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Old March 18th, 2012 #1
Yevgeny Morozov
sick & tired of deadbeats
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Yevgeny Morozov
Default Similarities between two states, summed up in one picture

Two states, which once were explicitly and consciously White; with segregation, eugenics and what-not in place.

The only things not clearly visible in this picture, to the more dim-witted amongst us, are the Joe Slovos and David Axlrods along with their handiwork, ranging in the thousands upon thousands of White, mutilated, corpses.
The "the White Nationalist movement" and its "leaders" are a joke ... on Whites. | Donating to deadbeats is the equivalent of nigger handouts. | What's the difference between the Shoah business and the White Nationalism? Reach and shekel flow.

america, genocide, south africa, suid-afrika, usa


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