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Default Chronology of events for the loki hulgaard (((hate speech))) case in canada


Hello my name is Loki Hulgaard, a 36 year old Canadian heterosexual White Male, and I have been charged by the jewish occupation government(hereafter J.O.G) with "public incitement of hatred" for allegedly distributing flyers and leaflets proclaiming "Immigration=White Genocide"; "99% of the 1% is jewish", and stamping money bills with the phrases "jewish white genocide"; "jews=esau"; "" and numerous firearms charges such as the filing off of serial numbers and failure to store them in the way demanded by J.O.G laws which charges were added upon police probably illegally searching my residence and taking over 8.5 thousand dollars worth of my property.
The following is a chronology of events that have occured related to the case over the past year. This and all other material related to the case can be read on the website:
Please copy and paste this link around on social media to raise awareness of this issue.
-Wednesday, August 1st 2018
-Arrested outside of the Medicine Hat Alberta Provincial building after I had finished having a counselling session with mental health counsellor [jeremy ahern ](I was in counselling as an implied condition of my continuing receipt of welfare which was threatened to be cut off by my welfare case worker). Police rush up to me shouting in a rapid way "loki-hulgaard-you're-under-arrest-for-public-incitement-of-hatred!" as they accosted me. I was uncertain what was going on at first and simply froze.
-police take approx $327 cash as evidence which cash was stamped in permanent marker ink with the above mentioned messages
-I comply with police who take me to the station (~11:15AM)
-call legal aid, a lawyer referral service, and speak to (((michael dietrich))), a lawyer who sayss he will arrange for a bail package. Told to call again later. Kept in cell.
-call legal aid again and secretary refers me to [greg white], lawyer, and I stated I wanted the previous lawyer. (((greg white))) is ‘apparently’ travelling through Calgary and can’t respond. I am told to call again.
-Interrogated by constable [eric marshall]. Upon advice of legal aid secretary (previous) make only minimal statements explicitly stating that I had/have no intention of harming anyone and that the guns were merely for survival[this interview is available in the police report which was by court order removed from the website]
-Kept in holding cell.Attempted to contact legal aid but to no avail. Cell guards/police claim they are working on a bail package.
-eventually, after approximately 24 hours(during which time no sleep was had) am granted a hearing via phone in the cell with (((greg white))), crown prosector and judge who had all agreed that bail should be $4,000 after I informed them I had no money. (((greg white))) represented events in a false light claiming I had held up the money (with stamps on it) in the face of the safeway clerk (who was jewish) which was false. The safeway clerk pretended to read a jar of coconut oil I was purchasing and attempting to involve herself in conversation with me and exhibited (so far as I recall) the bills I had given her to the camera which is what presumably led to my arrest. I draw this conclusion as this was one of the conditions of my probabtion (ie. lifetime ban from that specific safeway).
I had never displayed this type of bill before anyone intentionally as my intention was to discretely pass the message without creating any controversy.
-These are the reasons why I didn’t want [greg white] to represent me in the case which lawyer was later offered to me and nearly forced upon me by legal aid
-Eventually I was released Thursday August 2nd at 1930 (0730 PM)
-Upon being released I concluded that the world as it was was unworthy of living in and given the forces aligned against free speech and the survival of white people (given that simply communicating that one’s kind is being subject to genocide) is prohibited and entails/amounts to ‘hate’ and is considered a crime led to my decision to attempt suicide. Also the difficulty of obtaining meaningful or any employment given the employment equity act and mass non-white replacement immigration.
-I decided I would first involve the free speech activist )))Paul Fromm((( in hopes that my case could be publicized and that this would work against the (((hate speech))) laws enabling white people to speak in defence of their existence which is being denied in the media and academia (pretending there is no such thing as white people, the ‘concept of whiteness’, etc.-an act of genocide by united nations definition).
