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Gabriel Braun
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Gabriel Braun
Cool Jobs/Careers that allow visible Tattoos

I love tattoos, and I'm sure there's plenty of others on here as well that share my interest. This thread is basically just to list off jobs that won't discriminate (i feel weird using "won't" and "discriminate" in a sentence LOL) against those of us with Ink. Any contributions are welcome, but please dont turn this into a tattoo debate. Those of us who have them don't care whether you like them or not so don't think you'll change any minds.

1. Welder - I myself am a welder and i enjoy what i do. I have tattoos on my hand, neck, and fingers, and it hasn't stopped me from finding work. They don't care what you look like (although I'm sure it has limits, if you get a swastika on your forehead i doubt you'll get a call back) so long as you can do the job. Plus you're usually covered head to toe in PPE so they're mostly not even visibile.

2. Auto Tech/Machinst - Very similar in regards to welding, although it may vary from place to place depending on whether or not you have to deal with a whole lot of customers.

3. Tattoo Artist - This one is obvious.

4. Deckhand - If you're working on a boat out in the middle of the sea, you're not dealing with customers who can be turned off by your appearance and make the company lose business.

5. Farmer - If you're in the agriculture business there's a good chance you're your own boss, and if not, you're still a body to help with the physical labour, so tattoos wouldn't be an issue.

6. Medical Transcriptionist - I'm referring to the ones who work from home. Obviously if you're working at home, you could do your work naked and there would be no qualms about it (except maybe from the people you're living with)

7. Truck Driver - You're getting paid to drive a truck. Simple.

8. Coal Miner - Covered in PPE, In a mine. Nobody's going to see anything so tattoos aren't going to matter here.

9. Garbage Man - I don't think its a good idea to aspire to be a garbage man the rest of your life, but if you have visible tattoos and no marketable skills this may be the best choice for you.

10. Construction Worker - Once again, a lot of ppe, and hard physical labour. They care more about your work performance then your appearance.

This is what i can think of off the top of my head, if i can think of more ill add on. If anybody does any of these jobs and I'm wrong about their tattoo policy, please correct me. I'm always looking to be informed and knowledgable about the things I'm talking about.
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