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Igor Alexander
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Igor Alexander

Originally Posted by Karl Radl View Post
As it turns out there is an individual who Hoffman probably meant who was jewish and was a ‘Hero of the Soviet Union’ as well as being a General in the Soviet Armed Forces. However Hoffman; typically as regular readers will know, didn’t give enough detail to track this individual down and nor did he spell the individual’s surname correctly (which you would have thought would be kind of important with a list of ‘Judaic Communists’). In a book I have been reading I came across a mention of this character in a footnote and immediately recognised that he could well be the individual Hoffman meant. So for the sake of the factual record, intellectual honesty and being complete I reproduce the relevant footnote:
I'm glad to know this, as I recently brought up the Dragonsky thing as a means of discrediting Hoffman at another forum where he was foaming at the mouth against "neo-nazis" and white nationalists as usual. In the future, I'll have to find something else to attack him with.

I wish people doing research of this kind would start providing their sources in footnotes for anything that isn't widely known or firmly established. For example, Who Rules America? claims Howard Stringer (Sony's present CEO) is jewish, but I couldn't find anything confirming this when I searched the web last year.
The jewish tribe is the cancer of human history.
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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl

Originally Posted by Igor Alexander View Post
I'm glad to know this, as I recently brought up the Dragonsky thing as a means of discrediting Hoffman at another forum where he was foaming at the mouth against "neo-nazis" and white nationalists as usual. In the future, I'll have to find something else to attack him with.
Well it does discredit him in a sense; in so far as he should have known better, because it was only because he misspelled the name and wouldn't (as well as didn't) give a reference (which myself and the contributor had written to him and asked for) that the mistake was made. 'Dragonsky' isn't the only thing he's gotten wrong in a big way; I tended to use it before I found the reference to David Dragunsky because it was a simple thing to point to and explain.

If you wish to attack Hoffman merely ask him how on earth he can use Yiddish references when he can't speak Yiddish.

I wish people doing research of this kind would start providing their sources in footnotes for anything that isn't widely known or firmly established.
Yes: it is a serious problem and it is compounded by all the false references out there. For example the Israel Cohen or the Selenkov quotation, which come from the Conde McGinley/'Common Sense' milieu, which sort of morphed into 'The Spotlight'/'Liberty Lobby' and now the 'American Free Press' crowd.

If you want the references for any given argument my advice; based on my experience, is to go back to anti-Semitic literature from the 1950s backwards as that is where you usually find the source (it is usually in either the French or German anti-Semitic literature as English-language stuff has little that is original in it beyond say the research of Arnold Leese and William Joyce as well as the more over-arching thoughts of Hilaire Belloc). Most anti-Semitic arguments today; or well sorry most common anti-Semitic arguments made by anti-Semitic non-specialists in the jewish question, are based on these original thoughts and/or research rather than anything more current.

I just wish that there were more people who profess to be so opposed to the jews who were interested in doing even a little bit of the mountain of research that this subject requires. If anybody is interested of course feel free to send me a PM and I can probably point you in the right direction and help with any niggling points.

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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl

Part XI

‘Kersenski was elected Premier and the order was issued to work energetically. Students and army people were clamoured to put an end to the war. Many Jewish boys became cadets and some Jews were promoted to officers. All prices rose, the value of the rouble fell rapidly. Among the members of the Government were ministers of the Union of the Rural Self-Government and representatives of the War Industries Committee among them were two Jewish Ministers.’ (211) [+J]

‘President Sverdlov had taken over Count Lvov’s place. The Sverdlov brothers were children of a foreman in a gas works, and who later owned a ship in Nizhni Novgorod. Both brothers were socialists and had visited Lenin in Switzerland. And this Sverdlov, told Zool, that they had decided to make me head of “GLAV-VOD”.

In peace-time, this was a medical and pharmaceutical department belonging to the Ministry of Communications and Roads. This post had been occupied by a qualified doctor of medicine who had the honorary rank of general. Under this department came all the hospitals situated on the rivers Volga, Kama, Don, also some parts of Siberia and Southern Russia.’
(212) [+J]

‘When we were alone in his room, I asked him for a certificate to enable my children, under the supervision of Comrade Schapiro, to leave Moscow and re-cooperate in the Koumiss. This certificate was issued and on it was written that they should be given any assistance that they might require.’ (213) [+J]

‘My wife’s cousin, a Mr. Perez was shot, when a million dollars was found hidden in his place, but the local people and the emigrants thought that this wave of terror would not last and many accepted jobs with the Communists and were offered high positions.’ (214) [+J]

‘Next morning, I went into town to get a permit to cross the frontier. Great difficulties were made to obtain this document. Crowds were sitting and awaiting their turn. I showed my identification card to one of the officials, but was not called in for a very long time. At long last my turn came to see the official in charge. It was a 17 to 18 year old Jewish Bundist, who was issuing passes.’ (215) [+J]

‘Where the Ukrainian soldiers and Cossacks conquered a locality or town they treated the Jews very badly and therefore the Jewish population was jubilant when the Communists arrived.’ (216) [+J]

‘A week later documents arrived from the headquarters of the Plen-Bezh, indicating that I was nominated head of the Economic and Pharmaceutical Department of the Plen-Bezh in Moscow.’ (217) [+J]

‘At about eleven o’clock in the morning, I went to introduce myself to the Plen-Bezh Headquarters. I wanted to hear more about my future duties there and to see who was in charge. It was the wife of the writer, Radek (he was imprisoned in Berlin at the time). Mrs. Radek was a doctor by profession and her maiden name was Elisabeth Marvikyevna Rabinovitch. She received me very politely and told me that I had been nominated head of the economic and pharmaceutical department of the Plen-Bezh head office and she suggested I should go down to the pharmaceutical department and have a word with the present manager, Comrade Shlosberg and then report back to her at about two o’clock.’ (218) [+J]

‘Many succeeded in making a fortune during this period, but later their money was taken from them and they were exiled to Siberia. Many of them died during the construction of the Moskva-Volga Canal, others were sent to Siberia and died there of hunger and cold. My cousin Grisha Ratner was exiled to Siberia for five years and also several of my wife’s relatives.’ (219) [+J]

‘I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue now before the world, not even excluding the war which is still raging, and unless, as above stated, Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole world, as it organised and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things.’ (220) [+-]

‘Although five prominent literary figures were among those indicted – the Yiddish poets Peretz Markish, Leyb Kvitko, David Hofshteyn, and Itsik Fefer and the novelist David Bergelson – the remaining ten defendants were not writers at all but were connected in various ways to the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee, a group that the regime had created during World War II to encourage Western Jewish support for the alliance with the Soviet Union.

Several defendants were famous Soviet personalities. Solomon Lozovsky, who turned out to be the principal defendant, had been a long-time member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party and was deputy people’s commissar for foreign affairs of the USSR throughout the war. Boris Shimeliovich had been the medical director of one of Moscow’s most prestigious hospitals. Lina Shtern, renowned for her pathbreaking work in biochemistry and medicine, was the first woman member of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. And Benjamin Zuskin was the premier actor at the State Jewish Theater in Moscow, where he and Solomon Mikhoels had created a world-renowned repertory; after the death of Mikhoels in January 1948, Zuskin became the theater’s artistic director.’
(221) [J]

‘The trade-union activist Joseph Yuzefovich; the journalist and translator Leon Talmy; the lawyer Ilya Vatenberg and his wife. Khayke Vatenberg-Ostrovskaya, who worked as a translator for the JAC; the editor Emilia Teumin; and the party bureaucrat Solomon Bregman, who joined the JAC in 1944 and quickly became an informer, sending denunciations about Jewish “nationalism” within the committee to party officials. Talmy and the Vatenbergs had lived for many years in the United States before deciding to move to Russia in the 1930s out of loyalty to communism.’ (222) [J]

‘The Jewish section of the Communist Party (the notorious Yevsektsiya) was the driving force behind the broader party directives for the Jewish minority.’ (223) [J]

‘Asking to see him in private Markish showed Lederman an article by the writer Moyshe Nadir in which Nadir explained why he had broken his long-standing ties with the American Communist Party and the Yiddish communist newspaper the Morgen Freiheit (Morning Freedom) following the Hitler-Stalin pact.’ (224) [J]

‘On the other hand it seemed reasonable to put forward figures like the historian and philosopher Abram Deborin, the ophthalmologist Mikhail Averbakh, and the violinist David Oistrakh. All were Jewish and all seemed prominent enough in their fields, at least inside the country, to appear alongside Mikhoels, Markish, and the others. But the proposal also listed General Yakov Smushkevich – a renowned air force officer who had earlier, under the pseudonym General Douglas, been sent to Spain to assist Republican forces and who was appointed chief commander of the Soviet Air Force in 1939 following his heroic conduct at the battle of Khalkin Gol, where Soviet troops fought Japanese forces in Mongolia. Smushkevich had been wounded and was twice awarded the medal Hero of the Soviet Union.’ (225) [J]

‘Although Henryk Erlich and Viktor Alter had escaped the Germans after the invasion of Poland, Stalin’s secret police arrested them in the fall of 1939. Denounced to Soviet officials by a Polish Jewish communist, Erlich was detained at the train station in Brest-Livtosk. Alter was arrested in Kowel in western Volhynia. But Stalin released them two years later in the wake of Hitler’s advance. By the fall of early 1941, with the Red Army in full retreat, Stalin had no choice but to improve relations with the Western powers. Erlich and Alter enjoyed excellent contracts with labor groups in the West. With their release, Stalin hoped to reassure their supporters and enlist both men in Soviet plans against Hitler. At the behest of the Kremlin, Erlich and Alter proposed a committee that would involve Soviet Jews and refugees from German-occupied countries. They even suggested the formation of a Jewish Legion in the Red Army to be made up of American volunteers.’ (226) [J]

‘Jewish organizations in America lent their names and resources to making the visit a success. A National Reception Committee, head by Albert Einstein and B. Z. Goldberg, who were both sympathetic to the Soviet Union. Goldberg in particular was an articulate fellow traveller, an adept and prolific Yiddish journalists whose professional visibility was enhanced by his marriage to the daughter of the famous Yiddish writer Sholem Aleichem.

Mainstream Jewish organizations like Hadassah, the Jewish National Fund, the Zionist Organization of America, and B’nai Brith also welcomed Mikhoels and Feder, as did James Rosenberg of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.’
(227) [J]

‘The Red Army had just inflicted a mortal blow to the Wehrmacht, so it was altogether natural for American Jewry and sections of the broader American public to greet them with profound enthusiasm. Wherever they visited – Philadelphia, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Boston – they were welcomed with fund-raising dinners and testimonials. Mass rallies were organized in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In Hollywood they met Thomas Mann, Theodore Dreiser, Upton Sinclair, Charlie Chaplin, and Edward G. Robinson. In New York, Jewish furriers presented them with three specially made, luxurious fur hats and coats, one for each for Stalin himself, Mikhoels, and Fefer.’ (228) [J]

‘Rabbi Stephen Wise denounced “Jewish Trotskyites” for their attacks on Mikhoels and Fefer. B .Z Goldberg praised “the great leader Marshal Stalin,” and James Rosenberg proclaimed that “Russia has given life, asylum, bread and shelter to a vast Jewish population.”’ (229) [J]

‘Pravda quoted the belief of Nahum Goldmann, the leader of the World Jewish Congress, that the visit by Mikhoels and Fefer would reinforce ties between Soviet and world Jewry. The newspaper also made clear that the Polo Grounds rally had been the largest pro-Soviet rally ever held in the United States and that, for the most part, it had been organized by well-known American Jewish organizations.’ (230) [J]


