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Default Dating a commie

I really want to share this experience. Feel free to warn, guide or comment.

Couple weeks back I briefly meet this local woman and instantly get a small crush on her. Dug up her number and texted, she called confused right away. Texting continued until we decided to meet. Everything according to dating standards, apart from that she chose a bar instead of restaurant. Reason fast became apparent, it was saturday night and she wanted beer. WTH beer on first date? As I was clearly stating I had no intentions of drinking, she ordered a regular coffee and diet coke, in same order.

We knew nothing of each others political values, after about 20 minutes we cleared misunderstandings in some text messages on my phone, my background is a swastika and I was sure she glimpsed it. So I chose to jump straight on the inevitable confrontation and put the picture up for her to fully see.

It was like turning on 3 different alarms within her simultaneously. At first it was a lot of questioning followed by a real desire to punch me, up came a huge nicotine desire. Next a long toilet break, 5 times as long as first real one. A lot of fiddling with her cellphone, clearly crying to her friends. Showing severe anger toward the guy who gave me her phonenumber. Putting pressure on that she wants to drink alcohol to drown this horrible experience.

I did what I could to calm her and the situation down, worked somewhat, but there was no way she wanted to continue getting to know a nazi. She told about her experience in local commie party a few years back, having fronted the organization for a while, until she understood this was no place to be. Mostly from complaining from friends and family. She announced self as "I have been a blood-commie" and was clearly experienced in commie manners.

Pressure points were on homophobia and immigration. I don't need to tell about her liberal mindset.

I had absolutely no experience of her before picking her purely by guts and pressing toward a date. In this small town where among 100 000 people I'm the only active nazi, the case is not much different for active commies. They are a handful if even that. Yet we have managed to find each other and end up on a date >.<

It feel as though we deserve each-other. Our personalities are very similar. While in contradiction to each-other it's still apparent that the basic reason for our political activity is a hunger for harmony. We just have different recipes for harmony. In our saturated country where sanity is a rarity, expecting that people are racially aware are to much expected. Now I'm not going to make a lot of excuses for her pseudo stand, but I am questioning WTH am I doing. I'm still moving forward with her. If it's some sort of game from my side I don't even know, but I am formulating my nationalistic standards to accommodate a desire for harmony that we both have. Only in my wildest dream do I think that NS/the swastika will once again pride our streets. From that thought I have no problems siding communism and nazism next to each-other as abundant for her pleasure. Cause really, in this society your better of keeping your mouth shut anyway. The path i'm trying to take include kids and this is really hot spots.

Apart from her political values the woman was a real gem. Am I a lunatic for adapting my values to her? Well knowing that in my company in the long run it is inevitable to move toward reviving nationalistic values. IMO.

As if learning the true meaning of NS and it's surrounding history didn't mature me enough already. This is a whole new level of looking at things.

You can call me traitor if you wish. I feel like one today.

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