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Old November 7th, 2011 #11
Donald E. Pauly
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Las Vegas
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Angry Deluded Steele Cheerleaders

Originally Posted by Leonard Rouse View Post
You made a claim of knowledge such that you can only either be a government agent or a liar. You decline to address that, and--predictably--attempt to project your own questionable activities onto me.
You're some 'friend,' Pauly.
Just like the other Steele cheerleaders, you have your head up your ass. I talked to a person that had seen the love letters that Steele recently wrote to a White woman that he had never met. I supported Steele so long as there was ANY possibility that he had been framed.

You need to see the big picture. Prior to his surgery when he went crazy, he suffered from delusions of persecution. He whines about the ADL sending him telephone death threats. So what? He had a concealed weapon permit. Our National Alliance line here in Las Vegas was full of threats. Caller ID has dramatically reduced them. There was never any proof that the ADL was behind Steele's death threats. Some obnoxious Jew may well have made the calls but Abbie Foxman has more brains than to be linked to such a thing.

Steele also suffered from delusions about his own self worth. He is virtually unknown outside of VNN circles. I have only read extracts from his "Defensive Rascism" but it seems to be more of a pamphlet. David Duke has written "My Awakening" and "Jewish Supremacism" both of which I have read. Each of these is a proper textbook to take a Whigger and make a White Nationalist out of them.

Duke was accused of mail fraud and pissing away $100,000 of his supporter's money on riverboat crap tables. Some of that money was mine. He was never accused of trying to blow up anybody with a pipe bomb. He spent less time in Federal prison that Steele has spent in jail. If the Feds were going to frame him, he would have never been let out. His personal vices should be considered against the background of the large amounts of good that he has done. He has done AT LEAST ten times more than Steele has for White Nationalism.

Steele has pissed away over $120,000 of his supporters money on a scumbag incompetent now disbarred lawyer by the name of Robert McAlister. NONE of that money was mine. I have sent Steele money in jail when I have written him but will not give a penny to be spent on lawyers.

By getting himself arrested, Steele has done ten times the damage to White Nationalism as all of the good that he did. The first sign that he had gone insane was when he failed to fire his worthless public defender within 30 days. Then when he wrote the series of steamy love letters from jail to his Ukrainian girl friend who couldn't even speak English, the matter was settled. I have posted the details of how aorta surgery can cause such insane behavior several times here. Steele was not framed. On the other hand, the situation with Matt Hale was entirely different.

Steele has told dozens of lies that I have caught him in on his affidavits and rants written from jail and I have posted some of them. He must think that they are working. I am convinced that both sides of this trial know that he has gone crazy and are doing nothing about it. The lawyers will milk this for the last penny in attorney fees.

Nobody is qualified to argue with me about these matters unless they have also read all 1,500 pages of the trial transcript and all of Steele's rants and affidavits. If you haven't, your opinions are not worth listening to. It is long past time for everyone to start talking about the elephant in the living room.

If I catch Linder robbing a liquor store, I will hold him at gunpoint for the cops. He should certainly do the same thing with me. We have to police our own.