(211) Moses Gurwitsch, Dora Wirth (Trans.), 1958, ‘The Autobiography of a Russian Jew’, Vol. I, 1st Edition, Self-Published: Liverpool, p. 62
(212) Ibid, p. 66. Gurwitsch means here that he; a jew who had owned a substantial Pharmacist business in Imperial Russia, was appointed to be the head of ‘GLAV-VOD’. The reference to the Sverdlov brothers is also to two prominent jews; Yakov Sverdlov (an important member of the Bolshevik Central Committee, the man who gave the order to execute Tsar Nicholas II and his family and who was presumably the one who appointed Gurwitsch) and Zinovy [formerly Yeshua Zalman] Sverdlov who became a ‘French’ general after getting himself baptised as an Eastern Orthodox Christian.
(213) Ibid, p. 69. It is important to note that the significance of this comment is the carte blanche nature of this order and that Gurwitsch’s children were placed under the care of another communist jew; Genrikh Schapiro who was also given (according to p. 83) a job managing a soap factory by Gurwitsch and another important socialist jew named Dr. Lev Naumovitch Geller [Schapiro had previously been favoured by two other jews named Schlossberg with the running of a cotton oil factory], who was given this carte blanche to do what he thought necessary for his and their comfort (probably at the expense of the local population).
(214) Ibid, p. 70. This quote points to the fact that rich jews were also targeted by the Bolsheviks, but Gurwitsch also indirectly implies that many jews; like him, were offered and took high positions in the local and national government under the Bolsheviks.
(215) Ibid, p. 71
(216) Ibid, p. 81
(217) Ibid, p. 86. This is another example; similar to n. 212 above, of a jew; Gurwitsch, being appointed to high office under the early Bolshevik regime.
(218) Ibid, p. 88. The wife of the prominent jewish communist Karl Radek was herself jewish and ‘Comrade Shlosberg’ was also jewish as is indicated down the page. ‘Comrade Shlosberg’ is then revealed on pp. 88-89 to be one of the jewish brothers who ran the cotton oil factory that Genrikh Schapiro managed.
(219) Ibid, p. 90. The interesting implication made by Gurwitsch is that many jews made great fortunes under the Bolshevik regime of Lenin; particularly in the era of the New Economic Plan or NEP which ‘re-introduced’ a limited form of capitalism, and that these newly rich jews were swept up in Stalin’s purges of the ‘Kulaks’. This might suggest that composition of the ‘Kulak’ class; as defined by Stalin’s regime, would be an interesting subject for research and could potentially provide an earlier precedent for Stalin’s supposed targeting of the jewish population as an ‘enemy within’ between 1948 and his death in 1953.
(220) HMSO, 1919, ‘Collection of Reports on Bolshevism in Russia’, 1st Edition, His Majesty’s Stationary Office: London, p. 3/Doc. 6. The author of this report was Sir M. Findlay. I have marked this quotation as potentially unreliable, because it seems to reference the ‘Commissar Lists’, which were widely believed at the time the work was written and published, but which subsequently have been debunked by scholars as being without value.
(221) Vladimir Naumov, Joshua Rubenstein (Eds.), Laura Wolfson (Trans.), 2005, ‘Stalin’s Secret Pogrom: The Postwar Inquisition of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee’, 2nd Edition, Yale University Press: New Haven, pp. 2-3. I cite only a few relevant passages of this work, but the material contained in this book; in both the first (i.e. the 2001 edition) and second [which is an abridged] editions is of the first importance in forming an accurate and coherent anti-Semitic interpretation of the Soviet Union during the post-war period of Stalin’s rule.
(222) Ibid, p. 3. It should be noted that all those mentioned by Rubenstein were jewish.
(223) Ibid, p. 5
(224) Ibid, p. 6. Moyshe Nadir was the nom de plume of the well-known communist jewish writer Isaac Reiss.
(225) Ibid, p. 8
(226) Ibid, p. 9
(227) Ibid, p. 15. It should be noted that this refers to the visit of representatives of Soviet jewry to the United States in 1943. All those mentioned are jewish and in addition it should be noted that James Rosenberg headed the United States delegation to the United Nations from 1947 to 1948 and was instrumental in getting the ‘Convention against Genocide’ adopted. We may in addition quote Mark Ewell’s excellent summation of the communist and jewish role in the United Nations to give a short explanation of this: ‘On the other hand, there are organizations such as the Consultative Council of Jewish Organizations, the World Jewish Congress and the B’nai Brith which are not ashamed of the part they have played in the U.N. work relating to human rights. In fact, The Jewish Chronicle has told us that the larger Jewish Organizations with consultative status “come into the councils of the U.N. not just with views but with complete drafts and arguments which they place before the delegates and the Secretariat as a basis for work.”

Elsewhere we can read of the Jewish claim to having played the major part in disseminating the ideals of the Declaration of Human Rights. But, in the view of the enormous threat to humans rights which our study of the Draft Covenants reveals, these claims are a little unfortunate. It is indeed understandable that Jewish lawyers should be particularly interested in the battle for human rights for Jews have suffered time and time again when these rights have been ignored. But, so far, their experts have helped to forge an instrument which is ready-made for the use of international tyranny.’
(Mark Ewell, 1964, ‘Manacles for Mankind: An analysis of the UNO’s championship of Human Rights’, 1st Edition, Britons: London, pp. 54-55)
(228) Naumov, Rubenstein, Op. Cit., p. 15. We should note that Thomas Mann’s left-wing wife; Katia Pringsheim, was jewish and Edward G. Robinson [nee Emanuel Goldenberg] was actually jewish.
(229) Ibid, pp. 16-17
(230) Ibid, p. 17

This was originally posted at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...m-part-xi.html
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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl

Part XII

‘A more telling argument is an analysis of the April 9th and 10th Pravda, in which the Stalin prize winners are listed. People thoroughly familiar with Russian have gone over the lists carefully for us and have found over 120 obviously Jewish names. Here are only a few of the names that appear in the April 9th list:

Lev Benyaminovich Marmorshtein, chief engineer of the factory “Serp and Hammer,”
Ephraim Feitelevich Schwartzberg, aeroplane engineer
Binyomin Bezalelevich Gurevich, engineer of the factory “ Electro-Apparat,”
Aharon Isakovich Liberman, engineer of Moscow instrument factory,
Samuel Moisieyevich Silbergliet, engineer-constructor of building construction,
Yuri Aronovich Shapiro, engineer of the Yaroslav Auto factory,
Yaakov Solomonovich Epstein, engineer,
Shlomo Izakovich Amrom, chemist,
Gershon Shimonovitz Brodsky and Abraham Samuelovich Feinstein, plastic engineers,
Leib Davidovich Yaffe, radio constructor,
Yisroel Pinyevitch Weiner, constructor of new military weapons,’
(231) [J]

‘[…], it must be remembered that the Jewish people in the Soviet Union constitute about one percent of the population, which means they are exceptionally well represented in all the fields in which the Stalin prizes were awarded.’ (232) [J]

‘We were four and each of us was the native of a different country: my father German, my mother Russian, my brother French and I British. My father and brother were Gentiles, my mother Jewish. The language used at home was German, which both Rudolph and I spoke as fluently as English.

These singularities were complemented by the political orientation of the household. My parents were both avowed anarchists, believers in the social revolution, in a society based on freedom and equality in which political coercion and economic exploitation would no longer be tolerated. They were members of a movement which, although small in numbers, was feared by some and abused or ridiculed by others.’
(233) [#J]

‘Although the group my father worked with in London was in the main a Jewish one, he was himself a man of international stature.’ (234) [#J]

‘My father was something of an anomaly. Although a Gentile himself, he had learned to read and write Yiddish and eventually was entrusted with the editorship of the Arbaiter Fraind, a Yiddish anarchist weekly. His first contact with Russian and Polish Jews had occurred in Paris where he lived for several years before coming to London. Many of them had been involved in revolutionary activities and were forced to seek asylum abroad as he had done.’ (235) [#J]

‘The Arbaiter Fraind was published in Jubilee Street, a short distance away from us, in a building which, in addition to the press, held two meeting halls and various other facilities. The paper had a rather modest circulation, but since the copies often passed through several hands, it was probably read by more people than might have been supposed and its influence in the affairs of the Jewish community was not inconsiderable. This was also true of the group as a whole. While small in numbers, it too had a greater impact on the life of the ghetto than would have seemed warranted. A steady stream of immigrants and exiles in the early years of the century helped to replenish and increase the ranks of the anarchist group, which grew steadily until the outbreak of war in 1914.’ (236) [#J]

‘Our friends in the East End were nearly all members of the “Arbaiter Fraind” group. A number of them lived in the neighbourhood and a few were even fellow-tenants of ours in Dunstan Houses. Among those in the building were the Linders and the Schapiros, while others such as the Lenobles, Tapler, and the Ploschanskys lived close by. The Linders were across the yard from us in the wing where Polly and Ernest lived. Solo Linder, a pleasant fun-loving fellow, always ready with a quip or a joke, was a popular figure in the group and at the same time a man valued for his astuteness. My parents were always very fond of him and also of his wife, Polly, or Pola as she liked to call herself, despite the fact that some of our friends were a little put off by her aloofness. Although not a bad looking fellow, Linder had that characteristically Semitic profile that Jews are commonly supposed to have but relatively few possess.’ (237) [#J]

‘Next to my father, Schapiro was probably the most erudite member of the Dunstan Houses community. Despite his comparative youth, he was widely travelled and had lived in Turkey, Russia, France, and possibly other countries before coming to England with his family. Like my father, a disciple and friend of Peter Kropotkin, the dean and theoretician of the movement, Schapiro was already at that time a man of some consequence in anarchist circles.’ (238) [#J]

‘A number of our friends had lived in Paris for a while, as my father had done, before coming to London. Unlike Milly, who had also lived in Paris for a period, but on whom that sojourn had left no lasting impression, the Goldbergs were very French in their ways.’ Marthe, their daughter, had a bilingual background very similar to Rudolph’s and mine, except that her second language was French instead of German. French was the language spoken in the Goldberg home, alternating at times with some Russian, for the Goldbergs were that rarity among Russian Jews, who spoke and understood the language of their mother country.’ (239) [#J]

‘Polly and Rose, each in their turn, went to live with a “goi” and, following my mother’s example, each decided to forgo a legal marriage. Fanny, alone among the four sisters, married a Jew, the one ray of cheer in an otherwise dismal picture.’ (240) [#J]

‘A similar measure of recognition was extended to the anarchist group as a whole. Many a time on our walks through the East End, we were accosted by complete strangers who, having heard of my fathers role in the great strike, wanted to express their gratitude and admiration. Even religious Jews would sometimes approach him and give him their benediction, a most unusual distinction for an anarchist and a “goi”.’ (241) [#J]

‘Misha, by the time that I knew him, had already seen quite a bit of the world. His parents had been activists in the Russian revolutionary movement and the boy, I believe, went with them when they were banished to Siberia. Among other places, the family had resided in Brussels for a time before coming to England, and while Russian was spoken in the Rafkin household along with some Yiddish, Misha also knew a little French.’ (242) [#J]

‘The militants and idealists were, of course, among he first to leave for Russia. The “Arbaiter Fraind” group soon found itself bereft of its ablest and most dedicated members.’ (243) [#J]

‘It was the last I ever saw of my friend. Many years later I met his parents again. This happened, strangely enough, in New York where they had taken up temporary residence as members of a Soviet trading mission. The Rafkins had joined the Communist Party shortly after returning to Russia and evidently risen sufficiently in the ranks to be sent abroad on important assignments. They also had the political astuteness to back the right horse when the split in the party occurred and were now loyal adherents of Stalin. Their son, alas, did not have their acumen. Misha’s guilelessness and honesty were not qualities calculated to advance his standing in the Party. He was a person of strong loyalties and could see no reason to disavow a friend if that friend happened to be a Trotskyite. This, of course, was an unfailing recipe for trouble. Expelled from schools and denied the possibilities of further study, he was sacked from every job he managed to get and eventually found himself facing an almost hopeless future.

Bad as this was, what I found even worse was the attitude taken by Misha’s parents. Not a trace of indignation at the treatment meted out to their son by the rulers of their country, not a hint of sympathy for the victim whose only crime had been to follow the dictates of his conscience instead of the strictures of the party. The fault was entirely his own, in their view; and he got exactly what he deserved. If he refused to obey the rules laid down by the Party leadership, if he was determined to remain friends with dissidents and subversives, he had only himself to blame. A strange view, indeed, for people who once called themselves anarchists and denounced every diminution of personal freedom by the state.’
(244) [#J]

‘In political thought they are still numbered among the most ardent supporters of the great coalition of Russian Mensheviks, which has its headquarters in Stockholm, and – another significant fact – is captioned by a Jew, the well-known Socialist writer Paul Axelrod. There are probably quite as many Jewish leaders in the anti-Bolshevists coalition as there are Jewish Commissaries among the Bolsheviks.

