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Old November 14th, 2014 #1
Cale Sparks
Join Date: Feb 2008
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Cale Sparks
Default Niggers then, and now.

Niggers under careful supervision... (1877 - 1964)

Niggers with all restraints removed... (1964 - 2014)
The personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.
- Hitler
Old November 14th, 2014 #2
Jake Lee
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Join Date: Nov 2014
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Jake Lee

Not a fan. It makes it look like they were peaceful people until Marxism reared its head.

They are genetically pre-disposed to violence of all kinds, whether under supervision or not.
Old November 14th, 2014 #3
Join Date: Oct 2014
Posts: 258

The leftists never have any retorts when you put the fact that niggers were better off under any social index you care to look at during segregation in their face. Show some of those pictures of nigger mom with her niglets, all dressed like (semi-)civilized people and then compare it to today when that same baby mama has 10 kids by 9 fathers. It's no contest. The murders of whites they don't actually care about, many of them get off sexuality on the idea of some coon raping a white woman and slashing her throat afterwards.
Old November 14th, 2014 #4
Meg Kafka
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Meg Kafka

the lesson here is that left to their own device they spin out of control fast.

And i might add in most respects in their lives from dressing like a clown, stirring up trouble for the hell of it, complaining, destroyig property and today genociding whites.

Exactly what Lincoln feared.

How that tyrant is considered the greatest president is revolting. He caused the deaths of over 1 million whites for no reason other than greed. The south had the right to secede.


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