-I awake Friday 3rd after 6 hours of sleep having been awake prior to this time for over 40 hours since 0500AM August 1st until 2030(0830PM) August 2nd and write my 'Manifesto' available on the website to clarify the issues submitting copies to police and [Paul Fromm] via mail which at the time of writing this particular passage (August 12th 2018) has still not arrived in the latter's possession (possible mail fraud/negligence). In hindsight I understand that it was a naieve and foolish act to attempt to be communicative with police, however I am a naieve and trusting person not a lying jew or non-white and thus am unfamiliar with legal proceedings and police entanglement
-I took preparation to commit suicide via cutting my wrists. This failed in the first attempt and I made another attempt but this was also ineffective as the blood congealed. I then looked upon this as a sign that I should live and that I was in error in attempting suicide. I called the EMS at `1315. The police arrived at `1325/30(?) prior to EMS, two officers, a phillipino and a White Male. The phillipino officer [presumably knowing of my being charged with a (((hate crime)))] was quite coarse and confrontational and told me that if I wanted to commit suicide that I had to cut a different area of my anatomy which he demonstrated ,probably encouraging me to reattempt.
-EMS arrived shortly thereafter and escorted me to the 'social work hospital'/emergency room and had bandaged me prior to the trip. I was checked in and the jewish security guards and nurses were gossiping about me while I was waiting for a doctor which took a fair while. A jewish female doctor or nurse was spending her time bragging about her vacation and property to another jew in the adjacent room periodically looking over her shoulder into my room in a cheeky and insolent way and neglecting their duty
-I had an interview with the jewish psychiatric nurse (((Candy))) who I told the issues and explained I had no hatred of jews. She stated, perhaps enticing me to reattempt suicide, that "you never know what happens after death". She was professional in her behaviour and sought the involvement of the psychiatrist on staff who turned out to be
jewish, who interviewed me and I again explained that I had no hatred of jews but was simply attempting to alert people to what was going on via propaganda
-I was not (to my surprise) detained or put on suicide watch as, though I instructed the psychiatrist I had no intention of repeating the incident I was contemplating it throughout the time of my stay and told her explicitly that if I had to spend any time in jail I would starve myself to death. The South African doctor did a competent job in sewing up my wrists which I had cut with a razor blade.
-I was released and told by one of the jewish nurses to take a bus home even though I didn't know what my location was in terms of how to return home. I explained this to a jewish nurse(who had presumably overheard my conversation with the psychiatrist) and she appeared angry and finally gave me a voucher for a cab. In the cab I spoke to a driver about the incident and he stated that I probably wouldn't go to jail as he himself had been inside and appeared knowledgeable about the legal system. This gave me confidence for the future and dissuaded me from possibly making a repeat attempt at suicide.
-After this (`2000/0800PM, Friday) the police attended my residence and I assisted them in taking all of my 'weapons' which was a condition of my probation (items included: knives and collapsible batons as well as an aluminum baseball bat-all of which I had in my possession for personal protection with the exception of kitchen knives). I had to use razor blades to cut vegetables subsequently as I was prohibited from having any knives.
-After this time I had left chronicling the events for a few days. However various strange incidents had inclined me to make a journal to serve as a record of the corruption of the legal system and government to release to the public.
-Aug 20th 0200AM: awoke to urinate and observed out of the upstairs window a nondescript large white van parked across street with lights on. When I approached the windows to peer around the trees for a better view it drove away.
-Aug 21st 1145AM: spoke to psychiatrist [eva kaul] who reported to me that my counsellor[ jeremy ahern] had said the police had told him that my mother told them that I had cut the heads off birds at one point in my life, apparently within my adult years, which is false. I called my mother later who denied making such a claim and having ever spoken to the police about this legal case and myself.
-Aug 30th 0930AM: arrived at court. jewish media guy follows behind me and stalks me once I leave the courtroom calling out my name after I walk in front of him after opening the door to him. He follows me for awhile to the library adjacent to the courthouse.
-My jewish welfare case worker (((krystal coveny))) reduces my benefit amount by $100 per month to $586 on the grounds that I am living with family, though $300 of this is
allocated towards rent. However this was known to her prior to my arrest and being publicized in the news media.
