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Default Is there a ‘humanity’?

Is there a ‘humanity’?
: The notion of humanity as a whole has been touted by the propagandists of globalism/universalist imperialism (when it has suited them pragmatically) and affirmed that it actually exists and is not a mere fiction, an instrument of their archontic will to power. This itself underscores the fictive nature of this venerated sacred cow that serves as the basis of the credo modernitatis namely that “All men are [created] equal” – which fiction is a creation of the cabal and serves as a tool as aforementioned for the reification of this fabulous fantasy into a Utopian reality ultimately leading to the destruction of the higher types of those spoken of as human, namely the Aryan. Destroying a better reality and replacing it with a desecrated sub- reality; leveling a city of Eden and substituting amidst the ruins, a city of Babel, of Sodom and Gomorrah, incubators of vice and barbarity. The overt differences obtaining amongst the differing ‘species’ that have been – perhaps erroneously – subsumed under the umbrella term ‘humanity’ clearly evince the gap between types that creates this (in the mind of a rational man) confusion as to whether the term ‘humanity’ can be spoken with any seriousness let alone venerability in hushed tones of a quasi- religious sacral nature. This latter is the dogma of ‘humanism’ which affirms this questionable hypothesis of course without question and to the detriment as aforementioned of the higher type. If this perhaps overly broad label were to be adopted that would entail extremes in the spectrum of sub-species (black and white) of such divergence as to be ludicrous thus rendering any ‘human dignity’ a hollow mockery of the secular humanist religiosity and its consequent leveling process. Therefore, that the term ‘human’ is insufficiently meaningful to merit usage is grounds for affirming any comparisons or contrasts between the extreme types which serve as its conceptual and factual limitations save as a means of eliminating the leveling process of Judeo-communism that is the modernist scourge of the present epoch. Thus through the endless affirmations of ‘humanity’ immediately is affirmed through its endless repetition the negation of ‘equality’ as having any value or being any standard at which to aim the prow of one’s ship (collectively the state), and golden kingdom of paradise but instead being a burnt out world of chaos instigated through so-called ‘integration’ of desperate types. Integration of the extreme types and their radically diverse characteristic and attributes mentally leads to chaos and elimination or to the defeat of the better type – but in all cases the supremacy of those most bent on collective orientation and concentration of power (such as the Jews today and the destruction of the white races). Inevitable chaos results through the attempt to homogenize the naturally heterogeneous as nature cannot be artificially perverted to preserve states that have not developed/evolved organically. Things will sort themselves out and as to ‘humanity’ it will fragment along sub-special lines into race war and societal chaos and destruction. This itself suggests the fallacy of the enigma of secular humanism, certainly in terms of ‘equality; not as certainly in terms of ‘humanity’, equal with respect to this standard however impoverished the latter may be. If the behavior of the whites can be called ‘human’ and it doesn’t correspond to that of nonwhites whose animal-like behavior suggests a different species or at least subspecies bordering on a species alien altogether, then the non-whites would not necessarily merit this designation. The behavior of one (whites) is rational, orderly, circumspect and cognizant of consequences, antecedent conditions
and acutely attuned to cause and effect relationships (causality) whereas that of the non-whites is emotional, reactive and lacking all long-term planning and rational self-control. This represents the divide between extremes, between the children of darkness and the children of light between good and evil relative to ‘human’ evolution and cosmic order. ‘As within, so without.’ This fact manifests in the term of nation building (or lack thereof) amongst the diversity of ‘species’ or ‘sub-species’. In the end, it is merely a question of nomenclature where there be admitted on the one hand the reality of ‘humanity’ with vast differences of ‘sub-species’ called ‘races’ or on the Other this reality denied with merely a diversity of different species: black, white, yellow; red and hybrid types formed through their anti-national perverted unions. In either case, is the argument for the desirability of separation, if not outright war to the death and victory to the strong propounded. Clearly no order of any organic or natural sort can be woven from the disparate fabrics that constitute the variegated multitudes. Such a rainbow-colored garment bespeaks the false light of Lucifer, the failed soul whose elements cannot be coherently synchronized in an organic whole but who thrives on chaos alone and defeats himself through the lack of respect for the preservation of the kinds be they spoken of as ‘species’ or ‘subspecies’. The alternative is the correct assimilation of diverse kinds through establishing borders over which only those permitted entry by those on the Other side may ever enter. Thus corresponds with the so-called ‘right’ (natural proclivity) of free association which naturally emanates from the mind of diverse types who voluntarily pursue their own and avoid Others. Insofar harmony is established upon earth without violating the autonomy of Others. However given, that this earthly paradise is a dynamic system, such harmony is doomed to erupt in conflagration between kinds thus leading to the triumph and supremacy of the strongest force. Only the strong survive in this world and the next – the weaker is always subjugated and assimilated cannibalistically and vampirically. Such is the law of nature qua Cosmos qua ‘God’
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Jesus Christ, use paragraphs!
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