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Default The South Africa Project: This just might be the best WN cause to join in 2012!

27 February 2012: SA Project to host “STOP the Boer GeNOcide!” Protest Vigils at 13 US State Capitals

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Alexander M.
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Alexander M.
Default Anti-White Policies in South Africa Out in The Open

South Africa and Zimbabwe have become what they are because of the eviction and ongoing murders of white farmers. It's okay for the people who ensured this transfer of power to think blacks are just as equal to whites; but we're sure it's not okay for the ten's of millions of black Africans that are now starving.
Experience molds perception.
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Alexander M.
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Alexander M.
Default The South Africa Project
Experience molds perception.
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Where can we send money to help white South Africans and be confident the money isn't stolen ?? A Louisianna PO box and no contact name or phone number stinks.
“To learn who rules over you simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize” —–Voltaire

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Here are the details of the organisation the person being interviewed, Henk van de Graaf belongs to Transvaal Agricultural Union Transvaal Landbou Unie

His email address in Darkest Africa [email protected]

The po box and phone details on this page

Donations can also be sent by SMS to :
cellphone fundraising number 48716
message to just contain one word : TLUSTOP

At the exchange rate of $0.13 to 1 rand, R10 as they request below works out to be roughly $1.30

On the membership form it gives bank details

Account Name TLU SA
Bank branch SILVERTON
Branch code 334 455
Account number 070 000 083

TAU SA is experiencing an increase in enquiries from international institutions about murders on farms in South Africa.

This is mainly as a result of a visit by TAU SA’s Assistant General Manager: Communications, Mr Henk van de Graaf, to Europe. Mr Van de Graaf arrived back after a week long information tour focussing on violent crimes on farms. The highlight of his tour was a visit to the European Parliament where he was the key note speaker at a public meeting of European Parliamentarians. During his presentation Mr Van de Graaf pointed out that circumstances in South Africa are even worse than in Zimbabwe. In South Africa 1 554 farmers have been killed on their farmscompared to 24 on Zimbabwean farms. “Institutions like the EU imposed personal sanctions against Mr Mugabe and members of his cabinet. Perhaps the EU should consider imposing personal likewise sanctions on mr Jacob Zuma and members of his cabinet, for not doing enough about this problem. Farm murders in South Africa also need to be declared a crime against humanity,” Van de Graaf said.

“A short extract of the documentary film ‘War of the Flea’ was also shown to the parliamentarians. Especially Steve Hoffmeyr’s remarks on genocide underline TAU SA’s point of view on this issue,” said Van de Graaf.

After the visit to the European parliament, and the handing in of a genocide charge against the South African government at the International Criminial Court in The Hague, international media and social networks took more notice of the situation regarding murders on farms in South Africa. Subsequently TAU SA’s offices received reports of planned actions in several countries, not only in Europe, but also in Australia, Canada and America.

TAU SA’s SMS-line for support to victims of farm attacks, is also performing well. Members of the public can make a R10 donation by sending the message TLUSTOP to 48716.

On the criminal charges laid :

About the situation

Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.

best wn cause, south africa project


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