-Sept 2nd: contact legal aid requesting out of province lawyer that is refered to me by )))Paul Fromm(((, the Canadian free speech activist and which lawyer is a practicing criminal defence lawyer who is a specialist in the field. The opertaor behaved in a contentious manner claiming that the Alberta lawyers (available via legal aid) are just as good but begrudgingly files my request.
-Sept 10th: no response from the prosecuting attorney respecting the ITO ("information to obtain")
-Sept 11th: I make further attempts to obtain the "information to obtain" document related to my case and all are unsuccessful as previously (over the few weeks prior to this point- from the point of ordering the disclosure with the information to obtain on the 17th of August). All requests for the ITO from the court clerk, the prosecution attorney's office in Medicine Hat and special prosecution attorney's in Calgary are disregarded by them all of whom claim that the only way to obtain it was with the disclosure(police report) and when I explicitly stated it could be obtained seperately they refused to address the issue:
1) the court clerk refering me to the prosecuting attorney's office in Medicine Hat; 2) the latter referring me to the special prosecutor's office and 3) the special prosecuting attorney's office refering me to the local prosecuting attorney's office and refusing to answer my question whether the ITO could be obtained seperately form the disclosure and my request for it. The secretary also claimed they would forward my request to the prosecuting attorney.
Sept 12th: legal aid never returned call. Contacted again and spoke to supervisor who said the issue was 'black and white' and that they wouldn't pay for an out of city lawyer (travel expenses). Called again later but no response available.
Sept 13th: contacted the special prosecution office and the operator stated I had been given the wrong number by the crown attorney's office in Medicine Hat. Forwarded me to the prosecutor's office and requested from the assistant of one [heather morris], the prosecuting attorney the "information to obtain"(ITO). The assistant stated that the ITO had been sealed and that they had to unseal and review it and would then give it to me in the disclosure. I contacted the legal aid office and they stated they would call back after I informed them that an outside party had expressed a willingness to pay travel expenses of the prospective lawyer [James Lowry of Winnnipeg] who I informed them was a non-biased lawyer who I trusted
Sept 18th: legal aid denies my request to engage an out of province lawyer whose travel expenses would be paid by a third party
Sept 20th: court adjournment to Oct 17th. I wait 1.5 hours for basic forms for a hearing to reinstate my firearms license even though the court clerks were minimally occupied throughout and because they didn't know what they were doing, and had to read a manual on the subject and then call various people,etc.
Sept 25th: spoke to counsellor [jeremy ahern] today who showed me the youtube videos of myself and that youtube had-or some outside hacker had- configured the site to play the "Divine Firearms Rights" video that I had made when all other videos were attempted to be played, this presumably as a means of associating me with firearms and in the public mind with violence. This strange anomoly suggested I was being hacked or monitored
Sept 30th: recorded show with )))Andrew Carrington hitchcock(((. Uploaded to youtube but video was taken down a few hours later
Oct 17th: adjourned until the 7th of November. Judge had no willingness to compensate the $2,100+ that had been taken from my residence by police during their possible illegal search of my residence which money bills were stamped with the phrases above mentioned and taken as evidence. No unmarked money bills or currency in any form was given to me though I was at that time in a state of hardship. Prosecuting attorney stated more information in the disclosure was forthcoming in getting a judge to adjourn court
Nov 7th: informed judge at court that I was interested in engaging a non-lawyer representative which previously the duty counsel [ian baird] informed me was possible and who was familiar with my case. The judge denied this was possible and stated that given it was an indictable offense I could not engage a non-lawyer as my counsel. I informed the judge that I would seek legal aid assistance. The prosecuting attorney also imposed via the judge an obligation on me to "take down posts" from the internet in order for me to obtain additional disclosure otherwise the crown would withold it.
Nov 21st: Police detective [paul taylor (badge #307)] of the community intelligence team spoke to me outside of the court house about the (((Robert Bowers))) synagogue shooting incident probing for information to implicate me as a terrorist. I informed him of the obvious fact that it was a false flag operation:
(reference: .
