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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

CJ (The Sheriff) :verified: @[email protected]
Meet the Least Happy People in America SHOW LESS

>And the unhappiest profile?:
>42 years old
>Unmarried (and no children)
>Household income under $100,000
>In a professional position (doctor, lawyer, etc.)

>In a press release, the company reported that its survey of 670 North American white-collar workers found men to be "consistently happier than women"—both in and out of the office. The results also revealed that men are nearly twice as likely to report feeling balance in their work and personal lives.

(this is from 2011)

[and these women will dabble in other people's lives to relieve their own boredom and fill their need for drama, and their effects wont be positive, tho they think they will. all they can do, exactly like homosexuals, is reproduce their own kind, because they are too thick to make these connections. so they will put the idea of being a career girl and career-before-family in the minds of any young women they touch, continuing the circle of no life.]

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