

“I’d love to see her with Mandingo doing an interracial scene. Now that would really break the daddy’s girl image and burn through the tabloids.”

Typical, the Zionist Jew Ilan Bunimovitz, who is married to a hideous kinky haired Jew broad (look him up on Facebook), has a seemingly “normal” bat-faced family and spends half of his year in Israel, is very dedicated to promoting interracial porn to Gentiles and exploiting other people’s women for his sick ambitions. On the GameLink website, where interracial porn is aggressively marketed, it states the following:

“Although the 20th century was a time of turbulent and rapid change in race relations, mostly for the better, interracial sex is still touted as one of the great taboos. “Interracial” in the world of adult entertainment has come to connote, almost exclusively, relationships or sex between whites and blacks”

This fluffy talk purposely omits that interracial porn is universally considered to be one of the most degrading varieties. In fact, the “genre” has even prompted left-wing blacks to criticize it, erroneously blaming white men instead of the real culprit. This type of porn, they argue, follows 3-4 racially charged templates: the white woman always has blonde hair, a white husband watches his wife have intercourse with blacks, multiple blacks “gangbang” one white woman, and the blacks are instructed by Jewish directors to use vulgar anti-white language while they do it.

It should be noted that one pioneer of interracial pornography is Jewish, Nina Hartley. There are times where they blaze the trail, but its usually just an initial step until they can succeed in normalizing perversion. After that, they create a system of incentives to entice gentiles into the field. Think about it, why is Kim Kardashian always in the spotlight? The only thing she has ever done is make a porno with Ray J.

Jewish Genocidal Message

Jews have been identified time and time again as the force behind the promotion of miscegenation, especially the white and negro variety, for decades. Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique implies this is a widespread Jewish compulsion, both conscious and subconscious, to dominate their enemies in spite of lack of physical numbers. By encouraging black and white sexual relations with the formulaic eroticization of ejaculation inside the vagina (creampie), Jews are expecting life to imitate “art” once again, and for us to be bred out. This is in conjunction with them blaring to normal couples that this same exact sexual intercourse isn’t “cool” and men should ejaculate on a woman’s face/ear/eyes/anywhere except their vagina.

This agenda is made even more overt with the porn term “breeding”, which features the same form of copulation. All of the results, without exception, were black men having sex with white women. The names of the videos had titles like “Black Breeds With White Girl”, “Black Makes Baby With White Bitch”, etc. Jews know what they’re doing is sick and wrong, and they revel in it.

Jews Invented The Myth of the Black Sexual Powerhouse To Psychologically Intimidate Men

Jews have created a Freudian society that encourages men to fixate on their genitalia as the be all end all of their masculinity. For this reason, the cherry picking of black porn stars for their extremely large penises is a political act. Virtually every interracial pornography film has the white female verbally reiterating how much bigger and better the black man’s equipment is, in order to make that segment of white men that watch these films to show they aren’t “racist” feel inadequate and demoralized. Furthermore, the black porn stars are always on steroids and very physically fit, and clever camera tricks make it seem like they can screw these women for hours on end without getting tired.

The reality however, is very different. 75% of blacks are overweight or obese, compared to 67% of whites. When it comes to penis size, African countries often come out on top, but their inflated numbers are the product of self-satirizing muhdik self-reporting. When actually measured, there’s some shrinkage. A 2006 Nigerian study found that the average penis size was 5.1 inches, while Tanzanians were on the lower side of the world’s average at 4.5 inches. The average penis size of Italians, on the other hand, was found to be 6.19 inches and the Dutch at 6.24 inches.

This myth seeks to both attack Aryan manhood and create imaginary incentives for women to defy their instincts, and go “coo coo for cocoa puffs”. Record numbers of women are now watching pornography thanks to the anonymity of the internet, they are the real target of Jewish race-mixing porn producers (after black men). And while it still remains uncommon for white women to find black men attractive, Jews have spent generations creating tropes of limp-wristed whites and powerful, manly blacks, which are featured in caricatured forms together in the same scene of their porno films (“Cuckold” porn always features this). Some women are aroused by films of mating bonobos, so who knows?

Monkey See, Monkey Do

As the real facts show, white men aren’t generally watching interracial porn, as the prevailing baseless Talmudic myth purports. Looking through “Adult movie” web forums, whenever the topic comes up, the white males who watch it do so because they like the woman or because they want to show how they’re not racist. You’ll get one or two who say they get off on the humiliation or racial aspect, but they are often exposed as non-white trolls looking to get a kick in, not to mention the sample bias of people who would actually use their free time posting on a website like “Adult DVD Forum”.