Nor are the upper and middle-classes of Russian and Polish Jewry merely passive spectators of the struggle. Politically they belong in an overwhelming proportion to the moderate Liberal party known as the Cadets, and many of them are active in the councils and Press of that party. The present leader of the Cadets, who succeeded Professor Miliukoff, after his unhappy but temporary defection from the cause of the Entente, is the distinguished Jewish lawyer M. Vinaver, equally conspicuous for his devotion to his co-religionists and the cause of ordered liberty in Russia. Admiral Koltchak and General Denikin, in spite of their compromising anti-Semitic associates, had no more strenuous supporter and no wiser counsellor than M. Vinaver. Another eminent Jew who may frequently be seen in consultation with MM. Sazonoff and Maklakoff at the Russian Delegation in Paris is Baron Alexandre de Gunzberg, at one time the most conspicuous member of the Jewish Community in Petrograd.’
(245) [J]


(231) Moses Miller, 1948, ‘Soviet “Anti-Semitism”: The Big Lie!’, 1st Edition, Jewish Life: New York, pp. 13-14
(232) Ibid, p. 15
(233) Fermin Rocker, 1998, ‘The East End Years: A Stepney Childhood’, 1st Edition, Freedom Press: London, p. 14. Fermin Rocker was the half-jewish son of Rudolf Rocker: one of the most important anarchist ideologues of his time and whom is still to this day revered in anarchist intellectual and political circles. On Rocker and jewish anarchists in London in general please see William Fishman, 1975, ‘East End Jewish Radicals 1875-1914’, 1st Edition, Duckworth: London especially pp. 97-310.
(234) Rocker, Op. Cit., p. 15
(235) Ibid, p. 16
(236) Ibid, p. 18
(237) Ibid, pp. 45-46. It should be noted that the reference to ‘Polly and Ernest’ is referring to another jewish (Polly) and German (Ernest) mixed anarchist couple, which is clarified by Rocker on p. 41.
(238) Ibid, p. 49
(239) Ibid, p. 50. It should be noted that the Goldbergs were also jewish anarchists from Russia.
(240) Ibid, p. 65. It should be noted that all four sisters; including Rocker’s mother, were jewish anarchists and Rocker’s maternal grandparents were also sympathetic to anarchism despite being devout Orthodox jews.
(241) Ibid, p. 96
(242) Ibid, pp. 119-120. It should be noted that Misha Rafkin and his (unnamed) parents were jews.
(243) Ibid, p. 168. The return to Russia; of course, refers to the 1917 period when the Tsar had fallen and the jewish socialist Kerensky had taken power only to be replaced by the partially jewish Lenin.
(244) Ibid, pp. 168-169
(245) Lucien Wolf, 1921, ‘The Myth of the Jewish Menace in World Affairs: The Truth about the Forged Protocols of the Elders of Zion’, 1st Edition, MacMillan: New York, p. 49. It should be noted that Lucien Wolf was an extremely powerful jewish figure in British politics and wielded a great deal of influence inside as well as outside the jewish community during his lifetime. On Wolf influence on; and actions relating to, world affairs please see Mark Levene’s, 1992, ‘War, Jews, and the New Europe: The Diplomacy of Lucien Wolf 1914-1919’, 1st Edition, Oxford University Press: New York.

This was originally published at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...-part-xii.html
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Karl Radl
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Karl Radl
Default In Brief: A Little More Gefilte in the Socialist History Society

In Brief: A Little More Gefilte in the Socialist History Society

I have previously written an ‘In Brief’ about jews and the Socialist History Society, but as I received an update of sorts on this matter today. I thought I would update the record with the new information. According to the ‘Socialist History Society Public Meeting’ email bulletin of the 2nd of August 2010: the SHS are sponsoring talks from a jewess named Anne Showstack Sassoon; who is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Kingston University and a senior visiting fellow at Birkbeck College of the University of London, she is going to be warbling to a small crowd of die-hard marxists at the Bishopsgate Institute in London on the 19th of August 2010 about the ludicrous theories of that most famous of Italian marxists: Antonio Gramsci.

No doubt Miss Sassoon will also be looking for gratuitous donations (since the lecture is free but it is stipulated that ‘retiring donations’ would be welcome) to prop up her flagging ego due to the burgeoning realisation that her ‘revolution’ will probably never happen (and certainly not in her depleted lifetime). That won’t stop Miss Sassoon though: I am sure she will be huffing and puffing about Gramsci’s alleged import to the ‘working class’ and how ‘true democracy’ can ‘only be achieved’ through her personal impressions and interpretations of Gramsci. Of course Miss Sassoon probably hasn’t done a days hard work in her life and would regard it as a great strain should be break a finger nail while pounding the pulpit fantasizing that she was in those supposed halcyon days of the ‘revolution’ in Russia. Hardly the ‘worker’s advocate’ she makes herself out to be now is she?

Also of note is that one Ted Crawford; no doubt a bit of an aging gentile fuddy-duddy who is wheeled out by some enterprising hook-nosed members of the SHS depending on the need to ‘prop up the flagging spirit of the troops’, who will be giving a talk on one Dora Montefiore on the 2nd of November 2010 (once again at the Bishopsgate Institute). Dore Montefiore; despite her surname, wasn’t actually jewish (she was born Dora Fuller), but her husband was. Both were members of the Communist Party of Great Britain (better known as the CPGB) and life-long socialists. Mrs Montefiore; deluded by her childish fantasies (what she would no doubt have been pleased to call her ‘ideals’), married an enterprising jew who; we may suspect, emotionally and even physically abused her for the remainder of her life. This would; of course, be the norm among ‘inter-faith’ (or rather inter-racial) marriages between jews and gentiles and seems to be particularly common in marxist interracial marriages with the founder of Marxism; Karl Marx, abusing his gentile wife; Jenny von Westphalen, for nearly all her life. Poor old Dora: she thought so well of him until he beat her with a candelabra for being a disobedient goy…

In concluding our brief notes on this matter: we may point to the recently founded SHS-aligned academic journal; ‘Twentieth Century Communism: A Journal of International History’ (published by the old CPGB and far left publisher Lawrence & Wishart in London), which includes an article by Gidon Cohen who for some reason that I cannot fathom has weaselled his way into being appointed senior lecturer in Political Science at the University of Durham. (1) In his article; ‘Political Religion and British Communism’ (2), Cohen merrily tries to prove that Communism really doesn’t have any religious qualifications and that by virtue of its ‘rationality’: it is a wonderful ideology to hold. Of course Cohen views himself as something akin to the next Karl Marx and has spent the last few decades of his unfortunate existence trying to prove just that. However Cohen will; of course, not be successful, but don’t tell him that. He might get upset and demand in shrill tones that Yahweh/Hashem cause an ‘uprising’ of the ‘people’ against you so that he can sit there smirking in egoistic radiance, while warbling about ‘human rights’, ‘democracy’, ‘fascism’, ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ etc ad infinitum. Not that these mean anything of course, but then I am sure Cohen; as the cynical jew that he is, is all too well aware of this.

Oh well… c’est la vie.


(1) Anon., 2010, ‘Notes on Contributors’, ‘Twentieth Century Communism: A Journal of International History’, Vol. I, No. 2, p. 255
(2) Gidon Cohen, 2010, ‘Political Religion and British Communism’, ‘Twentieth Century Communism: A Journal of International History’, Vol. I, No. 2, pp. 197-211


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Default In Brief: Kim Philby and the Jews

In Brief: Kim Philby and the Jews

Kim Philby is a name well-known in the world of espionage and spy thrillers as the best known member of the ‘Cambridge Spies’; who were five Soviet spies who worked their way into the British intelligence, diplomatic and royal establishment, and who is/are the subject of a considerable body of literature. (1)

What is less well-known and commented on is Philby’s relationship with the jews. Unfortunately there is a dearth of material in this area, (2) but from what we do know: we get a tantalizing suggestion that this would be an area that would benefit from careful research and intellectual exploration.

Philby’s relationship with the jews seems to have begun while he was at Cambridge when he began to actively self-identify first as a socialist and then as a communist. Philby probably began to sympathise with jews as a result of pro-jewish communist propaganda of this time and the assertion; oft made in communist literature up till the present day, that the jews are simply ‘scapegoats’ for ‘economic problems’. (3) Contributing to this was Philby’s deep emotional antipathy towards National Socialism; which he maligned as ‘fascism’, (4) and with the jew being perceived as the chief ‘victim’ and ‘scapegoat’ of ‘fascism’; regarded as they and are by leftists as ‘evil pseudo-capitalists’. It is thus understandable; if somewhat intellectually abhorrent, that Philby became something of a philo-Semite: to the extent of breaking off contact with the NKVD when the Ribbentrop-Molotov Pact of 1939 was announced. (5)

When Philby left England in 1934 to perform some communist underground work in Austria: he; according to Phillip Knightley, ‘helped smuggle Jews and Communists out of Vienna’. (6) We should note in passing that Knightley rightly implies; although he probably did mean to do so, that many jews in Austria; notably in Vienna, were communists. (7) In the course of this smuggling out of communists and their jewish allies and co-conspirators: Philby met a jewess by the name of Litzi Friedmann (nee Alice Kohlmann) with whom he fell in love and promptly married. It is notable that both Philby and Friedmann were; by then, working directly for Soviet intelligence. Perhaps predictably their unnatural union did not last too long and the two split up in the mid to late 1930s: no source seems to have a precise idea of exactly when or why the couple split.

Having experienced the bitter taste of jewish skirt Philby decided that it perhaps really wasn’t for him; well at least not in the bedroom department and having to put up with a jewess as your wife, and proceeded to seduce and marry two non-jewish women: both of whom were blissfully unaware that their husband was a communist and an agent of the NKVD. It is interesting to note that the NKVD agent who probably recruited both Philby and Friedmann to work for Soviet intelligence was Edith Suschitzky: who was incidentally also a jewish communist.

Philby’s early flirtation with jewish skirt however may have caused his eventual downfall as a jewess; Flora Solomon, who Philby had felt the urge in 1934 to try to seduce (whether he was successful has not been ascertained) and then try to recruit as a Soviet intelligence agent in Western Europe. Solomon promptly informed MI5 in 1962; when it was most advantageous to do so, that Philby had tried to do this and this new information served as the immediate cause of the events that lead to Philby’s flight from Turkey to Moscow in 1963. (8)

Philby’s lack of recognition that jews were and are a problem; even in dialectical materialism, can be found in the fact that it has been reasonably conjectured that Philby was instrumental in getting several communist jews; such as Morris and Lona Cohen who has been spying on the United States for the Soviet Union, out before they were unmasked and brought to book for their crimes. (9)

We can summarise from this brief account of Philby’s relations with the jews that he was rather clueless about them and naively believed that they were ‘misunderstood’, ‘just like everyone else’ and the ‘scapegoats’ of horrid anti-Semitic capitalists. What Philby doesn’t seem to have figured out; even on his death bed, was that he had been used and abused by jews his whole life and that the great unhappiness he experienced as a result of his 1963 flight to Moscow and his subsequent cold treatment by the NKVD was significantly caused by the jewish skirt that he chased; as well as the secular halakhah of Karl Marx that he had so ardently espoused, in his particularly deluded youth.