I had the previous week filed a request to review the judgement of legal aid in hopes of engaging counsel of choice from out of province. Informed judge of situation which was adjourned again. The same police officer spoke to me again attempting to glean information about my complying with 'taking down posts'. I informed him that I was unaware of which posts were being refered to. He further probed to find out about my job status presumably in response to a formal complaint lodged against me to the welfare department headquarters in Edmonton in hopes of getting me cut off and driving me into extreme hardship by one [lauren froment].The claim was that I was
'misuing' my benefits. This redksin antifa local had been harassing me online and making implicit death threats to me. This person who is working with a jewish harassment organization operating under the cover of 'human rights' etc. had obtained my email, physical address etc.
-Dec 11th: Was contacted via legal aid who stated that no outside 3rd party funding could be contributed for lawyer fees (travel expenses) and which same was offered by the fee speech activist )))Paul Fromm(((. For this reason, they claimed, I couldn't receive my counsel of choice [James Lowry]. I was presented with the 'option' of being given whatever lawyer legal aid chooses or nothing. I opted for the lawyer.
The Journal entries between Dec 11th 2018 and the Summer of 2019 has gone missing. The following is an attempt to recall particulars that had occured subsequent to Dec 2018
-The Royal Bank of Canada (Canada's largest bank) sends me, its client, a letter claiming that they are terminating my bank account without any definite reason. I attempted to find out why via customer service and spoke to an officious, arrogant oriental minority hire receiving nothing but a robotic broken record response and a refusal to provide a reason for this decision. I speculate this was related to the case and according to )))Karin Smith((( of the South Africa Relief project,, is what has been happening in South Africa to prevent conservatives from preserving their assets and even transacting financially.
-When conducting an interview with )))Brian Ruhe((( on his youtube channel had the video garner thousands of hits and which was then taken down after 2 and a half hours. The video was reuploaded to bitchute a youtube alternative. After this a redskin female by the name of [lauren froment] had made copious death threats over the ensuing months making subtle allusions to knives and putting forth pictures related to violence against me in an indirect and implied way. Also I recevied other comments from a couple of other people (stalkers) who made more death threats and stated that I would commit suicide in jail thereby implying that that is either what they know will be attempted against me (murder portrayed as a suicide) or would seek to bring it about
-A subsequent court date around the month of late January 2019 led to another incident in the waiting room of the court. I was speaking to another person when the redskin [lauren froment] who I had never seen before approached me and said abruptly in a hostile tone: "Do I look like I have a hooked nose!" I was surprised as I had never seen the person before and informed them in a calm voice that I had no idea what they were talking about. They persisted in their belligerent rudeness and I then stated in neutral tones that I would inform the sherrifs which I did and they intervened. My then lawyer, a young liberal named [james rouleau] took over my representation in that instance and I then left the courtroom at his advisement
-This legal aid lawyer had assisted in the overturning of a decision in the nearby city of Lethbridge, Alberta of a Christian organization that assisted fags in returning or converting to heterosexuality preventing this organization from offering this service and thereby facilitating the liberal agenda (unable to find source). He also defended a paedophile teacher in the nearby province of Saskatchewan ( offences/) and was initially to my mind in spite of these obvious glaring problems, concerned with the preservation of free speech. Having no alternative but known jewish lawyers I contracted for his servies as my counsel.
