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Default <<<angle brackets>>> : Aryan-semiotic assault

The writer proposes the usage of outward facing angle brackets to designate that which is <<<ARYAN>>>

noble, serviceable to the White Race in its highest octave, bringing them up to the level of the Aryan to whatever degree possible for the word, concept or thing designated. For example, if one were to refer to the philosophical creed of <<<radical traditionalism>>> or <<<odinism>>> it would be semantically consistent to place it in triple angle brackets as that would be a source of Aryan wisdom and proper path to tread; for those seeking that heightened spiritual state only available to the White Race, the kindling so to speak of the dying ember of the divine spark of God within.

Other examples of the usage of angle brackets would be words refering to Aryan inventions such as <<<motor cars>>>; <<<heart surgery>>>, all inventions; works of art and architecture: <<<colosseum>>>; <<<louvre>>>; <<<mona lisa>>>, etc. The sum total of all Aryan inventions, art, persons, places, things (all nouns) would be surrounded by these brackets as means of designating and connoting that which is Aryan.

The usage of triple brackets would refer to the Hermetic alchemical process and its phases: nigredo; albedo and rubedo and to the trinity which was never originally christian but derives paleo-historically from Egypt, Sumeria and probably Atlantis and off planet before this epoch of dark age ignorance (the Piscean age). It referes to the manifestation of the Aryan soul as a combination of that which pre-existed as Being (the holy ghost; the mother; the ocean of Being; mary magdalene; the causa formalis of Aristotle); that which united with it as an active, masculine force(the father; Allfather; the Divine spark of emanation; causa efficiens of Aristotle) and that which emanated from it as a product of their unity(Horus; Tammuz; christ, etc). Thus it connotes the Creation and is appropriately associated with the Creators, those who embody creativity, possessed as they are of the Divine spark. It impies an emanation of their essence, an existence of their essence and the gift to the world of their Divine genius.

To place these symbolic/semiotic marks around a word connotes that the word, noun, (person, place or thing); adjective (action word) is to demonstrate that it is the property of the Aryan and that that which is so designated surrounded by the marks partakes of an emanates Aryanity, the property of the noble, Aryan,
spiritually ennobled thing. Thus, such abstract conception as <<<civilization>>> can be surrounded by these marks as can conceptual systemes themselves, eg. <<<calculus>>> or <<<philosophy>>>.

To present this on social media or on graffiti, posters, stickers, etc., is , if the meme catches on adequately, a conceptual-semiotic assault against the (((J.O.G))) (jewish occupation government) and its anti-aryan black magician occultation of <<<knowledge>>>; <<<Truth>>>; and <<<Justice>>> and anything <<<Aryan>>>.
Feel free to introduce this practice in your activist efforts so that it replicates and becomes a force to be reckoned with connoting <<<Aryan>>> power and strength. It is now understood through such semiotic assaults against the jew as triple parentheses viz., ((())) are an effective means of unconcealing the jews' treachery and evil revealing the Truth to the less aware but merely negating the negative is inadequate.

At this time a positive assault agasint the jews is necessary as it is inadeqaute simply to know who enslaves and seeks to destroy you. The best defence being an attack, let this device of sharp barbed angle brackets suffice as one of many inital salvos against the (((J.O.G))) and remember the creed of Ben Klassen: "thought without action is sterile".


aryan, jew, meme, parentheses, propaganda


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