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Old September 20th, 2009 #1
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Default Libertarianism is wrong.

Alex has provided good reasons for the rejection of Xtianity and conservatism. His attachment to libertarianism is a rope to an anchor. Luckily there is still time to cut that rope with the knife of his keen mind.
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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Libertarianism is wrong - about race. It is right about many aspects of economics, which is governed by laws no less than biology.
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The author of that drivel is grasping at straws. He took Rearden's quote out of context without the qualifying clause:

Originally Posted by Rearden
“I hold that there is no clash of interests among men who do not demand the unearned and do not practice human sacrifice.”
Originally Posted by Renner
Reardon is telling the truth, but neglects to add that all creatures must by their natures “demand the unearned”, even unto cannibalism. Objectivism requires both moral universalism and cornucopianism. The same must be true of libertarianism.
It is one thing to demand, it is another to receive. Note that if there is no clash from those who do not demand the unearned, there is a clash of those that do. Libertarianism allows for defense of one's property as an extension of property rights, therefore it is not required for such a clash of interests to be absent in the libertarian worldview. Therefore Mr. Renner's statement is logically inconsistent.
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Rick Ronsavelle
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Rick Ronsavelle

Now, from page 466 of Journals of Ayn Rand (paperback):

"Man's intellectual capacities have always been so unequal that to the thinkers the majority of their brothers have probably always seemed subhuman. And some men may still be, for all the evidence of rationality, or lack of, they give. We may still be in evolution, as a species, and living side by side with some "missing links."

. . .

". . .what about those who are prehuman, or near enough to it, and incapable of rationality?. . ."

. . .

It these pre-humans are incapable of rational thinking, and therefore they need an enslaved, controlled, regimented "protective" society in order to survive- we cannot survive in such a society. BY DEFINITION WE ARE THEN TWO DIFFERENT SPECIES. . . .WE WILL NOT BE SACRIFICED TO THEM. . ."

jew von mises, libertarianism is jewish, libertarianism is white


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