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N.B. Forrest
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N.B. Forrest
Default "Declassified"

I re-watched a couple of episodes of it, about Stalin & Charles Lindbergh: what a fucking kikefest. While they rightly pointed out that Uncle Joe murdered far more people than Hitlah is accused of (and they made the correct distinction that Stalin killed "his own people", unlike Hitler, who allegedly killed jews, fags, gyppos, etc., suggesting that Stalin was "even worse") So far so good - then they got to the end, when Stalin had his one last "Doctor's Plot" purge, and since most of the Kremlin quacks were zhids, they made it sound like the filthy tribe as a whole were the poor, poooor victims of Stalin's alleged "anti-Semitism" - rather than his most eager executioners (an aspect of the history never mentioned, naturally).

As for Lindbergh, there were at least 4 kike "expoits" flapping their liver-lipz, and they really did a classic nose hose-job on his memory: the Nazis hoodwinked him because he "wasn't bright"; he had the gall to challenge FDR's war-mongering and was supposedly trounced by the great political genius (who was illegally wire-tapping him); his "infamous" Des Moines speech, in which he bravely named the jew as being one of 3 factions forcing America into war (the others being the commie-symp crip & the Brits) against the clear will of the people allegedly destroyed America First, blah, blah....

We gotta apply a hot needle to these goddam ticks....
"First: Do No Good." - The Hymiecratic Oath

"The man who does not exercise the first law of nature—that of self preservation — is not worthy of living and breathing the breath of life." - John Wesley Hardin


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