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Default Materialism as Jewish Mind Poison

Materialism as Jewish Mind Poison:

Greedy, lower vibrational grasping, gorging; tight-fisted, hording-characterisitics of the Jew from trillionaire bankster in Amsterdam private jet to pretzel vendor in the shtetl's of Grozny-the character remains the same throughout: the eternal Jew, unwavering and predictable: a worm; a sneak; a psychopath, a deviant. No higher vibrational states of conciousness manifest in this vampire black magician's conciousness as he swoops down as tax farmer or as carpet bagger with his shell game of ponzi schemes and evil clown tricksterism. Lust for splendour and ease, opulence and ostentation costitute the fabric of the Jewish mind forever eager to 'get' whatever, whenever so long as it redounds to personal power and sensationalism both through fame and infame. Snidley Whiplash and Gargamel are two caricatures of the Jew-the lying deviant seeking loot and pleasure as a born criminal on the one hand and on the other the satrapee despot from the mysterious wastelands of the near east enslaving the ethnic populous in tax schemes and through police statism. In both cases materialism is the undercurrent: personal power and tangible wealth. The age of the Jew is through once society slips into the chaso he has orchestrated. From thence comes the hero and his band of Strongmen to recognize and reclaim the tax-enslaved estates of their ancestors. The Jew must then either relocate or pay the penalty.
in a globalized world the Jew has painted himself into a corner and must then fight like a rat for survival. A rat against wolfhounds has little hope for the future. Salivate dogs of war for the age of crude materialism is at an end and the blood of the innocent is upon this creature, this vampire, drunk upon the life's blood of millions. The age of tribalism will wipe away globalization under the Jewish yolk of tyranny and materialist decadence wil be a thing of the past once a new theocracy of blood and soil emergres.
Materialism: Iron Ball and Golden Chain:
The decadent times we live in have surpassed the age of materialism in the sense of consumerism and commodification of all values to that of exchange: social and financial capital. Now that the erosion of previous wealth built upon the labour power of Whites has become a fait accompli through demographic muddying of the waters by the Jewish cabal ,materialism has become a golden age atavism in its higher octaves of opulence and elevation beyond basic needs and subsistence living and has become the desperate struggle of the unwashed masses eyeing with jealousy the gilt buttons of top-hatted gentlemen from the filthy alley-ways of the udnerclass. The class divide has reached extreme dimensions with a small few jewish and multi-racial elitists lording over the teeming mass mixed multitude and the disenfranchised white males crushed under the wheel of cabalistic machinery that seeks to grind their bones to make their bread. Struggling beneath the wheel, the conciousness of these disenfranchsied whites shifts from the aquisition of useless finery and the genuflexion before the mirror of their debased vanity to that of brute survival and desperate struggle. Hence, given thst the golden chains of materialism has been severed, the iron ball that weighed one to the earth has rolled away and an awakening has occured, one that will result in an eventual and increasing revolt against the modern world of Judeo-Masonic technocracy. A neo-primitivism has ensued and the shackles of the old materialism are thrown off-those who still find themselves so burdened(-'with affluenza'-) will be least prepared once catastrophe occurs as they will be most removed up to that point from the existential conditions they will inevitably have to face. Those most prepared will be those aquainted with life in a nitty-gritty form, perhaps not those in the streets but those furnished with practical common-sense worldy wisdom that ties them to mundane life, the practical and tangible conditions of material existence.
The worsening conditions will lead people away form the decadence of luxurious distractions and to seek inner value and recognize their own Being, thereby taking steps to live an authentic life. They will cease to
diferentiate themselves from one another on the basis of class and instead seek and find identity on the basis of organic life in terms of thier biology. This concious awakening will result in a strengthening of their bonds of kinship with racial neighbours as they will recognize the necessity of racial unity as a condition of thier continued existence.
The same process that severs the bonds of materialism ties one to the organic life of blood and soil eliminating the virus and mental pathogen of decadent hedonism and excess purifying of the conciousness and awakening it to its necessary pillars of support namely race and place.
The iron ball of materialism is forged anew into the mjolnir of Iron and Blood

jew, materialism, spirituality


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