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Mike Parker
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Mike Parker
Thumbs up Libertarianism & Racial Nationalism: TOQ Essay Competition

[Someone please stick a fork in this thing.]

The Occidental Quarterly Essay Competition

$1,000 prize For an Essay on the Topic:

Libertarianism & Racial Nationalism

In terms of fundamental moral principles, libertarian individualism and racial nationalist collectivism could not be more opposed. Yet many racial nationalists are former libertarians. The purpose of this contest is to encourage the exploration of the connections between libertarianism and racial nationalism, including but not limited to: racial nationalist critiques of libertarian individualism, racial nationalist examinations of specific libertarian thinkers (such as Ayn Rand), accounts of awakenings from libertarianism to racial nationalism, and the question of whether libertarianism is a Jewish intellectual movement as defined by Kevin MacDonald in The Culture of Critique.

Essays must be in English.
Essays must be at least 2,000 and no more than 5,000 words.
Essays must be submitted electronically in Word or RTF format.
Authors may use pen names.
Only one entry per author.
Essays must not have previously appeared in print.
The winning essay will be chosen by the Editor of TOQ. All decisions will be final.
The contest is open to anyone worldwide, except the Editor of TOQ.
The winning essay and other worthy entries will be published in TOQ.
The deadline for submissions is June 1, 2010.
Winners and Runners Up will be informed by August 1, 2010.

Address submissions and inquiries to:

[email protected]

libertarianism is jewish


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