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Default Rock music

Is it just me or is rock music close to vanishing / losing popularity in favor of other musical styles such as electronic music . .?

- - -

Rock music played a huge role in our society for a long time . . I think one can do a flashback . .

My personal view of rock music . . It certainly had a strong black background . . Make no mistake about that . . The first electric guitars were used in Blues . . And , Blues played a bit faster = Rock . . .

In the beginning it was also done by blacks ...

In fact in the beginning rock had such a bad reputation in the European world ( especialy among the elder generation in the 1950s) , it was called 'Negro music' , 'jungle music' etc . .

While part of the youth in the 1950s embraced it . . They became the 'Rock 'n Rollers' . . This generation was detested among the elder generation back then and vice versa . . 'Rock 'n Rollers' had the reputation of being street-thugs , 'punks' back then . .

There certainly was a generation-conflict. .

The NWO had a hand in it all along . . .

They wished to have a huge market for rock-music . .

Since rock music was still largely detested within the European world back then , and often called 'negro music' they came up with an act which would drag rock music across the colour-line and become extremely popular . . 'The Beatles' . .

The Beatles were / became so popular back then that a lot of bands tried to 'be like them' . .

The Beatles really made rock music 'acceptable' within the European world . . . .

After the Beatles rock music steadily became 'tougher' . .

Like the Rock 'n Rollers in the 1950s another rock-fond generation / subculture came into being ... The so-called 'Hippies' / 'Flower Kids' . .

Gotta say , they were very decadent . . Lazy when it comes to leisure while at the same time supposedly being after 'love , peace and harmony' . . Some of them even were Christian . . As was the case with the Rock 'n Rollers this generation was also detested . .

Well , rock music became thougher even to the point that a whole new subgenre came into being . . . 'Heavy Metal' . . Heavy Metal , despite many people from the Hippy-generation having displayed a 'left-wing' mentality was a-political . .

Yet , over the course of time many bands started displaying 'racist' images within rock-music . . Songs about sorcery , Germanic mythology etc . .

I think the NWO saw this with worries . .

They had made rock music popular within the European world and now they were losing control over it since many bands started to play 'racist rock' . .

In other words , rock music , despite being based on black music had become too 'eurocentric' ,in a way . .

I suppose this is why the NWO was busy popularizing that so-called 'Grunge'-style back in the early 1990s . . .

Grunge was based on Heavy Metal but much more anarchist / nihilistic. .

So . . once again . . a 'left-wing'-turn in rock-music . .

Today , 'racist' rock-music is suppressed while nihilistic Grunge type of styles are still held up high ( see groups such as Nickelback ) . .

- - -

So . . to sum this up . . Rock was originally black music . . That's also why in the beginning it was so pretty much detested in the European world . . . The NWO dragged it across the colour-line . .

Whether rock-music overall had had positive or negative effects on European society remains open to question . .

There even was a genre around 'Christian rock' . .

- - -

Well , rock music seems to be dying . . .

Music as such certainly is a fascinating subject . .
Once sex was a taboo topic yet everybody had it on his / her mind. Today race is a taboo subject ....
- me

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