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Old April 27th, 2020 #1
Jim Harting
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Jim Harting
Default April 30, 2020 - 88 Seconds of Silence - An Activity in which Everyone Can Participate, Lockdown or No Lockdown!

April 30, 2020: 88 Seconds of Silence

Most of the people reading this will be under lockdown or quarantine of one sort or another as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. This has severely limited National Socialist and White Nationalist activities, other than online communication or outreach.

But April 30th offers an opportunity for even those who are completely isolated in a physical sense to join together as one person in standing up for their Race – not just figuratively but physically as well.


The NEW ORDER cordially invites you to join with National Socialists and other sympathetic White people around the world on Thursday, 30 April, 2020 / JdF 131, in observing 88 seconds of silence in solemn tribute to Adolf Hitler, who, on that day in Berlin 75 years ago, fulfilled his earthly mission and offered up his life for a better world to come.

East Coast Time Zone: 9:30 am
Central Time Zone: 8:30 am
Mountain Time Zone: 7:30 am
Pacific Time Zone: 6:30 am
Central European Time: 3:30 pm
Greenwich Mean Time: 2:30 pm
Suggested Guidelines for Commemoration
1. Those observing the 88 Seconds of Silence should stand at attention, where and when feasible.
2. Where possible, observants should face a visible representation of the Fuehrer (bust, photograph or painting) and/or a Swastika banner. Some may also wish to light a candle or candles.
3. Those at work or school should excuse themselves and find a private location. If they require permission to leave, they should say that they need a few moments for a private religious observance. (Note: The lavatory is NOT an appropriate place for observance, nor is the need to use the lavatory an appropriate excuse to leave the room or work area. In fact, false excuses in general are not appropriate.)
4. Where necessary because of time-zone difference, those who would normally be asleep during this time should make arrangements to rise early for the Observance.
The 30th of April is a sacred occasion, when his followers will join in a spiritual bond transcending the physical barriers separating them. It should, accordingly, be commemorated with all of the solemnity and respect befitting such an occasion.

Join with your White sisters and brothers throughout the world in participating in this event.

We encourage you to express your thoughts and record your experiences in this thread.
NEW ORDER Website:
NS Publications:
VNN National Socialist Union:

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