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Default Indoctrinated kids respond to Cheerios race mixing propaganda

Warning: This video will make you

This video will restore your faith in the new generation (of white hating, kosher goyim). Here, kids watch the needlessly controversial Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial family and comment on it. None of them can tell the interviewer what’s wrong with the spot.

When it’s pointed out that people were upset about the races of the parents, the children are all confused.

The video is part of a Fine Bros. series that has kids, teens, and elderly people react to viral videos, news stories, or trends.

In the disclaimer before the video, the brothers write, “The insights of children about these issues can give incredible insight into where our society really is and where we are headed as people.”

When told that people were angry about the mixed-race couple in the commercial, the children display genuine confusion. Kids as young as 4 understood that love is love.

“It’s just the color of their skin, what matters is if they’re nice or mean,” says one. (No it isn't. Race isn't only skin color you pathetic inculcating white parents)

“I thought Martin Luther King spoke against this and fixed this already,” says another. (Yeah talk about progress. Maybe they should take a field trip to their local Martin Luther King Boulevard)

“[Marriage] really just depends on their heart and if they really love me.” (There must be no possible way the media can sway who or what you're attracted to)

“Underneath it, you’re literally the same. You have organs and a heart.” (Well now we know that everything with organs is the same.)

One freckle-faced kid named Morgan says simply, “Some people just fall in love like that.”

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Join Date: Apr 2004
Posts: 9,703

Here's the thread about the original video

Cheerios Promotes Mongrelism
Old July 16th, 2013 #3
Cora McGuire
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Cora McGuire

I could only take 3 minutes of that.

Truly awful.
"White nationalism is real butter. Conservatism is that shitty vegetable spread made out of unhealthy industrial waste products."- Alex
"Our cause is a spiritual-religious thing, not a self-interest thing." -Alex
Old July 16th, 2013 #4
John from Canada
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It looked to me like the kids knew exactly how they're supposed to react, and pretend they don't see anything different about the video.
Old July 17th, 2013 #5
The Bobster
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Yeah, kids are usually pretty honest about things like that. (Which of these things is not like the other?)

BTW, the video was produced by the kike Fine brothers.

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Old July 18th, 2013 #6
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Disgusting, but I did laugh a bit when the one kid said "monkey see, monkey do" about it. If he only knew what irony was...
Old July 18th, 2013 #7
Junior Member
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So we are to consider the voice of reason to be a child that has been raised in our current social environment; which is focused upon healthy reason and logic?

Hell half of the children look mulattoe..
Old July 18th, 2013 #8
Samuel Hund
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What is the glamour of reacting to things like a kid?
Were we supposed to be child-like and do things as our ''daddy'' jew midia says?

Being an adult children is a characteristic of people with personality disorders and other mental illnesses.

A healthy person would watch to this video and concludes that accepting race mixing because the midia says so is childish.

main Children characteristic: being impressionable and easily influenced.

brainwashing, cheerios, indoctrination, jewish, miscegenation, propaganda


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