(1) An excellent literature review of the many works published on Kim Philby and the ‘Cambridge Spies’ can be found in Mikhail Lyubimov, Hayden Peake and Rufina Philby, 2003, ‘The Private Life of Kim Philby: The Moscow Years’, 2nd Edition, St. Ermin’s Press: London, pp. 297-363
(2) Perhaps the only works to discuss this at any length are Mark Aarons, John Loftus, 1991, ‘Ratlines: How the Vatican’s Nazi Networks Betrayed Western Intelligence to the Soviets’, 1st Edition, Heinemann: London and Mark Aarons, John Loftus, 1994, ‘The Secret War against the Jews: How Western Intelligence Betrayed the Jewish People’, 1st Edition, St. Martin’s Press: New York. Both these theses on this point are rebutted in summary by Lyubimov, Peake and Philby, Op. Cit., pp. 365-366. It is worth noting that John Loftus has been caught lying on television several times and even managed to cause a hate campaign against a family by telling the world at large that they were Islamic terrorists (when they weren’t even Muslims): his work in general makes spicy; and even salacious, reading, but is utterly improbable and absurd in its various theses usually relating to ‘Catholic-Nazi-Muslim conspiracies’.
(3) On this point see the jewish communist Daniel de Leon’s, 1921, ‘Anti-Semitism: Its Cause and Cure’, 1st Edition, Socialist Labor Party: New York. This is available online at the following address: De Leon’s little booklet is still considered to be the premier marxist statement on anti-Semitism and ‘de Leonist’ analyses of the jewish question (predictably blaming everyone and everything, but the jews) as such are common.
(4) For an example of the; then as now, idiotic contemporary comparisons of this kind see Robert Brady, 1937, ‘The Spirit and Structure of German Fascism’, 1st Edition, Victor Gollancz: London.
(5) S. J. Hamrick, 2004, ‘Deceiving the Deceivers: Kim Philby, Donald Maclean and Guy Burgess’, 1st Edition, Yale University Press: New Haven, pp. 19-21
(6) Kim Philby, 2002, [1968], ‘My Silent War: The Autobiography of a Spy’, 1st Edition, Random House: New York, p. x
(7) For two accounts of this please see Harriet Pass Freidenreich, 1991, ‘Jewish Politics in Vienna, 1918-1938’, 1st Edition, Indiana University Press: Indianapolis, pp. 84-114 and Jerry Muller, 2010, ‘Capitalism and the Jews’, 1st Edition, Princeton University Press: Princeton, pp. 144-172. For the causes and extent of this relationship please see Lionel Kochan (Ed.), 1970, ‘The Jews in Soviet Russia since 1917’, 1st Edition, Oxford University Press: New York; Gisela Lebzelter, 1978, ‘Political Anti-Semitism in England 1918-1939’, 1st Edition, MacMillan: London, pp. 155-169; Erich Haberer, 2004, ‘Jews and Revolution in Nineteenth-Century Russia’, 2nd Edition, Cambridge University Press: New York and Benjamin Pinkus, 1988, ‘The Jews of the Soviet Union: The History of a National Minority’, 1st Edition, Cambridge University Press: New York.
(8) Hamrick, Op. Cit., p. 7
(9) Ibid, p. 22


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Another Kosher Communist Obituary

On Semitic Controversies I frequently comment on the latest rigmaroles, whines and general denunciations of the London-based Socialist History Society as well as their monthly journal articles, contributions and miscellany. As I have now had time to fully read the latest newsletter; that of August 2010, I would like to add another notch in this supposedly egalitarian group’s strange obsession with the self-chosen ones.

Now on p. 5 of the Socialist History Society’s Newsletter for August 2010 we find a laudatory obituary by the presumably gentile David Morgan for a certain Marian Slingova-Fagan who was herself; despite her unfortunate double-barrelled surname, a gentile as well. Having been born Marian Wilbraham in New Zealand in 1913: the budding wind-bag won a place at Oxford University and became involved in left-wing anti-fascist politics having been; as Morgan implies, deluded enough by Marx’s secular halakhah to join the Communist Party of Great Britain (better known to students of Marxism by its acronym: the CPGB) where she evidently met many a hooked nose at the CPGB’s infamous King Street headquarters.

While she was part of the kosher crusade to save humanity; specifically the Czech portion of the world, from general sanity Miss Wilbraham acquired a taste for the circumcised Bolsheviks that she met in the ‘underground’ and as Morgan records she married one; Otto Sling, at an unspecified time either just before or during the Second World War. Morgan records that Miss Wilbraham was specifically engaged in helping Czech refugees; specifically communist and/or jewish ones (after all some members of the ‘working class’ are more equal than others… right?), and one of these refugees was; of course, Otto Sling.

Now after aiding in the brutal attempted near extermination of the German nation and its ‘working class’ Mrs Marian Sling; as she was now known, decided that she and her lecherous husband would go to the now Communist Czechoslovakia. Of course the new Bolshevik masters; complete with their secular Talmud ‘Das Kapital’, welcomed their fellow member of the tribe and his gullible shiksa appointing Sling as Communist Party Secretary of the important Brno region. Morgan; of course, does not speak of the massacres and general oppression orchestrated by Sling and his gullible wife who no doubt was enjoying the joys of ostensibly being a part of the Communist elite.

However all this came to an abrupt end when the all too obviously jewish elite of the Czechoslovakian Communist Party were removed; partly by popular acclaim that the jews be removed and partly because the obviously overly jewish establishment was felt rightly or wrongly to be more loyal to their fellow jews than to the Marxist-Leninist cause, and Sling; like his more prominent fellow member of the tribe Rudolf Slansky, was executed in 1952. Morgan predictably makes a big fuss about this ‘injustice’ but doesn’t bother to say one word about Slansky or Sling’s non-jewish victims but rather Morgan just sees it as a problem if jewish communists are executed. I mean who cares about the insignificant goyim when the Chosen of Hashem/Yahweh are being brought to book? Oy vey!

Mrs Sling was; of course, also promptly taken from her bourgeoisie lifestyle and cares and thrown in prison for various crimes; that Morgan claims were ‘trumped up’, against the Czech people. She stayed in this condition for two years before being released after this short sentence: probably because she was a foreign national. (1)

When Mrs Sling returned to the United Kingdom she continued her pro-Communist campaign in spite of her experiences; after all a leopard doesn’t change its spots, and was involved in various subversive organisations from the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament to the Women’s Peace Camp on Greenham Common. Mrs Sling however had not in this time lost her taste for the circumcised and married yet another jewish Bolshevik; one Hymie Fagan, in 1977. Mrs Slingova-Fagan ended her unfortunately long, diseased and miserable existence in July 2010 at the age of 97.

An appreciation was predictably published by her jewish son; Karel Schling, in the Guardian on the 19th of July and an obituary also appeared in the Independent. But we should end on a positive note: at least the devils in hell get a new favourite plaything.


(1) This in indirectly suggested by a fellow British communist who also lived in Czechoslovakia in the period that Mrs Sling was released in Denis Hill, 1989, ‘Seeing Red, Being Green: The Life and Times of a Southern Rebel’, 1st Edition, Iconoclast: Brighton, pp. 283-297.


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Default Jewish Communist Espionage in the United States according to Whittaker Chambers

Jewish Communist Espionage in the United States according to Whittaker Chambers

Whittaker Chambers; former Communist, probable homosexual (1) and convert to Christianity, was the man at the centre of the two Alger Hiss trials which lead to the uncovering of several considerable Soviet espionage apparatuses operating in the United States government from the 1920s to the late 1940s. (2) Chambers is interesting to us in that he wrote his experiences and thoughts down in two large volumes; ‘Witness’ (3) and ‘Cold Friday’, (4) however since the latter is largely a recap of the former with some updated information we shall take our information from the former.

‘Witness’ being autobiographical in nature simply names names; although in some places Chambers notes that he has substituted the individual’s real name for an assumed one for various different reasons (usually to do with not hurting them for activities they have long past ceased to engage in), but from those Chambers does name we get a decidedly jewish flavour.

At this point many a detractor and opponent of anti-Semitism will wish to reflexively claim that Chambers was an anti-Semite and a general ‘jew hater’. However this is obviously incorrect as Chambers’ own wife; Esther Shemitz, was jewish and he spends a large portion of ‘Witness’ paying direct or indirect homage to her. Shemitz also seems to have been a Communist; or at the very least a Marxist, for most of her life (5) as indeed was her brother. (6) Chambers also does not name (as a general rule) obviously jewish individuals to have been jewish and he really does seem to have been rather blind to the fact that many of his ‘comrades’ in the underground were members of the tribe. This is; of course, somewhat to be expected but never-the-less it is surprising that Chambers did not mention this obvious aspect of the underground. Perhaps he was conscious of his own wife’s jewishness and the effect such revelations might have on the political situation in America with an anti-Communist frenzy in the offing or perhaps Chambers really was oblivious to the origins of those around him. It is difficult to which is the more likely, but on balance this author would tend to lean towards the former possibility rather than the latter. (7)

As it would be beyond this scope of this article to go into the very significant jewish involvement in Communism in the United States the structure that I have adopted is to list the jewish individuals concerned along with their principle role and activities in the Soviet underground and/or the official Communist party according to Chambers as an informed source. This is both for ease of reference and to allow any doubting Thomas’ to easily check Chambers’ own statements from my references.

James Allen (nee Sol Auerbach)

Foreign Affairs Correspondent for the Daily Worker (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., pp. 241-242)
Chief Editor of ‘International Publishers’ (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., pp. 240-242)

Boris Bazarov (Chambers knew him as Boris Bykov [Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 439])

Head of GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) in United States from 1935-1937 (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., pp. 439; 443) Chambers explicitly states he was jewish.

Alexander Bittelman

Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the United States of America (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 206)

Benjamin Gitlow

Socialist Member of New York State Legislator (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 203)
Member of the Communist Party of the United States of America

Michael Gold (nee Itzik Granich)

Editor of the ‘New Masses’ (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 264)

Felix Inslerman

Photographer for and Member of Washington D.C. Soviet Spy Ring (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., pp. 41; 423)

Samuel Kaufman

Judge of the First Hiss trial (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 670)

Nat Kaplan

Foreign Affairs Editor of the ‘Daily Worker’(Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 258)
Soviet –trained agent born in America (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 258)

Paula Levine

Member of Paris Soviet Spy Ring (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 290)
Fled to Soviet Russia in 1933 (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 290)
New York apartment used as Communist underground safe house (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 290)

Maxim Lieber

Member of Washington D.C. Soviet Spy Ring (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 44)
Created Soviet spy rings in Great Britain and Japan (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., pp. 44; 355; 367; 388; 437)

Jay Lovestone (nee Jacob Liebstein) (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 206)

National Secretary of the Communist Party of the United States of America until 1929 (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 206)

Eugene Lyons

American Correspondent of TASS (the official Soviet News Service) until 1928 when joined UP as correspondent in Moscow (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 366)

Abe Magill

Correspondent for the ‘Daily Worker’ (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 240)

Ben Mandel (known to Chambers as Bert Miller) (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 207)

Business Manager of the ‘Daily Worker’ (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 226)
Later Research Director of the House Committee on Un-American Activities America (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., pp. 207; 536; 558; 600)

George Mink

Head of Communist Party’s Seamen’s Association (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 302)
Nephew of Solomon Lozovsky (Chambers recalls him as George Lozovsky) jewish head of the Profintern (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 303)
During the Spanish Civil war Mink was responsible for the murder of numerous anti-Communists and anti-Stalinists in Republican prisons (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 303)

Josef Peters (known to Chambers as Alexander Goldberger)

Head of the National Underground of the Communist Party of the United States of America (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 32)
Replaced as Head of the National Underground of the Communist Party of the United States of America by Rudy Baker (nee Rudolph Blum); who was also jewish, in 1938.

