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Default US Attorney Thomas Cullen uses Lawfare Against Pro-White Activists

I have been saying for months that corrupt US Attorney Thomas Cullen was targeting political dissidents at the behest of the ADL simply to advance his own career. He doesn't give a fuck. Just giving Schlomo whatever the fuck he wants. Thomas Cullen's indictment of Jack Corbin is a complete joke, just like all his indictments of the political activists he targets. The indictment contains zero allegations, simply recitation of the statute that was supposedly violated. It should be thrown out based on that alone.

Cullen charged Jack Corbin with cyberstalking while using Berkeley Antifa as a source to indict the Rise Above Movement. Antifa is free to engage in serial, chronic street violence and cyberstalking by doxing people on the Right and here we have a U.S. Attorney defending them and citing them and prosecuting their critics even when they are engaged in violence! The real reason "Jack Corbin" was targeted by the FBI was because he did a lot of work countering and exposing antifa violence by collecting videos of antifa attacks and posting them online. Antifa worked with Feds to set him up in retaliation. Daniel McMahon, known online as "Jack Corbin", exposed every Antifa at Charlottesville.

Corbin's info was instrumental in the defense of RAM, where the "victims" were shown initiating violence. His work severely undermined corrupt fed Thomas Cullen's bullshit case against RAM.
Lest anyone still doesn't think that Trump hates us and wants us to suffer.

He's now considering Thomas Cullen for a federal judgeship. The US Attorney who prosecuted RAM for no reason. You can read the bogus/politically motivated indictment here:
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Erik T. White
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Erik T. White

Thomas T. Cullen was confirmed as United States Attorney for the Western District of Virginia on March 22, 2018, after being nominated by President Donald J. Trump on February 27, 2018.

And so it goes with the great golden hype.
Whites are afraid to speak out against their enemies, let alone act out. This must change ~ Alex Linder
Sweat saves blood, blood saves lives, but brains saves both. ~ Erwin Rommel
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Lawfare. Cullen knows that even if McMahon is acquitted, the process alone will do him serious damage. It's like that smirky quote from some other corrupt prosecutor:

"He might beat the rap - but can he survive the RIDE?"

THIS is what that filthy jew-blowing traitor Dump has has given us...

dump trump, jack corbin, ram, thomas cullen


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