The prime consumers of interracial porn are black men. Anyone who lives in an urban environment will find that the people who disproportionately come out of pornshops tend to be black (many of them women), not embarrassed middle aged whites huddling in their trench coats. Eldridge Cleaver, a former member of the Black Panthers, spoke quite candidly about why black men are into degrading or raping white women in his autobiography Soul On Ice (1968):

“Rape was an insurrectionary act. It delighted me that I was defying and trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and that I was defiling his women. I felt I was getting revenge. From the site of the act of rape, consternation spread outwardly in concentric circles. I wanted to send waves of consternation throughout the white race.”

Jews have been correctly identified as the leaders of the major Left-wing black insurrectionary movements during the 1960‘s, the perspective from which Cleaver was speaking from and time period when he committed his serial rapes. TMZ tries to shame Alexis Texas for not being “color-blind”, but interracial porn, as Cleaver states, is where the Black politics of resentment and the Jewish politics of White Genocide intersect. This impulse to rape white women as “vengeance” can be even seen in the diary of slave rebellion leader Nat Turner:

“In my fantasies she began to replace the innocent, imaginary girl with the golden curls as the object of my craving, and on those Saturdays when I stole into my private place in the carpenter’s shop to release my pent-up desires, it was Miss Emmeline whose bare white full round hips and belly responded wildly to all my lust and who, sobbing would scream “MERCY, MERCY, MERCY” against my ear, allowed me to partake of the wicked and godless yet unutterable joys of defilement”(pg. 183, Confessions of Nat Turner)

The power of pornography to covertly influence sexual habits has been demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt . For example, in 1992, only 16% of women had participated in the practice of sodomy (“anal sex”). By 2010, after a titanic Jewish push for “anal sex” pornography enabled by the production cost-cutting power of internet streaming (thus, less popular forms of porn were not as big of a financial risk), 32% of women had been sodomized at some point in their life. Nothing is more irrational, disgusting, and unpleasurable than entering something clearly marked exit, yet look at how it has become a staple in so many bedrooms thanks ultimately to media social engineering. If the Jews can use their power to successfully market the human sphincter as sexy to a significant minority of people, what other feats can they reach?

Just imagine the impact interracial porn movies meant to simulate black on white gang rapes, or giving blacks the impression that white women are desperate to sleep with them, have on young black men. Don’t forget the Jewish racial agitation of blacks against whites spoon-fed to them through Sumner Redstone’s BET or Jimmy Iovine’s Interscope Records, which rationalizes even the most random and bestial crimes against white people minding their own business that occur every day in countries like America.

The only real conclusion we can deduce from the portrayal of blacks and whites in Jew porn movies is that they want black men to rape white women. I challenge anyone to look at the grotesque content of the typical interracial porn film and come up with an alternative explanation. There just isn’t one.

Racial Defilement: Not For Jews

You would think that what is essentially a Jewish dominated industry would feature more Jewish themed pornography. Jews mock their racial enemies by making porn featuring women in Hijabs, Bavarian costumes, Nuns, and sexual attacks on every ethnicity and religion you can think of. Jewish themed pornography, interestingly enough, is either quite rare or for all intents and purposes, non-existent. If the “taboo” of race-mixing is what gets these perverts off, why not make one with an Arab impregnating a Jewish woman? There have been one or two Jews who have sporadically tried to make Jewish themed porn, but always get vetoed by their bosses or are unable to find funding for their projects from the Jew-run corporations. This certainly is not due to lack of demand , according to an editorial by the World Union of Jewish Students:

“there are thousands of people searching for Jewish porn. After things like Jewish calendar, Jewish singles, Jewish dating, and Jewish festivals comes ‘Jewish porn’ in the list of top search keywords that provide”

This urgent situation is the real root of universal and perpetual anger towards Jews. The same demented psychology that supports racial Talmudism for Israel (Zionism) and ultra-liberalism for the West (every major Jewish organization shares this characteristic) likewise loves to defile “shiksas” while refusing to sully Jews (unless they’re pretending to be white Gentiles by changing their extremely Yiddish sounding names) themselves in the same fashion. The malicious behavior of Jews is bad enough, but what gets the torches and pitchforks out is their mind-blowing, egregious hypocrisy (chutzpah).

Are they aware of it? I say yes.

Praying for them won’t stop them, only getting the masses out in the street and calling them by name will.
"The favorite slogan of the reds is: 'No Pasarán!: Yes we have passed! And we tell them...and we tell them, we will pass again!'"
― Benito Mussolini after the Communist capitulation in Barcelona


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