Joseph Pogany (nee Josef Schwartz)

Comintern Representative to the Communist Party of the United States of America (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., pp. 214; 246-247)
Was former Commissar for War in the Hungarian Soviet Government of Bela Kuhn (also jewish) (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 246)

Juliet Stuart Poyntz

Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the United States of America until 1937 (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 36)
Member of the National Underground of the Communist Party of the United States of America (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 36)
Murdered; by the GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence), in 1937, because of her potential break with the Communist party over Stalin’s purges in the Soviet Union (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 36)

Phillip Rosenblatt

Dentist and Member of the Washington D.C. Soviet Spy Ring (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., pp. 237; 435-436)
Assisted in espionage against the US Army (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 319)

Meyer Schapiro

Professor of Fine Arts at Columbia University (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 193)
Member of the Washington D.C. Soviet Spy Ring (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., pp. 193; 415-416)
Helped in attempt to set up a London spy ring (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 376)

Sam Shoyet

Member of the National Underground of the Communist Party of the United States of America (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 244)
Member of Washington D.C. and Tokyo Soviet Spy Rings (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 245)
Member of Paris Soviet Spy Ring (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 311)

Abraham George Silverman

Research Director of the Railroad Retirement Board (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 27)
Economic Advisor and Chief of Analysis and Plans to the Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 60)
Active Source to and Member of the Washington D.C. Soviet Spy Ring (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., pp. 40; 416)
Secretly paid dues to the Communist Party (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 380)
Aided in the recruitment and placing of Soviet spies into positions of the authority in the US government. (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 40)

Alexander Trachtenberg

Chief Executive Officer of ‘International Publishers’ (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., pp. 242; 264)
Member of the Central Control Commission of the Communist Party of the United States of America (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 242)
Head of Cultural Activities of the Communist Party of the United States of America (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 264)

Alexander Ulanovsky

Chief of the GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) in the United States between 1931 and 1934 (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 264)

William Weinstone

New York/New Jersey District Organiser of the Communist Party of the United States of America (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 230)

Harry Dexter White (nee Weit)

Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 27)
Head of World Bank (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 500)
Active Source to the Washington D.C. Soviet Spy Ring (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., pp. 334; 370; 383-384; 405; 416; 420-422; 429; 544)
Came up with a new monetary structure for the Soviet Union (Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 430)


(1) David Johnson, 2004, ‘The Lavender Scare: The Cold War Persecution of Gays and Lesbians in the Federal Government’, 1st Edition, University of Chicago Press: Chicago, p. 33; Whittaker Chambers, 1952, ‘Witness’, 1st Edition, Random House: New York, p. 206
(2) There is a considerable literature on this subject, but for a succinct overview please see John Hayes, 1996, ‘Red Scare or Red Menace? American Communism and Anticommunism in the Cold War Era’, 1st Edition, Ivan R. Dee: Chicago and Harvey Klehr, John Earl Haynes, Fridrikh Igorevich Firsov, 1995, ‘The Secret World of American Communism’, 1st Edition, Yale University Press: New Haven
(3) Whittaker Chambers, 1952, ‘Witness’, 1st Edition, Random House: New York
(4) Whittaker Chambers, 1964, ‘Cold Friday’, 1st Edition, Random House: New York
(5) Chambers, ‘Witness’, Op. Cit., p. 25
(6) Ibid, p. 48
(7) Similar accounts; which ignore the jewishness of much of those they describe, can be found in two autobiographies of former high-ranking underground communists, which are Jan Valtin, 1941, ‘Out of the Night’, 1st Edition, Alliance Book Corporation: New York and Louis Budenz, 1950, ‘Men Without Faces: The Communist Conspiracy in the U.S.A’, 1st Edition, Harper & Brothers: New York.


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Default Jewish Influence in the Communist Party of America 1919-1926

Jewish Influence in the Communist Party of America 1919-1926

One of the most frequent arguments used by anti-Semites historically as well as currently is that jews were inordinately involved in Bolshevism in the Soviet Union and in fact were involved well out of proportion to their numbers in terms of population. What has often been overlooked when making this argument; which although often massively overstated is often remarked on by historians of the Bolshevik revolution and the Soviet Union in general, (1) is the significant involvement of jews in the formation of the Communist Party of America in the crucial early years of 1919 to 1926 when it began to grow as an organised and conspiratorial force which eventually ran numerous spy and espionage networks for the Soviet Union as well as its own above and under ground parties. (2)

In the below list I have outlined; as far as I can, the influence of jews in terms of position and their relative numbers in the key positions that they occupied in the various formative parties and periods of the Communist Party of America. The most complete list I have been able to find was that offered by the Marxist Internet Archive (or MIA) which I have; with some reluctance, used to create this listing. (3)

The problems offered by this listing; and Communist history in general, are several:

Firstly due to the conspiratorial, subversive and generally paranoid nature of Communists internationally at this time; and the Communist Party of America were not an exception to the rule, pseudonyms were usually used in official and unofficial correspondence and documents so that it requires a large amount of backtracking and historical detective work to comprehend who is who in the documents concerned. This was exacerbated in the Communist Party of America by the raid at Bridgman on the 22nd of August 1922 (4) and leads to the situation; which has occurred in the MIA list, whereby we know the ethnic identity of an individual leader (due to whom they were representing usually) but we do not know their actual name.

Secondly parties of the far left; Marxist and non-Marxist, have historically tended to be extremely factious in nature and this has lead (and still leads to) numerous factional breaks and the creation of majority and minority groups within the parties themselves. This; in the case of the Communist Party of America, lead to numerous splinter groups, arguments, dissolutions, reformations and unity coalitions, which to a reader unacquainted with the tendencies of the far left can be seem utterly disconcerting and even confusing at times. Part of the reason that I opted to use the MIA list was due to the fact that it offered it in an easy to understand format so that the reader could check what I had said against the MIA master list.

Thirdly the tides of influence and power within the Communist Party of America (and the far left in general) are notoriously difficult to chart and we can only largely guess and extrapolate from events what the power shifts were and on what basis they came about. This can make relative numbers somewhat deceptive, but for the sake of clarity we should state the reader will notice that several jewish individuals were largely in power throughout the 1919 to 1926 period in the Communist Party of America. Jay Lovestone in particular deserves mention as he was an extremely influential jewish figure inside the Communist Party of America and was only removed due to his support for Bukharin against Stalin in the power struggles inside the Bolshevik Party in Russia. In fact had Bukharin won the power struggle then Lovestone would have become the leader of the Communist Party of America as opposed to Stalin’s chosen acolyte: William Z. Foster. (5)

If we bear this slight caveat in mind that numbers do not necessarily equate power although they do give us a fair approximation of it. We can begin to see a pattern in the following list of jewish officials in the Communist Party of America from 1919 to 1926:

1919 Communist Labour Party of America

National Executive Committee: No jews out of six members. Two jews (Finkelberg and Benjamin Gitlow) out of five alternative members as of January 1920.

Editorial Board: One jew (Ludwig Lore) out of three members.

Labor Committee: One jew (Benjamin Gitlow) out of five members.

1920 Communist Party of America

International Delegates: No jews out of four members. Three jews (Daniel Elbaum, Alexander Bittelman and Jay Lovestone) out of four alternative members.

Additional Executive Committee Members: Five jews (Alexander Bittelman, Maximilian Cohen, Daniel Elbaum, Jay Lovestone and Rose Pastor Stokes) out of eight members. Three jews (Rose Pastor Stokes, Meyer Lunin and Morris Kushinsky) out of six alternative Additional Executive Committee Members.

Language Federation Secretaries: One jew (an unnamed jewish individual) out of seven members.

Executive Council (after January 20th 1920): Three jews (Maximilian Cohen, Jay Lovestone and Alexander Bittelman) out of seven members.

Executive Secretary (after July 20th 1920): Louis Shapiro

Central Executive Committee (at the end of 1920): Four jews (Maximilian Cohen, Louis Shapiro and two unnamed jewish individuals) out of nine members.

Editor of Party Publications (at the end of 1920): Maximilian Cohen

Language Federation Secretaries (at the end of 1920): One jew (Morris Kushinsky) out of six members.

Assistant Secretary (after February 20th 1921): Louis Shapiro

Editorial Committee (after February 20th 1921): One jew (Louis Shapiro) out of three members.

District Organizers: Two jews (George Ashkenazi and one unnamed jewish individual) out of six members.

1921 (Unified) Communist Party of America

Executive Secretaries (from May 31st 1921 to April 1923): Two jews (William Weinstone and Jay Lovestone) out of five appointees.

Central Executive Committee Members (from May 31st 1921): Three jews (William Weinstone, Jay Lovestone and George Ashkenazi) out of eleven members.

Central Executive Committee Members (from December 1921): Four jews (William Weinstone, Jay Lovestone, Meyer Lunin and Alexander Bittelman) out of ten members.

Central Executive Committee Members (from April 17th 1922): Two jews (Jay Lovestone and Alexander Bittelman) out of ten members.

Secretariat (from January 26th 1923): One jew (John Pepper aka Jozsef Schwartz) out of three members.

Executive Council (from January 26th 1923): Five jews (Israel Amter, Benjamin Gitlow, Ludwig Lore, Jay Lovestone and John Pepper) out of seventeen members.

1923 Workers Party of America

Executive Council: Three jews (Alexander Bittelman, Ludwig Lore and Moissaye Olgin) out of eleven members.

Central Executive Committee: Eight jews (Israel Amter, Alexander Bittelman, Jay Lovestone, Moissaye Olgin, John Pepper, Rose Pastor Stokes, Alexander Trachtenberg and William Weinstone) out of twenty-five members.

1924 Workers Party of America

Representative to Comintern (ECCI): Israel Amter

Central Executive Committee Members: Six jews (Alexander Bittelman, Benjamin Gitlow, Ludwig Lore, Jay Lovestone, John Pepper and Martin Abern) out of thirteen members.

Political Committee: Two jews (Jay Lovestone and John Pepper) out of seven members.

Organization Committee: Two jews (Martin Abern and John Pepper) out of five members.

Secretariat: One jew (John Pepper) out of three members.

Education Committee: One jew (Alexander Bittelman) out of three members.

Daily Worker Management Committee (as of May 1924): One jew (Moritz Loeb) out of five members.

1925-1926 Workers (Communist) Party

Central Executive Committee Members: Six jews (Martin Abern, Philip Aronberg, Jacob Stachel, Benjamin Gitlow, Jay Lovestone and William Weinstone) out of twenty members.

We can see from this list that as time went on the number of jews in positions of influence in power both increased and solidified with numerous jews; notably Alexander Bittelman, Jay Lovestone, William Weinstone, Ludwig Lore, Benjamin Gitlow and John Pepper, becoming exceptionally powerful and long-lasting in positions of power within the Communist Party of America. It is worth noting that while we have these members of enduring power we also have a considerable turnover of jewish individuals within the officials of the Communist Party of America with there being a particularly high general representation in the Central Executive Committees.

It is worth noting that when jews are represented at the highest levels of the Communist Party of America that they tend to be so in significant and disproportionate numbers. We see for example in the Central Executive Committee of 1923 to 1924 that the amount of jews is fifty percent of the total number of members and this is obviously wholly disproportionate to the amount of jews in America at this time.

Opponents and detractors of anti-Semitism may try to explain away such notable disproportionate involvement as this, but their arguments are usually based more on begging the question (asking why it is significant in the first place) rather than actually providing a reasonable thesis for why it is the case. The idea that the jews were oppressed is a common argument of type, but this ignores the fact that if we consider the jews to have been oppressed then we cannot specifically answer why they should turn to the Communist Party of America in significant and disproportionate numbers and the equally oppressed Germans, Swedes, Irish, Italians and others should not turn to the Communist Party of America. Let alone of course rise to the top of the Communist Party of America which jews certainly did disproportionately and in significant numbers as this list illustrates.

This is yet to be reasonably explained by opponents of anti-Semitism and has tended to be attacked as ‘baseless conjecture’ by some: the tendency has been to show that jews were significantly and disproportionately involved in far left wing politics in the United States throughout its long and nefarious history and not to look at the two pieces of information together. In so far as if the Communist Party of America was an openly subversive and revolutionary organisation and the jews; as a group, were significantly and disproportionately represented in its leadership then we can only conclude that jews acted the part of a hostile elite in the Communist Party of America much as Kevin MacDonald has argued they did in early Soviet Russia. (6)


(1) On this point please see Benjamin Pinkus, 1988, ‘The Jews of the Soviet Union: The History of a National Minority’, 1st Edition, Cambridge University Press: New York and Erich Haberer, 2004, ‘Jews and Revolution in Nineteenth-Century Russia’, 2nd Edition, Cambridge University Press: New York.
(2) On this point please see Harvey Klehr, John Earl Haynes, Fridrikh Igorevich Firsov, 1995, ‘The Secret World of American Communism’, 1st Edition, Yale University Press: New Haven.
(3) [Last Accessed: 04/01/2011]
(4) A very useful and readily available contemporary account of just what was found in this raid can be found in R. M. Whitney, 1924, ‘Reds in America’, 1st Edition, The Beckwith Press: New York (reprinted in abridged form; largely removing the mention of jews, in 1970 by Western Islands: Belmont [a John Birch Society affiliated imprint]).
(5) For more on Jay Lovestone please see Ted Morgan, 1999, ‘A Covert Life: Jay Lovestone, Communist, anti-Communist and Spymaster’, 1st Edition, Random House: New York.
(6) This list should be seen in the conjunction with the numerous jews involved in spying and espionage activities in the United States who were directly and indirectly named by Whittaker Chambers, 1952, ‘Witness’, 1st Edition, Random House: New York and Louis Budenz, 1950, ‘Men Without Faces: The Communist Conspiracy in the U.S.A’, 1st Edition, Harper & Brothers: New York.


