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Default Call flood now and express your outrage overy the mistreatment of Matt Hale

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Supporters!

I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that today the great Bibles of our Creativity religious faith arrived here for me at FCI-Terre Haute, courtesy of our good Brother Thomas Seay. The bad news is that my captors refuse to allow me to keep them in my cell; rather, I am required to go the Unit Manager's office in order to view them under lock and key and I can only do that during the daytime when he is around. This is at a prison where pro-black and pro-hispanic literature routinely enters its gates without fanfare and without censorship. Indeed, I have seen prisoners with black Nation of Islam literature, literature which calls White people "devils" and claims that White people were created in a test tube by an insane black scientist thousands of years ago. Apparently that kind of foolishness receives the stamp of approval of my captors, probably because they are afraid of the black lobby. With our White people though, we lack a lobby of our own and thus White prisoners are routinely mistreated.

We are all aware of the double standard that afflicts our White Race on a regular basis and that is certainly the subject of my book, Ending White Slavery. The simple fact of the matter is that what is allowed to the other races is not allowed to our own White people. We are the ones at "the back of the bus" now and we are the ones who have put ourselves there! Blacks are allowed to organize for blacks all the time, Jews are expected to be loyal to Israel, hispanics are expected to fight tooth and nail for "la raza," but the minute a proud White man wants to read the scriptures of his avowedly pro-WHITE religious faith, those scriptures are consigned to a "Unit Manager's" office unlike the situation with every other religion here. Indeed, the black Muslims have organized religious services in the Chapel's office and so do the Jews, Christians, and who knows who else. Even the Odinists are allowed here and that is good to see; however, though Odinism is certainly better than most religions, it still cannot be compared to the greatness of Creativity, a religion that is the total solution to all of our problems, forever. You can bet that if the powers that be thought that Odinism posed a threat to the current (Jewish) social order, its texts would be censored the same way that Creativity's are today. Instead, as always, it is CREATIVITY that stands to change the word and to save our kind.

In any case, this development only inspires me all the more to achieve victory over our foes in court. Our great Founder's words are already imprinted upon my heart even if I may not be able to see them as readily as I deserve. I despise the inferior treatment that our religion receives at the hands of my captors and I am resolved to end that treatment once and for all. As for the rest of my fellow Creators reading this, please renew your committment today in putting the Books of Creativity into our people's hands. Let the persecution I have faced for our Creed inspire you to convert others, today! I also urge you to call here to complain about the fact that Creativity is the sole religion whose texts are not allowed in a prisoner's cell here. My dear mother will provide you with the phone number. We only what is right; we take the "equality" espousers at their word!

Yours Truly For Nature's Finest!

Rev. Matt Hale
The phone number at FCI is the following: (812) 244-4400 Ms. H

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