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Default Pagan influences into Christian holidays

Disclaimer: This post is neither supposed to be pro-Christian nor for paganism ( I myself am an 'Aryan Spiritualist' ), I merely deal with a deal of history here . .
- - - - -

Christmas has its roots in the Germanic Yule festival . . the 'winter solstice' . . .

The fact that Christmas is celebrated in darkest december is not because someone during the Middle Ages came up with that as "the date Jesus must have been born" , it is rooted in paganism

. . also the custom of the Christmas-trees stems from the nordic peoples. The fact that it's a fir which is brought into every home also hints to a nordic pagan root ( firs only grow in certain latitudes ) . The snowy landscape associated with Christmas could be another hint.

Concerning Easter . . . the word 'Easter' stems from the Germanic goddess 'Ostara' ( in Germany Easter translates as 'Ostern' ).

It is the festival perpetrated for the supposed resurrection of Jesus.

Like I said , nobody knows /knew for sure when the supposed events surrounding Jesus supposedly had taken place.

The fact that the egg and the rabbit are associated with Easter . .

The rabbit had some kind of unique place in the animal-perception among the ancient Germanics.

The custom of the egg still stems from some fertility-belief.

So . . you see . . christian festivals are often mixed ( made to fit ) with Germanic customs.

Posting this thread since we are approaching Easter.

Sad thing is , today not too many people are aware of the European customs which flowed into even Christian holidays . . .



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