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Default "Americans": A response to a PM

A user PM'ed me -- in response to one of my recent posts about America and WWII, their embrace of going to destroy Europe as a vassal of Jewry -- about how the majority of Americans supported Lindbergh, and were, in so-called "polling," generally anti-war, wanting to avoid war. I reply from here.

What you say may be true: Americans did support the message of Lindbergh and Ford, and were what these invaders and Jews would consider "racist" (and that's a good thing).

The problem is that they had no dignity. They did not revolt, they did not desert. One can say "but they just did what they were forced to do due to the draft." Oh, well, in more decent times and dignified societies, especially antiquity, the nobler races would've insurrected or killed themselves before killing their own, or being some vassal for an alien.

Americans, in the recall of history long from now, when the Americans and the West is gone, when China or Russia or whatever brown blot -- if humanity even goes on -- will be remembered like Egypt was to Rome: a vassal, in our case, to international Jewry.

One can say "this man is speaking rhetorically, what does he do?" I'll tell you what I do, I do what they all should've done: I live absolutely minimally, I do not feed the system, I do not buy things I do not need, and thus I work as little as I must as all workplaces today are SJW hostility towards white males, forcing a white male to either be a cuck or silent coward.

I minimize my forced silent cowardice, I constantly seek an opportunity to completely check-out and go off-grid for self-sufficiency to live minimally, but at present, I must work for a check, and thus am in the loop of paying taxes, paying car insurance, having bank accounts, being "chained" overall to the Jewish beast. and I respect every man that did that as much as he could during WWII. But,... but...

... that is not what the average boomer was. The average boomer was spend spend spend, "keeping up with the Joneses," at any price for their white picket fence and house selling out their country to Jews, who, little by little wicked away at their home, their family life, increasing debt, increasing reliance on credit, splitting the household income between a man and a woman instead of a livelihood where a man could just carry a home and a vehicle or two, and work only 40 hours. Now, a situation where our breeding-age men are the oppressed, working for pitiful wages, discriminated against in the halls of academia with poor grades by Jew professors who just want to "ruin their possibility of a livelihood," forced to take out loans and endure that burden -- on top of their worse opportunities for work and mobility! -- while women, niggers, and minorities, get all sorts of taxpayer grants and scholarships, into the best schools, the best positions, all of in which they do little real work.

Thus, America has stagnated. You see very clearly it has not improved at all, but has indeed stagnated in its infrastructure, in everything that actually matters as the result of real work. Our academics even are a joke with their ever-lowering bar to make 60 IQ niggers look smart, and even dumb Jews, who cheat and use cunning, but when you really assess the intelligence of a Jew in creativity or critical thinking, in the skills of dealing with people, they are a neurotic "script repeater" who operates on the gullibility of their host's lingering Christian morality (which still exists even in the most so-called secular types, they still want to be "humanistic" and "fair to all men and women, these children of the earth").

What I cannot respect is the majority American: they celebrated after they destroyed Europe, they embraced consumerism and Jewish culture, they still tolerated feminism and still got married to "liberated" vulgar cows who were blowing their boss while denying their husbands, their Jew bosses who were their new "master" rather than the man of the house, who was now reduced to an equal. Their life became about processed everything, absolutely lacking an intimate connection of their own creativity: these men and women do not make their own meals, they do not build their own homes, they have no connection to anything even in the workplace, but rather they were slaves for some end-product which they had no intimate attachment, but rather another rat producer on a wheel for some Jew's profit.

Insurance salesmen, salespeople in general trying to make a profit off someone else's work; whites do this now, but this was in the good land of traditional Europe considered a Jewish role, thus the historic archetype "the merchant" as the most reprehensible, now the dominant hero. IT IS NOT the same as someone who makes something themselves and then sells it for their subsistence. The merchant is one who profits off someone else's sweat, either through usury or reselling.

The conflation of the creative man and the merchant/reseller is a dullard's tell.

So, you have these Americans who embraced all of this, long, long ago, and really had no problem in the throes of "modernism" with destroying these "flamboyant fruity Europeans" who they could be convinced are "some darn Nazi's, ol' Blood N Guts said so!" (ironic Patton's later feelings led him to realize he himself was only the king of the cattle for a day, and used like so).

What was "American" idealism and what was "European" idealism were distinct enough for the Americans to feel no issue with dropping bombs en masse on Europe, leaving Europe to a heaping ruin, a Europe that DID NOT ATTACK AMERICA, DID NOT ATTACK ENGLAND, BUT WAS DOING A JOB OF PROTECTING THE WEST FROM BOLSHEVISM!

With that last phrase I just said, any honest man of European descent knows that the Americans and English are one thing: criminals. America and England became guilt-by-association criminal lackeys of the Jews in the history books for any thinking man. And should we be surprised? It is true that the trash of Europe went to America. It is true that, as Napoleon said, England was a "nation of shopkeepers." Oh, you would never see an Englishman fawn at making a little profit off reselling someone else's work!

What National Socialist Germany was, was the absolute antithesis of this. It truly was the greatest nation in modern history since the fall of Rome. There have not been greater states of more noble intentions since the days of Sparta. Just as in Sparta, a man who created things was known for what he created, and was associated with the final product. Germany worked to restore the feeling of the old "guild" system where a man was connected to his work, connected to his people, rather than a slave of some usury. One feels the same reading a Hitler speech as one does reading Lycurgus' "Sayings of Spartans", a real racial state that tolerates no lies or usurers, facilitating a culture of honesty and camraderie, of brotherly struggle, of the agon rather than the apathy.

Above all, and perhaps the very most salient point I can write in this whole post: National Socialist Germany once again sought to make the "Merchant" the most reprehensible, bottom-of-the-totem-pole figure. He once again placed the Merchant below the Poet, the Warrior, the Thinker, the creator. As Hitler once said in a speech against the Jews: "Creative peoples of the world, recognize your foe!" Hitler wanted to build, as what he called a "culture state." This is the mentality that spawned the artistic beauty of Europe, whether ancient or medieval.

America is falling now. Young men are more apathetic than ever. They do not care about your company, they do not care about national loyalty, they do not care about any of your bullshit. Most men are looking at the world and saying "fuck you, get out of my face."

The Jews and their boomer lackeys fostered that apathetic youth who have nothing, no hope, and quite frankly are just waiting for their country to become what Paris is now: a Yellow Vests situation.

I am waiting patiently for just that calamity, that is the only thing that I can get excited for, and a great deal of the men of America feel the same: we want this society to collapse, we do not want to support it. We will do the minimum until it collapses, we hope it will collapse in our lifetime, and if it doesn't, we will have the solace that we did not support the parasite, but gave it as little blood as we could.

"the soldier whose footsteps were found in front of Vesuvius, who didn't move an inch, because he was never relieved." - A great Prussian

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Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

Excellent post. And so true. Thanks, P.E.
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor


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