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Default Yet another Kosher Communist: Amy Levy

Yet another Kosher Communist: Amy Levy

Long-time readers of SC will remember that I occasionally comment on the goings-on the various learned societies and interest groups of which I am a member. One of these groups is the ‘Socialist History Society’; or SHS, and I have pointed out several times before the absolute profusion of work about the ‘chosen’; (1) as well as the fact that supply most of the officers and major figures in the society have Yahweh’s holy ichor flowing through their veins, (2) that the SHS produces, sponsors and propagandises for.

Yet another kosher communist is now being promoted by the SHS in the form of the jewish communist, writer and probable lesbian: Amy Levy.

Levy was something a novelist; perhaps the Israel Zangwill of her day, although not in the same league as her jewish contemporary Benjamin Disraeli. That said Levy does seem to have shared Disraeli’s radical political interests to a degree (in spite of Disraeli’s supposed ‘Conservatism’). (3)

Levy is also famous for being a friend of Eleanor Marx; favourite daughter of the infamous Karl Marx (and his battered and abused wife Jenny von Westphalen), (4) and although she doesn’t come in for a mention in any biography or work on Marx or Engels I have read she does get a mention in Yvonne Kapp’s superb work on Eleanor that has yet to be surpassed. (5)

Amy Levy is; of course, long-dead, (6) but her legacy of jewish involvement with communism apparently lives on in the SHS with not one but three female scholars (one of whom is; surprise surprise, also a jewess [Nadia Valman of the University of London]) (7) giving separate talks about her at the Bishopsgate Institute in London (in the United Kingdom for those with limited geographical knowledge).

One wonders why the scholars; historians and otherwise, who are sympathetic to Marxism (all of those presenting on Amy Levy have fairly open positive biases towards their subject) (8) are so obsessed with jews when one of the basic postulates of both Marxism and most modern; although not historic, socialist thought is that every individual has an equal right to be part of the community and get an equal share in its general fortunes (ergo the socialist slogan: ‘from each according to their ability, to each according to their need’). (9)

The question remains: why out of all the ‘proletarian’ activists and ‘de-classed’ intellectuals do the leftists seem so obsessed with Shylock and not with Bassanio or Antonio?

Could it be I wonder that so many of their ‘proletarian’ activists and ‘de-classed’ intellectuals just so happen to be past or present members of tribe? (10)


(1) See for example my article; ‘A Little More Gefilte in the Socialist History Society’, which is available at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...efilte-in.html.
(2) See my article; ‘The Socialist History Society does Auschwitz’, which is available at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...iety-does.html.
(3) Cecil Roth, 1952, ‘Benjamin Disraeli: The Earl of Beaconsfield’, 1st Edition, Philosophical Library: New York, pp. 40-48; Sarah Bradford, 1996, ‘Disraeli’, 2nd Edition, Phoenix: London, pp. 40-44
(4) Heinz Frederick Peters, 1986, ‘Red Jenny: A Life with Karl Marx’, 1st Edition, St. Martin’s Press: New York remains the best biography of Jenny von Westphalen I know of and is preferable to the more commonly-cited hagiographic account offered by Luise Dornemann, 1971, ‘Jenny Marx: Der Lebensweg einer Sozialistin’, 1st Edition, Dietz Verlag: Berlin, which builds its case on the same logic used by Pierre Durand, 1970, ‘La vie amoureuse de Karl Marx’, 1st Edition, Julliard: Paris, which Peters rightly takes explicit and frequent issue with.
(5) Yvonne Kapp, 1979, ‘Eleanor Marx’, 2 Vols., 1st Edition, Virago: London. Levy’s relationship with Eleanor is described in detail by Kapp in Vol. II, pp. 258-260.
(6) She committed suicide after becoming depressed possibly because of her lesbianism.
(7) [Last Accessed: 24/05/2011]
(8) To be fair to Levy she is the subject of general scholarly inquiry from a literary standpoint for example in Kate Flint, 2009, ‘Photographic Memory’, Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net, Vol. 53, pp. 1-4. Flint also touches on one of my favourite authors; Thomas de Quincey, in the course of her article whose work I thoroughly recommend for both its comic and intellectual value.
(9) I might add that that necessarily implies that those who are given more according to their need are essentially extorting those who are giving more according to their ability and nullifying natural selection in the process, which is just what happened in countries that follow the castles in the sky of most socialists (although let it be known that I am no friend of capitalism either).
(10) I have pointed this out in passing in another article; ‘Another Kosher Communist Obituary’, concerning the obsession the SHS has with the self-chosen ones, which is available at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...-obituary.html.


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Default In Brief: An Early Origin for Dzhugashvili equating ‘Son of a Jew’

In Brief: An Early Origin for Dzhugashvili equating ‘Son of a Jew’

Recently re-reading Jerry Z. Muller’s ‘Capitalism and the Jews’ I was surprised by a reference to an early claim that Dzhugashvili equated ‘Son of a Jew’ in old Georgian. I reproduce the passage in full:

‘Were one to accept solely the definitions of anti-Semites, one might end up counting even those with no historical link to Jewry, such as Joseph Stalin, whose real surname of Dzhugashvili, according to one expatriate Ukrainian anti-Semite, is Georgian for “son of a Jew.”’ (1)

As I have already covered in an earlier article this is unfortunately complete nonsense as the two words for jew in old Georgian are ‘Ebraeli’ and ‘Uriya’ obviously nothing to do with Dzhugashvili the origin of which has remained obscure in spite of Simon Sebag Montefiore’s efforts to pin down a meaning for it. I have already stated that the name to my very limited understanding of old Georgian best translates as ‘son of steel’ not ‘son of a Jew’, which makes sense of his later adoption of ‘Stalin’ (i.e. man of steel). I also pointed out that Maurice Pinay’s assertion that it meant ‘son of Djou’; although far more plausible than ‘son of Jew’, had no evidential backing either. (2)

It is interesting to note this precisely, because I had previously asserted in line with others who had looked into the matter that the origin of claim came from how Dzhugashvili is pronounced in the English language. I am pleased to say that I was incorrect in this assertion and that the claim does have a longer evidential basis than just being a recent innovation; as I had thought, in fact if Muller is right then it places the claim in the Ukrainian nationalist and anti-Semitic Diaspora in the 1920s/1930s, which makes perfect sense if we understand that Russian and Ukrainian claims of this kind about the leaders of the Soviet Union were not uncommon and varied widely in their substance, but not in their aim i.e. to prove that the Russian Empire had been seized by a bunch of marxist jews. (3)

The one problem with Muller here is that he does not cite an actual source for his assertion (in spite of it making sense) or give the name of the Ukrainian who originally made it: so I have taken the liberty of writing to him to ask him from whence he took the information as it is obviously of interest.

If we find an originating source then we can look to see if they had a source for their claims and also see if this isn’t yet another myth purported by anti-jewish White Russians and Ukrainian nationalists that has no foundation. I’d hope that it has some evidential basis, but based on my experience with East European sources of this kind: I very much doubt it.


(1) Jerry Muller, 2010, ‘Capitalism and the Jews’, 1st Edition, Princeton University Press: Princeton, p. 137
(3) Michael Kellogg, 2005, ‘The Russian Roots of Nazism: White Émigrés and the making of National Socialism 1917-1945’, 1st Edition, Cambridge University Press: New York, pp. 219-243


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Default The Socialist History Society obsesses over Jews (again)

The Socialist History Society obsesses over Jews (again)

Sometimes in this life we find it is impossible not to question what we see, read and hear. I had one such moment when I read the latest edition; May 2011, of the ‘Socialist History Society Newsletter’. Aside from the mealy-mouthed excuses from Dr. Francis King about why he can’t work to a timetable like the rest of the world (ironic for a Marxist really): I find it bemusing that we have yet another two mentions of jews in this newsletter.

I haven’t catalogued the amount of mentions of jews in the Socialist History Society newsletter as yet, but I am beginning to think it might be worth doing as it is truly remarkable that a bunch of quite intelligent men and women; some ostensibly European and some not, would decide to spend so much time in their pages talking about a ‘small religious minority’ who they deny having a ‘chosen’ status.

It is truly bizarre unless one takes into account the historic overrepresentation of jews in the Communist Party of Great Britain and the fact that East London was from the 1880s till the 1960s a proverbial potpourri of jewish radicals from the marxists and anarchists to Zionists. (1) It was also home to some of the more radical anti-Semitic groups in Britain such as the Nordic League. (2) Related to this we find an obituary to a member of the tribe who claimed to be a ‘champion of the underprivileged’; one ‘Wolf Wayne’, in the last pages of this issue of the newsletter. (3)

I doubt ‘Wolf Wayne’ was this particular member of the tribe’s given name when he was spat out bawling into this world, but it is also quite possible that his jewish parents decided to give their little budding Karl Marx a leg up in the gentile world by not giving him a name that sounded like he’d just turned up from deepest, darkest Poland complete with caftan and side-locks.

The little darling is recorded by Morgan to have been a ‘lifelong communist’ who like several communists from the Socialist History Society I have noted on seems to have decided that the women of the tribe just aren’t the right type of meat for him. So our dear Wolfie decided to ‘marry out’; or seems to have done, given his wife’s name (surname not given) was ‘Beryl’, which without seeming too sweeping isn’t a name I have come across much in the British jewish community in this period.

Apparently Wolfie’s ‘strong secular beliefs’ didn’t stop him identifying as a jew and being a founding member of the ‘43 Group’, which was essentially a group of jewish thugs who had formerly been employed by His Majesties government to torture and kill Germans, but now decided to use their publicly funded training to do exactly the same to patriotic Britons who didn’t want their country turning into Sodom and Gomorrah.

I always find it rather strange that a jewish communist is somehow allowed; by other communists, to believe that identifying as both a jew and a communist is somehow orthodox, while if a European communist identifies as a European and a communist then he is somehow heterodox. (4) I am sure some leftist out there will suggest it isn’t contradictory, but then I wonder how much the average leftist; or even their dedicated thinkers who spend hours studying the proverbial tea leaves, (5) knows about Judaism and the fact that jews is defined biologically (not by any other means) by both Judaism and jewish culture. You can’t be jewish in Judaism if you aren’t born a jew, but Marxism asserts you can!

So how can you be both? Well you can’t, but Wolfie among others seems to have thought otherwise, but it would appear that Wolfie was more interested in his fellow members of the tribe than his fellow commies. We can be ascertain this from the fact that his eulogy was given by two fellow circumcised ones: his nephew Mike Wayne (of Brunel University) and one Dr. Stephen Amiel.

So where is the universal proletariat now then Wolfie?


(1) Possibly still the best general study of this is William Fishman, 1975, ‘East End Jewish Radicals 1875-1914’, 1st Edition, Duckworth: London
(2) Richard Griffiths, 1998, ‘Patriotism Perverted: Captain Ramsay, the Right Club and British anti-Semitism 1939-1940’, 1st Edition, Constable: London, pp. 109-111
(3) David Morgan, ‘In Memory of Wolf Wayne’, Socialist History Society Newsletter, May 2011, p. 14
(4) This is directly suggested by David Morgan, ‘Celebrating a Modern Socialist Historian’, Op. Cit., p. 10
(5) Or as the jewish leader of the SHS; Eric Hobsbawm, put it in order to put an end to this leftist astrology: ‘Marx and Engels didn’t tell us how to create the revolution’ (I paraphrase). But Eric you know as well as I do that both Marx and Engels held that the concentration of capital in the hands of the ruling capitalist class and the impoverishment of the petit-bourgeois would naturally lead to the revolution (via the politicization of the working class because they would have Marx and Engels put it in ‘The Communist Manifesto’: ‘nothing to lose but their chains’) per the assumptions of their theory of dialectical materialism.


