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Old January 9th, 2005 #1
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Cool "24" Jack Bauer, and the jig President

The hit show "24" is cool and the first season is the best. It has a great character- Jack Bauer- the cool super agent.

With a name like "Bauer" he is of good Aryan stock.

What bothers me is the shitskin President. And that everyone, including Jack, kowtows and talks to him with humble "yes sir" and "yes Mr. President" blah, blah. Enough to make me puke.

And the head secret Service agent looks like an inbred hillbilly retard and acts like a white Stepin Fetchit around the jig.
Old January 19th, 2005 #2
heaven above
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Default 24 -

I really like this series.

They are showing the FOURTH series now on SKY in the UK.

I have seen the first THREE 24's on DVD, and it sure as hell beats waiting a week for the next episode.

They are letting quite a few secrets go in this series

I don't watch hardly any TV, as it is crap. I make an exception with this series.

The one thing I have noticed is, they seem to be making the REAL bad guys, have an English accent. In the last series the English guy was saying what even white patriots say................."the US Government is the root of all evil !" Well to paraphrase, that is what he said.

Worth watching for me

p.s. I liked Stepin Fetchit !
Old January 19th, 2005 #3
heaven above
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Good news then Spengler.................hey don't spoil the plot for us
Old January 29th, 2005 #4
heaven above
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Apparently SKY are pushing this series. Not enough mind. The fourth series starts Sunday 30th in the UK.

The earlier series are selling for about 50 ($70) on DVD.
Old January 29th, 2005 #5
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I only saw the first series of this show; I thought it was pretty entertaining. I kind of regret not tuning in for the last couple series, as I haven't watched much TV as of late.

But yeah, the thing I hated about the first series was the nigger president, the fearless leader who was to be assassinated by an evil white man. At least that's how I remember the plot generally went. Now I've been seeing that nigger in AllState Insurance commercials. I'll see if I can find his pic.


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