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Mike Little
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Mike Little
Default It’s okay to be white marches


The best way to overcome tyranny is to expose it. It is tyrannical to call for the genocide of an entire race, or to say that it is not okay to be a member of a race.

When the jews in the media began howling out in pain when the “It’s okay to be white” meme started appearing, they were ripping their masks off: (((they))) don’t think it’s okay to be white.

The jews in the media all the time assert that it is not okay to be white, that any area that is white needs to be ‘diversified’, such as when the jews at the New York Times announced the need to ethnically cleanse New Hampshire.

Whether ‘it’ is an individual, a city, a country, a continent, or as cited above, a state, the jews do not believe that ‘it’ is okay to be white. Jews have been openly calling for genocide of ethnic Europeans, or the white race, as the jews tend to call it, for over a decade. From media personalities to professors at Georgetown and Harvard, jews are screaming out in pain as they try to incite other races to do their dirty work for them by constantly pushing their anti-white narratives in all cultural institutions.

Dates and locations for marches are to be announced.

I get physically assaulted all the time by jews and their lackeys for questioning jewish narratives, and I expect that if I were to physically fight back, that I would wind up wrongfully imprisoned like so many others have. We are oppressed, we are the victim, but only so long as we refuse to assert the right to be white publicly.

When I first got involved in activism, I was often unsure of what to say when doing IRL events. It hit me when preparing to protest against censorship in front of the Twitter HQ in San Francisco that duct tape over the mouth knocked out multiple birds with one stone. It allowed me to stand there with the sign “It’s Not Okay To Be White @Twitter” without worrying about straying off topic. It also allowed me to eliminate the need to worry about having to think up retorts to hecklers (and there were plenty of them, as I was there for four to five hours, on a busy city intersection). Erik Striker understood the angle I was going for, his analysis was spot on: I got the oppressors to expose themselves, rip their own masks off, and expose their tyranny. I only took the duct tape off when the opportunity presented itself to speak to a news crew (as I had hoped to attract).

Anyone who could have a problem with the theme of “It’s okay to be (insert race)” is obviously a genocidal maniac… which is the reason why most jews lose their minds when they see the “It’s Okay To Be White” meme.

What to do:

Put duct tape on your mouth and don’t take it off during the march

Carry signs or banners or wear clothes that say it’s okay to be white.

Assemble for march quickly.

Do not fight back if you get attacked (call police after taking duct tape off mouth)

Ensure there is someone video taping the march for posting to the internet, for the safety of the marchers.

Carry a note card that says “please leave” in a pocket

Present the “please leave” note card to anyone who takes their duct tape off their mouth for any reason other than to call police.

Present the note card to anyone who acts threateningly or violently, or who breaks any of the rules laid out here.

What not to do:

Carry a sign that says anything other than “It’s Okay To Be White”

Wear a shirt with any type of political message or group logo on it.

Linger where the march ends after the marching is done

Take off duct tape off your mouth during march (unless you need to call the police)

Fight back if being attacked

Not video record evidence of fellow marchers being attacked

Participate in a march that doesn’t have a designated person to stream the event (at least have someone making an offline recording from outside of the procession).

You don’t have to be white to participate. I expect there to be quite a few non-white participants.

Email [email protected] to find out more about marches in your area. So far we have marchers for ten cities.

More details to follow.

Respectfully Submitted,

Patrick Little
Old November 2nd, 2018 #2
Mike Little
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2018
Posts: 23
Mike Little

discussion of the marches is going on live right now.

Last edited by Mike Little; November 2nd, 2018 at 10:19 PM. Reason: full youtube link for embedding not little link



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