-At this point I had not yet seen the full disclosure (police report) which contained all of the information regarding the case from the perspective of the prosecution called 'the crown' in Canada, and the reason adduced by the crown was that I had 'posted the disclosure on the internet' and that the crown representative, a fat jew named (((bradley farrel))) had requested I take it down to which I had agreed at that time, being subtley put under duress in the court room and not entirely understanding what "not continuing to post it on the net" meant whether this statement refered to posting on social media or otherwise. The reason for the decision on the part of the crown was that a prior case in Toronto entailed a publication of disclosure (police report) at a party and this allegedly caused domestic strife for one of the parties spoken of in the disclosure of that case thereby damaging their reputation. This soap opera-like event was probably contrived by the cabal to set this legal preedent deliberately. On this flimsy pretext the crown denied me the ability to receive the remaining half of the disclosure which had become available posterior to the inital disclosure which was put on the net at the website
-I was given a meeting with the lawyer [james rouleau] in around late February over one and a half month's after retaining him as counsel, and he spoke briefly about the case and what was had on me stating in a jocular manner that he 'didn't agree with my views'
-perhaps around a month later the false flag shooting of (((Brandon Tarrant))) occured which occured on Easter an occult holiday, apparently sacrifice season in the cabal's pagan worldview:
After leaving the gym one day I was accosted by a group of police cruisers who stopped me and requested to see the 'notice of recognizance', a list of my bail conditions that I am forced to carry around every time I exit my residence. They attempted to elicit convesation from me but I was incommunicative beyond passive compliance and politeness
-Another incident occured of this nature with police observing me walking on the street and then waiting at the bottom of the hill for me. I attempted to avoid them as I was uninterested in an encounter with them. However, after walking along a path over a river and coming out at the other side I encountered yet another pair of police cruisers waiting for me and at that point I gestured to them and I was asked if I was loki hulgaard by one of the police and failing to respond quickly out of nervousness he requested my notice of recognizance which I then produced.
-Around this time, given the proximity of the town (Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada) from a N.A.T.O airforce base (Canadian forces base Suffield) I was having military and police helicopters flying over my residence over the roof so that I could only see them if I pressed my face up to the glass given the obtuse angle. It should be mentioned that I had also been followed around the town prior to my arrest by military and police helicopters which followed me from one side of town to the other presumably observing me. On another instance a strange looking military craft with a transparent radar nose cone flew directly over my residence at low altitude, a small house. I had suspected I was being monitored for some time given my alleged propaganda activities which I would relate in another section/document if it were not imprudent to do so
-I attended around mid March 2019 another metting with the lawyer to review what he claimed was a 'statement of facts' that the crown had drafted up which was a de facto confession and which I have been prohibited from posting online or sharing with anyone else or I am considered to have violated my bail conditions and am thereby subject to a $4,000 fine and/or jail. I stated I would look at the document and took it away with me.
-I then had another meeting with the lawyer and stated that I was unwilling to sign the document as the emotive language entailed commitments to things I had not done and motives I did not have (eg. "...the accused willfully promoted hatred by spreading messages..."). Also it must be noted that I was not given adequate exposure to the disclosure and the lawyer simply read off parts of it that related to the 'statement of fact'. The lawyer stated that he would return to the crown and that the latter would draft up another version.
-A few weeks later this was done and the language was substantially the same. I stated that that was the case and therefore unable to sign the document. At this point the lawyer stated that that was all he could do for me and that it would be best to part ways given that I had given him information that would prove injurious to my case. I then had to inform the court of this and was left to seek another lawyer.
-In my opinion the previous lawyer had failed in his duty of care to me for:
1) misrepresenting a confession as a 'statement of facts' and claiming that the penalty if convicted at trial could and most likely would be significantly worse if I didn't sign thereby attempting to pressure me into signing it.
2) that the lawyer was possibly in collusion with the crown prosecutor as I overheard him speaking to the crown in the hallway in mocking tones about me and the case (a "we've go a live one here" type of tone)
3) He didn't give me adequate exposure to the disclosure but just read it and gave me glimpses.
