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Default South african family relief project theft


The following is an email I have sent to the Director of South African Family Relief Project LEIGH OXLEY DUPREEZ who I had hired to type up writings of mine. This was in July. I received from her a completely unintelligible copy that appeared to have been done by a voice to text software program. I requested tht she redo it and she stated that she didn't have the proper equipment to hear the audio recordings properly and couldn't read the scans of my writings both of which I had sent her. I extended trust to her and send her $1500 by western union by way of Karin Smith as I could not send it directly to South Africa as Western Union claimed it was a security risk. This led to damaging my reputation with Western Union who have barred me from sending money.

After Leigh received the money she made endless excuses after I had emailed and called her repeatedly over the phone over several months and always it was another excuse and who after receiving $1500 Canadian dollars from myself just took the money and largely severed contact with me only on the rarest occasions responding to my phone and email. Around December I received an edited copy of one of the 7 stories (a total of only 20 pages) that Leigh claimed to be corrected but which took me over 6 hours to recorrect and omitted some of the text which I had to reinvent thus subverting my original work. I would also have to spend another hour or two retyping it and this multiplied by 7 IF she would do it at all.
Over the next couple of weeks I have called and emailed but again received no response. I am hereby exposing that I have been defrauded of my money by the South Africa Relief Project and have requested a refund from Leigh via the following email:

"Hello Leigh Oxley Dupreez. I have been attempting to reach you but have not been able to receive a response from you via email or phone. Having had to correct the mistakes you have made for the second time (see attached) it indicates to me that you have not proofread the work as elementary errors have been made such as spelling 'there' with 'their', etc. This shows you have merely breezed through the typings and have not done it properly.

Also I have listened to my stories in audio format and they are very intelligible. I have also found other typists over the years and recently who have had no problems typing my writings and made few if any errors whereas your typings are fraught with errors to the extent of their being unintelligible.

From our last conversation I infer that since you are a xtian ('christian') you are not willing to properly type my writings as they are against christianity. Yet you undertook to do the job knowing full well what they contained. I must therefore request a refund as that is half the money I have and I am not in a position to make donations especially to those who are not willing to uphold the terms of their contracts. If I do not receive a refund of at least 3/4 of the value I have given you I will post this issue around the net to expose that you are not honourable.

As I have said in the last email I had to spend at least 6 hours editing your errors and will have to retype them taking at least another hour or two and this for the shortest story of which there are 7 thus making it amount to over 70 hours of additional work I will have to do if you ever finish the work you claimed you would do for me which, after over 5 months of waiting you have still not as the below email correspondence indicates. Hence I demand a refund of the $1500 Canadian dollars which I have paid you for the work. According to most business law in most commonwealth countries you would be in fundamental breach given that you have not given me the consideration I requested and I have as the correspondence attached indicates been more than patient. This work of mine is very important to me and has taken me over 5 months to write and may not ever be seen by others given your unwillingness to do it in a reasonable manner, ie. so that it is verbatim and intelligible to the reader."
Sincerely, an honourable Aryan,
[name witheld to prevent doxxing/stalking,etc.]

documented proof of the violation of contract:

correspondence with Leigh Du Preez of the South Africa Family Relief Project regarding my typings:

her unintelligible typings: 1st job:

2nd job (only 1 of 7 stories):

another typist's work: minimal error, 1-3 per page:

south africa, south africa project


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