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Default In Brief: Karl Liebknecht not a Jew?

In Brief: Karl Liebknecht not a Jew?

I was browsing through the working papers on the Social Science Research Network and I came across a noteworthy work in progress by Nico Voigtländer and Hans-Joachim Voth, which was posted on May 27th of this year entitled: ‘Persecution Perpetuated: The Medieval Origins of Anti-Semitic Violence in Nazi Germany’. (1)

As I was reading and mulling their presentation I happened to look at n. 14 on p. 8 of their working paper and I read the following in relation to the Marxist leader Karl Liebknecht with surprise:

‘Luxembourg and Liebknecht led the USPD, the ultra-left wing of the socialist party (SPD). Liebknecht was widely (and incorrectly) believed to be Jewish.’ (2)

I admit I haven’t kept up with the literature regarding Karl Liebknecht as he holds little interest for me outside of his being a favourite target of anti-Semites and the German radical right in the 1920s and the 1930s (as well as; along with Rosa Luxembourg, being a mythological figure for the KPD in the same period and the SED later). However this surprised me and as the authors don’t give the origin of this assertion I can’t see if it has a decent grounding in the evidence.

That said a little bit of checking lead me to Liebknecht’s father; Wilhelm Liebknecht, who was definitely German, but his wife; Liebknecht’s mother, was something quite different her maiden name being Reh. It is Liebknecht’s mother who is the potential jewess; especially as jewishness is largely carried maternally according to Judaism, as I can certainly find jews; specifically Czech ones, with the surname Reh. (3)

However I am finding it difficult to show definitively that Liebknecht’s mother was a jewess as there appears to be a real dearth of literature on the subject on the web and from what I can find there appears little actual evidence of a jewish origin for Liebknecht’s mother other than her unusual name; which doesn’t appear in Benzion Kaganoff’s ‘Dictionary of Jewish Names’, (4) and her family's left-wing and radical political credentials. Nor does Karl Liebknecht appear in Geoffrey Wigoder’s ‘Dictionary of Jewish Biography’ as a jew (5) in spite appearing in Rosa Luxembourg’s entry, but as a gentile. (6)

I’ll have to have a look at the literature, but I thought this would surprise a great many people as I myself believed him to have been so. However I am certainly not going to rule him out as being a jew at this point as it might just be a case of presumption not evidence per se on the part of academia.


(1) [Last Accessed: 05/06/2011]
(2) Nico Voigtländer, Hans-Joachim Voth, 2011, ‘Persecution Perpetuated: The Medieval Origins of Anti-Semitic Violence in Nazi Germany’, Unpublished Working Paper, p. 8
(3) For example the Czechoslovak Jewish Committee’s May-June 1945 Bulletin (No. 14) contains reference to several jewesses surnamed ‘Reh’.
(4) Benzion Kaganoff, 1978, ‘A Dictionary of Jewish Names and their History’, 1st Edition, Routledge & Kegan Paul: London
(5) Geoffrey Wigoder, 1991, ‘Dictionary of Jewish Biography’, 1st Edition, Jerusalem Publishing: Jerusalem, pp. 304-305
(6) Ibid, pp. 313-314


This was originally published on the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...t-not-jew.html

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Default From the Archive: Extracts from ‘The Patriot’

From the Archive: Extracts from ‘The Patriot’

As a collector of anti-Semitica it is not uncommon (unfortunate as it is) for me to come across publications of which little is known in the historical record. One such publication is ‘The Patriot’, which was a weekly political magazine associated with the anti-Communist and quasi-Fascist side of the Conservative Party of Great Britain. It appears to have been written for by such anti-Semitic luminaries as Nesta Webster and had not a dissimilar following to staunchly Christian anti-Semitic publishing houses in Britain such as ‘The Britons’. It also seems to have been linked with ‘The Boswell Publishing Company’, which was then a major far-right publishing house associated with Webster.

The single edition of ‘The Patriot’ that I own comes from November 7th 1935 (Vol. 29, No. 717) and suggests a periodical of long duration, but I can find little mention of it in a scan of the literature on the subject. It has two items that I think are of interest to the readers of SC.

To wit:

‘Revolutionary Jews and the Elections

A new form of interference with the right of free speech has appeared at the numerous Conservative meetings now in full swing in London, and which will continue until the eve of the poll. Jewish hecklers go from meeting to meeting all over London, trying to force Conservative speakers into declarations of hostility to Fascism. On several occasions Conservative speakers have had so little self-respect as to endeavour to rid themselves of this nuisance by saying something against Fascism. Conservative speakers, however, who point out that Fascism is not an issue of the General Election, and refuse to be bullied into discussion, are abusively interpreted. At a Conservative open-air meeting in North-West London, two Jewesses arrived with a string of type-written questions about Fascism here and abroad. They insisted on their paper of questions being read by the Conservative speaker, and on his firm refusal announced they would not allow the meeting to proceed until he did so. They became greatly abusive and in the end were removed by the police from the audience.’

‘Aliens in Wales


Regarding the trouble with the miners in Wales, nothing appears in our newspapers about the alien revolutionaries, men who are well known in other countries as dangerous anarchists, who have been allowed to live in Wales during recent years.

For the names and descriptions of these men see “The Alien Menace,” Chapter X. (2)

Yours Truly,

A. H. Lane.’


(1) ‘Revolutionary Jews and the Elections’, The Patriot, 7th November 1935, p. 362
(2) He probably means his own book: A. H. Lane, 1934, ‘The Alien Menace: A Statement of the Case’, 5th Edition, Boswell: London. This work had gone through an edition more less each year since its original publication by Lane in 1928, which is impressive in and of itself.
(3) ‘Aliens in Wales’, The Patriot, 7th November 1935, p. 374


This was originally published at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...m-patriot.html

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Default More Kosher goings on at the Socialist History Society

More Kosher goings on at the Socialist History Society

When I originally joined the Socialist History Society a few years ago I did so to aid my academic research into Marxism and those who believe in it (well sorry take it seriously). I wasn’t really expecting the society; which is circa 240 members strong (including something of an international membership of which I am part), to be really be quite as kosher as it has been. The most recent newsletter; that of August 2011, (1) has just come through the international postage system and it like its predecessors is absolutely chock-a-block full of whining about the self-chosen of Yahweh or jews kvetching about something or other.

Aside from a cover article on page one by the redoubtable Mike Squires (who is actually one of the nicest of all the SHS’ coterie of out-of-date and overweight ‘revolutionaries’) that hilariously (or not if you don’t have my slightly morbid sense of humour) spends two printed columns whining about how negroes were ‘mistreated’ by the evil ‘imperialists’ during the Mao Mao uprisings in Kenya. (2) Squires makes quite the hullabaloo about how supposedly ‘100,000’ Kenyans were ‘tortured’, ‘sodomised with broken bottles and vermin’, ‘raped’, ‘castrated’ and/or ‘set alight’. Squires; of course, doesn’t seem to have noticed that that is all a little bit incredible and seems to hold to the theory of evidence attested to by some of those he would attack in the 1940s and 1950s ‘red scare’ whereby any story about communists (in this case ‘evil white imperialists’) could be believed precisely because the ‘evil’ party could and would do anything.

I would also point out that; of course, Squires doesn’t mention the rapes of British and European women, the butchering of families (who had done nothing more than live in Kenya), the carving up by the deranged Mao Mao of any negro who happened to work with a British or European family and so forth. Of course such deaths matter not when you are Marxist: for the evil imperialist is not a human being but an abstract parasite.

Oh the irony of Marxists pretending that superstitious negroes (the Mao Mao made their own primitive guns which usually killed them when they tried to shoot anyone with these technological marvels) are part of the ‘global proletariat’ and rising against the ‘evil imperialists’. Is there any end to the delusion of those who actually believe Marx’s secular halakhah? I bet Moor (Marx’s nickname) is chuckling in his grave as even he stated that he was certainly not a Marxist (meaning he wasn’t interested in following but rather leading).

Aside from general appointments the SHS’ jewish co-chair (June Cohen) has stepped down to be replaced with an ostensible gentile (Greta Sykes) although Cohen will apparently still be very much an active part of the society. (3) In spite of losing this kosher face among the committee we find that two new jews have wormed their way into the higher echelons of the SHS. Charlie Pottins; who at first glance you’d never think was a jew, has been moved in to replace Professor Willie Thompson (who like the rest of the SHS’ membership and leadership seems to have a double or triple chin [odd for de-classed intellectual proletarians: no?]) in the SHS committee and is explicitly mentioned to be a long-standing member of the ‘Jewish Socialists’ Group’ (an SHS affiliate). (4)

The other member of the indomitable tribe who has popped into power is Deborah Lavin: a jewess who spends her time being a third-rate playwright and the rest of it far more successfully writing interesting and quite original work on some neglected aspects of Marx and his life. (5) Lavin has apparently been given the responsibility; without any apparent sense of irony, of making sure regular ‘collections’ are made at meetings. In spite of her tribe’s habit in Eastern Europe of forming the proverbial bourgeoisie between the Polish and German aristocracy and land-owners and the Slavic peasants on the other and for whom the latter got so annoyed they took just about every opportunity to unleash pogroms on Yahweh’s little lovelies.

Eric Hobsbawm; the jewish Stalinist who is the SHS’ honorary chairman, also deigned to address the SHS in conjunction to his advertising his rather odd book: ‘How to Change the World’ (which we will review on SC in due course). He seems to have offered a few anecdotes and some observations about the SHS’ predecessor: the Communist Party Historians Group. (6) However the decrepit jew seems to have been somewhat out of his usual form and not gone in for the usual ‘kill the bourgeoisie’ rhetoric that he has gone in so much for at past events and historically. So much so that Robert Conquest; the preeminent historian of the Soviet purges, labelled him an outright apologist for left-wing atrocities and Slavoj Zizek’s (a Marxist himself) characterisation of the leftist intellectual apologist for Marxism who lives in the West and says his heart is in the USSR (or whichever Marxist country he/she admires most) is most befitting in Hobsbawm’s case.

As an aside we have an article by David Morgan; who seems to be the SHS’ version of the village idiot (but being Marxists they have elected him as part of the leadership), (7) has included a write-up of a local historians presentation on the East End: all three of the ladies concerned are obviously overweight (again what happened to the proletariat that is struggling to make ends meet?) and one of them; Janine Booth, looks like she has downs syndrome but obviously doesn’t (as she is intellectually quite able). (8) Booth seems to also be something of a communist activist which probably accounts for something of why the socialists and communists habitually fail at most things they do (aside from living on another intellectual planet from the material universe their bodies reside in).

However to not seem ungenerous to Booth: who truth be told can’t help looking as she does the other two ladies (both of whom seem to have strongly left-wing politics implied by Morgan’s descriptions) are not exactly female models either as Samantha Bird has a double chin (and looks like she’s going for the triple) and Sarah Wise looks like she’s been at the jellied eels once too often. I am shocked to report that for once in the newsletter there is no mention of the jews particularly as the East End was filled with ‘working-class communists’ all with literal or proverbial side-locks and kippot. (9) I would point out briefly that some of the best local history of the East End of London maybe found in an unusual genre; the Jack the Ripper literature, notably in Paul Begg’s recent opus on the subject (the ‘Ripperologists’ having no axe to grind tend to be far more objective than any ‘local historian’ with a fetish for Marx). (10)

In spite of my amazement at the lack of the mention of the heavily jewish communist locals in the East End we find more ‘myths’ about jews being confirmed by the long-time communist activist and trade unionist Bill Brooks. Brooks mentions the jewish communist Sid Kaufmann to the following effect:

‘There were other British Communists besides me in Singapore, notably Sid Kaufmann who I first met on a troopship to India. Sid was an NCO who worked at General HQ.’ (11)

So what was that about jews hiding behind the lines and being afraid of combat Bill? Oh yes that’s right: it is an ‘evil Nazi stereotype’ with no semblance to the reality isn’t it? It is a shame that the editors of the newsletter are so utterly incompetent; as they’ve managed to edit out the second half of Bill Brookes interesting plunge into communist treachery (pp. 12-13 are the same as pp. 14-15). Perhaps they have had a printers strike again over poor working conditions?
Regardless Brookes makes another indiscreet admission when he tells us why nasty nationalists like us don’t like communists very much and consider them to this day to be subversives when he tells us that the communists in the British army gave the Malayan communist ‘resistance’ all the maps the British were using allowing the Malayans to kill as many of Mike Squires’ ‘evil imperialists’. (12)

What are the Marxists going to say to Bill Brooks’ outright confession that Communists are subversives? Accuse him of being a reactionary? Let’s hope so: a good party squabble is better entertainment than Hollywood’s depleted stable of films these days.

