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Old July 17th, 2013 #1
N.B. Forrest
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N.B. Forrest
Default "Hip" My Space "Relaunch" Ad: Niggers, Whiggers 'N' Lesbos

An orgiastic kike clusterfuck paradise....

"First: Do No Good." - The Hymiecratic Oath

"The man who does not exercise the first law of nature—that of self preservation — is not worthy of living and breathing the breath of life." - John Wesley Hardin
Old July 17th, 2013 #2
Robert Ransdell
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Robert Ransdell

They know their audience I guess, you almost want to think that the advertisement was produced by someone who wanted to steer anyone with a brainstem, not to mention even an ounce of racial identity, as far away from the site as possible.

They can only run a commercial like that and appeal to the filth who would be attracted to the site by that because all of their revenue is through advertisers paying to be on their site. Most businesses gear their advertisements toward the people who will be coming to buy their product, actual physical consumers, most who would be attracted to that ad, the people in it, would not have any money to spend on anything and the business would fail miserably.
Old July 18th, 2013 #3
DeShawn S. Williams
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DeShawn S. Williams

F*cking jews...they have udderly corrupted America's youth. This is disgusting.



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