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Dawn Cannon
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Dawn Cannon
Default Report: Dutch anti-Semitism widespread

Gerstenfeld says that according to a German university study, 39% of people in the Netherlands believe "Israel is conducting an extermination war against the Palestinian Arabs."

Gerstenfeld also cites a 2003 study, which found that Europeans named Israel the second most dangerous country to world peace behind Iran.

The report came as Dutch TV broadcast an interview with Turkish Muslim immigrants to the Netherlands, who said they admired Hitler for killing Jews (if history wasn't lies they would know Hitler didn't kill any jews and neither should these Turks be in Holland!) and expressed hatred toward Jewish people.

The teens say they hate Jews because of Israel’s policy toward Palestinians, to which the interviewer tries to differentiate between geopolitical conflicts and the Jewish religion.

Gerstenfeld has described such anti-Jewish attitudes as diabolical and insane and has suggested that millions of Dutch people, mentally, "are back in the Middle Ages.",7...359018,00.html
The Bloodbath is Coming
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