Also for some reason the SHS has seen fit to reproduce a second (or is it a third?) hagiographic obituary to Wolf Wayne: a Polish jew who was a communist activist (apparently not a very successful one) and a member of the ’43 group’ who as I have noted before effectively went around in packs beating up and/or seriously injuring anyone they ‘suspected’ of being in any way opposed to the rule of the chosen of Yahweh. We find the typical claims that he was discriminated against because he was jewish and that he was as ‘English as anyone’ (13) as well as the surprising factoid; left out by other hagiographers, that Wayne was captured by the Germans who apparently didn’t send him to Auschwitz in spite of knowing he was a jew (as implied by Wayne). (14)

My word is Mike Wayne (Wolf’s jewish nephew now a Professor at Brunel University) denying the ‘holocaust’? Apparently so if you believe his fellow members of the tribe like Deborah Lipstadt who view any deviation from holocaustian orthodoxy as ‘denial’ (of something although what is rather unclear), which to be sure Wayne has now committed.

In the last part of the newsletter we see the jew; Mike Wayne, cropping up again promoting some amateur film-making he did in the latest (although now largely passed) leftist fetish for all things Venezuelan under Hugo Chavez, (15) but as one leftist with a bit more intelligence than most put it: I don’t see Soviets spring up so how on earth is Chavez a socialist? It hasn’t stopped the indefatigable Mike Wayne though: he just has to tell the world about the paradise that is Venezuela a bit like how CPGB writers portrayed the Soviet Union as a literal worker’s paradise. They were of course either fools or tools and even more likely: both. It is too early to identify at which end of the idiot spectrum Wayne falls into, but rest assured we shall know presently.

Can a society of avowed egalitarians and socialists get any more kosher?

It is an infinite possibility.


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(5) She has a forthcoming biography of Eleanor Marx’s sometime husband; Dr. Edward Aveling, to be launched onto the controversial world of Marx research later this year or early next and she has had a noteworthy paper published by the SHS around the conflict between Karl Marx and the then celebrity atheist Charles Bradlaugh (the original Richard Dawkins) [Deborah Lavin, 2011, ‘Bradlaugh contra Marx: Radical versus Socialism in the First International’, Socialist History Society Occasional Publication No. 28: London].
(6) David Morgan, ‘Still Needed: The Critical 300’, Socialist History Society Newsletter, August 2011, p. 2
(7) For other Marxist village idiots being promoted and allowed to do enormous amounts of damage see Helen Yaffe, 2009, ‘Che Guevara: The Economics of Revolution’, 1st Edition, Palgrave MacMillan: London (she doesn’t seem to realise how much of an idiot she shows Che to have been in spite of her selective use of only official Cuban sources and that she personally identifies with the Castro regime [she is also a jewess as an aside]) and Sean McMeekin, 2003, ‘The Red Millionaire’, 1st Edition, Yale University Press: New Haven where he recounts how devout Marxists turned bandit anarcho-capitalists during Lenin’s NEP era as part of his excellent biography of the USSR’s propaganda tsar in the West.
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(9) Still one of the best works on this is William Fishman, 1977, ‘East End Jewish Radicals 1875-1914’, 1st Edition, Duckworth: London and Fermin Rocker’s, 1998, ‘The East End Years: A Stepney Childhood’, 1st Edition, Freedom Press: London. The latter is a first-hand account (Rocker being the son of German anarchist intellectual Rudolf Rocker and his jewish wife) but has little in the way of anarchist nuttery in it and is eminently readable even witty at times. It is also worth noting that Fishman is also a jew and has long been aligned to jewish ‘anti-Fascism’ in Britain (he idolises the ‘Battle of Cable Street’ for example).
(10) Paul Begg, 2005, ‘Jack the Ripper: The Definitive History’, 2nd Edition, Pearson Longman: New York
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Default ‘Studies on the Left’ and the Jews

‘Studies on the Left’ and the Jews

‘Studies on the Left’ was one of several radical ‘new left’ journals published in the late 1950s to the late 1960s: it was published by Marxist radicals who were associated with or employed by the University of Wisconsin. It was highly influentially in reopening Marxist intellectual discourse in academia after the supposed ‘red scare’ era. (1) Indeed it was quickly labelled as a major communist and intellectual subversive threat by the US government (2) who; had they been stronger, should have suppressed it and kicked its authors out from behind the intellectual shrubbery of academic freedom of speech. The journal itself folded in 1967 and was succeeded by ‘Socialist Revolution’ and then ‘Socialist Review’ both of whose editor and guiding light was one James Weinstein: who as you can probably guess was a member of the tribe.

In many ways ‘Studies on the Left’ can be equated as being the American counterpart of the ‘New Left Review’ in Britain, which did precisely the same thing in British intellectual discourse and allowed peaceniks, beatniks and Marxists of various stripes to run around marketing their utopian intellectual wares to all and sundry without the checks of either party discipline (well known to be rigorous in the official communist and socialist parties) (3) or social sanction.

Of note to us are the names attached to producing the journal and those directly associated with it. I’ll list them for the sake of completeness:

Editorial Board

Lee Baxandall (also founded ‘The Naturist Society’): gentile.

Joan Bromberg: jewess.

Matthew Chapperon: gentile.

David Eakins: gentile.

Dena Goldberg: jewess.

Arthur Hack (Professor of English at the State University of New York): jew.

Eleanor Hakim: jewess.

Irwin Klibaner: jew.

Saul Landau (writes for ‘Counterpunch’): jew.

William Rouff: gentile.

Stephen Scheinberg (author on Canadian jewry): jew.

Martin Sklar: jew.

Carl Weiner (possibly associated with Gratz College): jew.

James Weinstein (edited ‘Socialist Revolution’ and ‘Socialist Review’): jew.


Martin Pierce (of the University of Minnesota): gentile.

David Simonson (of the University of Chicago): gentile.

Harold Woodman (of the University of Chicago): gentile.

Jerry Barrett (of the State University of Iowa): gentile.

Phil Cummins (of the State University of Iowa): gentile.

Sol Stern (of the State University of Iowa [now a conservative pro-Israel writer]): jew.

Howard Kaplan (of the State University of Iowa): jew.

Samuel Shapiro (of Michigan State University at Oakland): jew.

Now of 14 members of the editorial board of ‘Studies on the Left’ 10 were jews: that is a whopping 71 per cent of the whole board being of the tribe. Of 8 associates of the journal 3 were jews, which is a considerable 37.5 per cent.

That is not even considerable overrepresentation that is pretty much absolute dominance for so small a proportion of the American population. One that demands explanation that is not readily given by claims of jews being oppressed (they were a considerable part of the leadership of the anti-communist movement at the same time) and seeking resultant ‘radical solutions’. Indeed we must search elsewhere to find answers to such significant overrepresentation and only in pastures of anti-Semitic theory do we begin to find holistic answers. (4)

Indeed if one were to adopt the sceptical tactic of asking rhetorically whether ‘the Irish created ‘Studies on the Left’’ then one would find oneself devoid of evidence and having to make it up as one went along. However I am sure philo-Semites will find some excuse or another for why jews should be so significantly overrepresented in leadership positions on the far left in general.


(1) Mari Jo Buhle, Paul Bulhe, Dan Georgakas (Eds.), 1998, ‘The Encyclopedia of the American Left’, 2nd Edition, Oxford University Press: New York, pp. 805-806
(2) The Committee on Un-American Activities, 1960, ‘Communist Training Operations’, Part 3, United States Government Printing Office: Washington D.C., p. 1438
(3) A readable and comprehensive introduction to party discipline may be found in Frank Meyer, 1961, ‘The Moulding of Communists: The Training of Communist Cadre’, 1st Edition, Harcourt Brace: New York. I should probably note that Meyer was a jew who Revilo Oliver claimed was a friend in one of his recorded speeches on behalf of the John Birch Society.
(4) Works that are accessible and try to find pro-jewish answers to these questions are for example: Alan Dershowitz, 1997, ‘The Vanishing American Jew: In Search of Jewish Identity for the Next Century’, 1st Edition, Simon & Schuster: New York; Marjorie Lamberti, 1978, ‘Jewish Activism in Imperial Germany: The Struggle for Civil Equality’, 1st Edition, Yale University Press: New Haven and Benjamin Ginsberg, 1994, ‘The Fateful Embrace: Jews and the State’, 1st Edition, University of Chicago Press: Chicago.


This was originally published at the following address: http://semiticcontroversies.blogspot...-and-jews.html

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More jew names than a Hollywood movie. I can say I am so happy that I am not in debt to some student loans for modern academia. My sister is a lawyer who is up to her ass in debt and will never pay it off with how stupid she is in her liberal mentality.

As for American kids in the 60s though, they probably didn't know any better.

Half the people from that generation probably think Fonzie on happy days was Italian

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Exclamation The provocateur position of jewish communism-A quote by them:

Their own words create their own condemnation to a moral and just White society. Read what one tapir wrote how to bring down a society.:
"We, as communists, used to debate people about the existence of God and after a while, I came to the conclusion that this was a waste of time. You aren’t going to debate people away from the existence of God. But what we found was that if you get people involved in deviant sexual behavior, the whole idea of God just disappears automatically." —William Reich, jewish communist, pedophile and psychiatrist in Austria (1933)

Clearly this is the condition of society today. Saturate the society with sick, sexual practices, such as sodomy. Replace the White folks standards of morality with vice and lust.
And they wonder why they reap the 'treatment' that they deserve.

Soon White men will not be crying tears when the jews haul out their small violins. The only thing they'll receive is judgement from the awakened White masses!
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Originally Posted by Dale VanderMeer View Post
Their own words create their own condemnation to a moral and just White society. Read what one tapir wrote how to bring down a society.:

Clearly this is the condition of society today. Saturate the society with sick, sexual practices, such as sodomy. Replace the White folks standards of morality with vice and lust.
And they wonder why they reap the 'treatment' that they deserve.

Soon White men will not be crying tears when the jews haul out their small violins. The only thing they'll receive is judgement from the awakened White masses!
I still don't quite understand the logic behind faggotry and men thinking other mens assholes is arousing.

We were knocking it around in other threads, as have some in the past, about it being more clear why women call themselves bi or whatnot today, and want to mess around with other women.

But the male faggot thing is so far and away illogical. It has to be a case of more feminine men who - much like the women of old who could not procure a man and then went into convents / became nuns, now become feminists and dykes, well these feminine men who saw procuring a vagina as hopeless, used to be closet faggots are now overt in a world not run by white men, where they won't be burnt and hung in two minutes.

At least they aren't breeding. How lucky nature made it so these shit connoisseurs cannot rectally impregnate each other.

It would be a masterpiece of psychological conditioning to create a self-serving order of execution, with such an alluring reason to jump in (much like the alluring trick Christianity was in the west), where the ovens are set up, and so goes:

Jews jump in first, niggers operate
Niggers jump in, AmeriMongrels/Mexicans operate
AmeriMongrels/Mexicans jump in, fags operate
Fags jump in, dykes operate
Dykes jump in, Christians operate

A fantastic spectacle of jumping and roasting, hosted by a very nervous-looking Ryan Seacrest, with a live performance of..... Bizet! Ah! And do not miss the nigger on the cover of the Bizet album at 1:22 in this video!

We'll spare the Christians for the upcoming Coliseum games. It'll be like the Second Triumvirate doing the proscriptions all over again.

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