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Default 'Human': a zoological analysis

'Human': a zoological analysis

Negros – the lowest rung on the rank ordnung; the vilest step all who seek ascendance leap beyond to the higher levels while those immersed in guile and pity are stuck in the mass of fecal matter that constitutes the cracked brick of the lowest step of the pyramid – and acquire its stench.

The least capable of ascendance to higher planes of consciousness; they – Negros – are never of the intellectual or moral standards of those beyond; they are immersed in the mire of primitive animalism and cannot escape its bounds; doomed to oblivion they represent the inborn slave forever enchained in the iron manacles of subservience.

At best they could be useful, if they weren’t so given to a life of perpetual indolence counter-balanced by irrational emotional erraticism, inevitably manifested in rape, violence and the coarsest of all passions. The image of a screeching howler monkey stuffing its face with food then engaging in unbridled fornications, violence, then somnolent exhaustion encapsulates the Negro.

If human they indeed blacken that noble being. Amer-Indians – one is tempted to put ‘ibid.’ here in continuation from the above. However they seem slightly more intelligent and capable of carrying out tasks though lethargic and dull-witted. Again they occupy the lower tier with their Negro compatriots.

However (again) they are perhaps more amiable, less surly and abject, but again….?

Orientals – admit of many variations which differentiate them into their own sub-pyramid and hierarchy. Some are quite high on the totem: typically those of Mongolia, etc.

The more pure Asian types (not Eurasian or Aryan-esque stock) that occupy China and the surrounding area are typically an assiduous group of workers – what someone characterized as the ‘perfect middle class’; artisans, shopkeepers, local proprietors, basic functionaries, etc. All around an acceptable (in the most ‘social’ of senses) group of affable and compliant collectivists.

It is not without reason that the Mandarins and Dynasties lasted so long and organized such a vast mass with seemingly minimal problems, largely through the quasi-theocratic religion of Confucianism and later communism. They like their Mandarins in Asia.

Indians – Aryan hybrids whose caste system and ancient religion bespeak the influence of the blonde- haired blue-eyed group which will forever occupy the apex of humanity. Instead, the whiter the higher it would seem they are to be posited, caste is proportional to skin tone.

Arabic – the guileful and subtle Semites are at all times attempting to vie for worldly supremacy with their white combatants. Neither party fully trusts the other…who knows how the conflict will end – no armistice lies in sight. It appears a zero-sum game, a bellum omnia contra omnes, where only one side, heavily fraught with casualties, picks itself up from the bloody field and pays homage to its gods of war in triumph over the vanquished.

The Middle East conflict testifies to this Kampf of life and death. As clever apothecaries and alchemists none is more a sophisticate in the hidden and the unapparent: mathematics, astrology, demonology – all rolled into the racial soul of the hither Asiatic/ near-eastern type.

Beware the Shaitanic snake of the Semite; making covenant with this diabolic deity will lead to a strike in the dead of night.

White – In spite of the plenitude of tribal differences expressed by the term, the white man still exists and bodies forth from the Elysium halls of Asgard over the Rainbow Bridge of Bifrost and towards a Ragnarok of Ra-Ho-Wa!

The gullibility and ‘pathological altruism’ of the white man is his downfall. However his salvation can manifest itself through this same gullibility dialectically in a hell storm of rage upon being taken advantage of and being treated unjustly by those same to whom he had previously extended the olive branch.

The branch then becomes a burning brand in the already sooty hand of the recipient if initially taken (i.e. absconded with); if rejected it becomes a lash and a bludgeon to administer justice with a heavy hand…and perhaps a heavy heart. The blonde beastie sheds a tear for the injustice of the situation and the pain of his heart matches and perhaps exceeds that of his victim as the punishment is meted out.

The world pillar, Irminsul, balances precariously upon its cross beam the scales of justice and the judge is the hyperborean whose soul is outweighed even by a feather. Stoddard claimed that the southern climate is the downfall of the white man; that intermixture in a languid clime was inevitable and that the quality of the seedline would diminish in proportion to the tepidness, humidity and heat of climate.

Nevertheless there appear to exist pockets of whites amidst those not of their kind – even expat communities constituting a neocolonial faction in spite of protests to the contrary from these same groups. Perhaps the creativity movement goal of a white nation on a global scale is achievable? Is it desirable?

Perhaps; preferable to the contrary assuming a kill or be killed scenario. My preference would be for a colonization and gradual erosion of lower types by white and their fellow higher types: the identity of meaningful groups adds spice to life: ethnic cuisine

pro white writings and cartoons:

anthropology, biology, jew, nigger, science


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