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Old November 19th, 2018 #1
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Default Calling all white patriots!!

Bill Stephens of the Stone Mountain Memorial Association wrote the permit denial letter in regards to the Rock Stone Mountain 2019 event. The organizers of Rock Stone Mountain never received the actual letter,but it's shown on Antifa's website. Feel free to mail a copy of the Constitution to Bill Stephens at this address:2003 Robert E Lee BLVD,Stone Mountain,GA.30086 or call him and ask him why he is illegally denying our permit at 770-498-5611

Let him know they are in violation of federal law under US Code title 18 sections 241 and 242. This is a felony! REad

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Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

Susan was planning on attending this event, I believe. I'm sure she will get on Stephens's ass about it, too.
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor
Old November 19th, 2018 #3
Erik T. White
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Location: The Deep South of the USSA
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Erik T. White

Stone Mountain has been under attack sentz niggaz wuz gibin dere cibil ritez!!! And, some shit bags from the worst generation were being swayed by Marchin' lucifer Koon n hiz "dreem" back in the 1960s. The niggaz and pale liberals were ranting about OUR HERITAGE bein' rayssist even in those years.

If Stone Mountain is defaced, statues of Marchin' lucifer Koon ought to be considered as immediate blights on OUR WHITE HERITAGE, along with all of the fucking street signs named after it!!!!!

Hell, if there was a statue of the shit fucker around my area, I'd pay it a visit. There are great ways of making stands known, even within the (((laws.))))

At a rivalry between two Catholic high schools playing each other in a major football game, one was named after a pope who was canonized as a saint. The statue had the sainted pope with his hand raised giving a blessing. The Saturday of the game, people were horrified that the saint was shooting a bird at them!!!!! One finger missing. No one ever found out who did that. And, if it was a member of the Catholic Church, even a "hate crime" would be hard to get charges for, IMHO. The school and diocese was really pissed off and it took over 1000 dollars (1960s dollars) for it to be restored.

I know that our (((security cameras))), that make us feel oh, so safe, would probably have identified the perps of the "bird pope" desecration.

But there are ways to make a statue of Koon look stupid with damn good planning and absolute, irrevocable pacts among those who might do the act.

How? Well, I'll leave that as an open question. Care and tact are two operative words, among others.
Whites are afraid to speak out against their enemies, let alone act out. This must change ~ Alex Linder
Sweat saves blood, blood saves lives, but brains saves both. ~ Erwin Rommel

bill stephens, free speech, rock stone mountain


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