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Old October 7th, 2017 #1
Kevlar Vest
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Kevlar Vest
Default Kevin Probably Saves The World

New television series. A White guy is tasked by God to save the world. Of course, the angel that is sent to guide him is a negress. Ugh.
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Emily Henderson
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Emily Henderson

Originally Posted by Kevlar Vest View Post
New television series. A White guy is tasked by God to save the world. Of course, the angel that is sent to guide him is a negress. Ugh.
Ugh indeed. Sounds like reverse 'Driving Miss Daisy' meets that stoopidfest 'Highway to Heaven' from the 80s.

I'm surprised with all the 'bring it back' shows they're doing they don't bring back Knight Rider. It was goofy enough the first time, but this time the talking car could have a sexual identity crisis (trans-am, lol).
"Inquiry and doubt are essential checks against deception."--Richard Carrier
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Joe from OH
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Joe from OH

Any white who spends much, if any, time watching talmudvision dramatic "entertainment" is probably too far gone to give a shit about.
Democracy is not an accomplishment.
It is an invention of homosexuals.
It is a weapon of the Jews.
It is the religion of slaves.
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steven clark
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steven clark
Default Kevin Probably Saves the World

To be honest, I rarely watch TV what with my job on evenings, and they all are the same kind of show. And re Kevin, they do like those those righteous negroes.
I usually watch Two Broke Girls when I get off work at 12:30 am, and Friends. The first is a slutty version of Laverne and Shirley, the second i never saw before. Both are kind of funny and relaxing in their own way, and when nigs or queers get mentioned, I flip off the set and read a book until I sleep.

I'm also re-watching I, Claudius, which I haven't seen on TV since 1979. It's a good series, although you can see blacks being filtered in here and there. It's also witty, which most TV isn't.

I also saw Battlestar Galactica, the 1980 one, on TV. I never saw it when it was on the tube, but i did watch the remake a few years ago, which I think is a lot better.
Noted that in the original series, supporting characters Boomer and Tigh were black, as by then, you always had blacks as sidekicks. One screenwriting book I read said to make a screenplay work you needed 'a hero, a romance, and a sidekick.' The book called the sidekick 'the Morgan Freeman part', which shows how much they dump blacks into this stuff.

But when they did the Battlestar remake, a lot of SHTF when Boomer was Grace Park, a Korean woman, and Tigh a white Canadian actor (the series was shot in Canada.) No blacks in the main cast, and there were a lot of complaints. Also, Starbuck, Adama's cigar-smoking wingman, was played by a woman, and purists had a shit fit. I think the producer was big on getting women in the series, and this won out over race. Probably wouldn't work today.


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