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Default Planned obsolescence as tool of genocide

Planned obsolescence as tool of genocide:
The introduction of ever-new cultural artefacts into the public consciousness transforms the mass mind into an aleatory, transient egregore that loses its blood memory through the surfeit of entities, that crowd out of itself its self-knowledge which latter is necessary for its maintenance as a distinct structure.
‘As above so below’ and the idealistic transformation begets a realistic restructuring. The obsolescence of that around which one orients creates disorientation as it is a plastic structure forever undergoing new formative changes necessitating new patterns of movement which break down the ‘core personality’ of the race (the collective consciousness) and render it susceptible of restructuring according to the content of the cultural manufacturers and their products.
Erosion of culture is gone about through a lack of fixity in the product, its durability made to last only as long as necessary to direct the attention of oneself away from the previous product and thus to maintain a state of perpetual flux, a lack of fixity in consciousness which enables the insertion of the novel into the mind and to juxtapose all novelty into a melting pot of meaninglessness leading one inevitably to having recourse to endless self-stimulation of the lowest order as a means of fixing attention on a sufficiently strong impulse (even if this be only an immersion in trends of fashion apparel, etc.).
This focusing of attention upon the perpetual flow of transience puts one in a hypnotic state as always anticipating novelty and not focusing on any determinate thing for a sufficient period of time thereby implicating one in a state of heightened suggestibility and as it were dependency upon external stimuli or objects detracting from a self-reflexive identification, and rather an identification with the object as determinate of the form of one’s (collective) consciousness.
Subjectivity, once objectified qua objectivity (collective consciousness) immerses itself in objectivity (the phenomenal veil of Maya) qua subjectivity (individualistic solipsism) and thereby destroys itself. (Post) modernism supersedes tradition and annihilates the latter through its very transience which precludes fixity and thereby the establishment of a traditional form which could oppose its annihilating influence. ‘Post-modernism’ as a cultural process (to speak generally) could also be equated with ‘leftism’ or ‘cultural Marxism’ which is the annihilation of tradition just as tradition is the annihilation of Marxism (fascism, Christianity, etc.).
Tradition is such as it posits fixity and whether or not (national socialism) rooted in the blood memory constitutes the (new) bedrock upon which is established a culture. When tradition itself has permanence is when it corresponds with nature, i.e. is bound up with the blood memory of the bearers of that culture that is to say the biological kin group (race) which enables its manifestation and which latter is bound up there with such that if it (the biological basis) ceases so too will the culture be submerged in the culture of the Other or in the case of the culture of erosion and transience (e.g. consumerism, cultural Marxist trends or ‘leftism’) will be annihilated unless a sufficient strength of recollection of blood memory can be had to serve as safeguard of the tradition bound up therewith through recognition of who one is and whither one is going given where one has been (manifest destiny).
Planned cultural obsolescence as mechanism of genocide is effective only to the extent of the ability of the sinister agent to shift consciousness away from tradition through distraction by interweaving his red herring distractions within the tradition itself such as in the case of Christ-insanity wherein was injected the universalistic and eventual anti- white biases as well as in the case of esoteric traditions such as theosophy and more ancient Aryan traditions (in Tibet and India which latter suffered destruction through transmogrification at the hands of Jewish infiltrators who mixed the castes and universalized the particular, rendering an Aryan tradition universal for non-Aryans which led to the stagnation and will-less self-abnegation of fakirism in this region today knowing as they do that having failed to preserve their traditions qua particular they subverted their destiny which was bound up with their particularity – they intermixed types through miscegenation and their tradition thereby lost its efficacy. However had they not allowed decadence to overtake them rendering them weak they would not have fallen to this state of apathy and further decay.).
If the blood memory of the race is preserved through a refusal to slip into laxity of rites supportive of the tradition which is its epiphenomenon the planned obsolescence would never occur as no novelty could be introduced beyond that which is organically developed through itself, through the blood.
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Ray Allan
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Ray Allan

I've always found planned obsolescence, whether it is technological, social or cultural to be very disturbing and creepy. By design of course, to destroy us.
"Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

--Henry A. Kissinger, jewish politician and advisor

consumer, consumerism, genocide


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