4) He stated at the beginning of the case that he didn't want to go to trial but would if he had to thereby demonstrating a less than neutral stance
5) that if I insisted upon seeing/requesting the disclosure again I could 'find myself another lawyer'
-In around mid June I had forgotten to check in at the police station on Friday during business hours which was one of my bail conditions. The next week I attempted to check in as before and I was told by the clerk that I would 'have to speak to a police officer' who then escorted me to the jail cell. I was kept in the cell for 12 hours without any food which I would have declined anyway and during the course of this time approximately 9-10 hours in a belligerent youth was brought in to the adjacent cell who was ranting in a loud and artificial sounding voice(almost as if he was acting out a script) about 'white nazi police' and 'christian nazis' and how they wanted the 'oil in Iraq', etc. I told him to shut up and that noone wanted to hear his opinions and he eventually went quiet. I heard nothing from him past this point and forgot about the incident until after my release when I speculated that he was probably planted in the cell to elicit some type of incriminating statements from me. This has also happened to me prior to my arrest in this town where a plant was installed probably as a means of trapping me into making statements that would provide grounds or evidence for further investigation into myself. While in jail the second time the crown attempted to hold me in the cell and have me moved into the remand center for multiple days while they decided whether I should be considered to have violated my bail conditions and that whether this was sufficient grounds to either jail me until trial or charge me $4,000 for violating the conditions. Eventually the judge via phone in the cell called for my release. At this point also an arab had been brought to an adjacent cell named <<<mohammad>>> and was given kid glove/red carpet treatment speaking to an interpreter for over 30 minutes of arabic jabber. Eventually after a very short while he was released perhaps under 2 hours. The double standard treatment by J.O.G of Whites and non-whites is clear in this instance.
-On another instance where I had to have dealings with jews at a bike shop called 'cyclepath' I left my bike in custody with the jews who ran the store and foolishly told them I had dropped something( a USB stick wrapped in duct tape that I had sequestered there) in the shaft of the bike tube and which was not possible to extricate. I requested that they fish it out in addition to the bike tune up. When I picked up the
bike later the jew claimed that no item was there. I suspect they had either submitted it to the police or had simply stolen it. With jews you lose. I must be more cautious
-At another time shortly after this (one month later) before September 11th (an occult date numerologically) I was to plead 'guilty' or 'not guilty' to all charges, the jewish woman at the foodbank I attend said cryptically and in a sinister tone of voice while staring at me in a subtley aggressive manner "winter's coming Loki" and repeated that statement as if it were some kind of curse. The next time I attended the foodbank after I managed to avoid pleading on the charges she was put out seemingly. The jews in the community seem unsettled, probably given the possibility of the case being thrown out owing to the statute of limitations. I infer this from their aggitated behavior.
I should point out that the crown's position regarding the case and the crown prosecutor's actions specifically (((heather morris))) suggested to me the following:
1) they were attempting to rush things and claimed that they wanted to beat the February 1st 2020 statute of limitation deadline (18 months from time of charges on August 1st 2018)
2) the judge stated it was 'my fault' that my lawyer quit as i was the defense and he was my counsel though the crown said that 'it is arguable' meaning it wasn't very convincing that it was my fault
-The court had wanted at this time a 'pretrial hearing' which could have entailed my revealing information that may have and most likely would have amounted to an admission to the court of having done what I was alleged to have done at least in their eyes. I managed to obtain another lawyer in time and this is where things stand as of the end of September 2019 where I am legally obligated to plead 'guilty' or 'not guilty' to the charges and select the type of trial: jury or no, court of queen's bench (federal) or provincial. This is Oct 9th 2019.
-It is my hope that people will spread the link of this case around to all social media sites as the J.O.G wants this one concealed from public view given the procedural anomalies or errors it presumably contains and that if they can get a conviction they can then move the goal posts further down the road of tyranny through blowing up the case as another potential 'terrorist' threat given the false association they have created in the media between the firearms and the (((hate speech))) aspects, thereby associating in the public mind white identity politics/White Nationalism with physical violence/terrorism.
Search my name 'loki hulgaard' on a search engine such as or to reveal the sensationalistic slander the media has brought against me. Thank you for your time in reading this.
I warn the Whites globally that South Africa and then Rhodesia. Haiti, the former Portugese Angola and Belgian Congo etc. will be our collective fate if you don't 'throw your hat into the ring' now and use what resources you can to muster(time; money and effort) in defence of you race. The choice is yours: total victory or death by a thousand cuts. within a few decades at most or more likely years.
I predict that by 2024 we will be in the midst of Race War and will then be forced to fight to survive.

canada, free speech, hate speech, jews, loki hulgaard


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