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Default ok , America First sent me this video. Emichael jones talking about south bend mayor

well yes this has a lot of good points.

the main point being the mayors of cities are the globalist point men and colonizers of the globalist system.

but they WANT you to blither about gays and christianity til you're blue in the face while they steal your house and throw you into the streets with property taxes.

and then harvest your homeless body for cadaver bone and organs

well you know even THAT is not necessary that is just the local pay off for your local gravy train riders,

the real heist going on is the Quantitative easing, they have created enough LEGAL wealth to buy the entire planet.

this is wealth that is 100% legally enforcible by every police officer, psycho security agency, every court in the united states will ENFORCE their claims with 100% of their gun power and goon power.

and THAT is real. the masses do not possess the intellectual power or understanding to resist and even if they did they do not possess any actual power to resist the white male police with guns, and white male special operations psychopaths who will come and SWAT you to take your houses and hand them over to globalist bankers. gays are NOT your biggest problem when you suddenly have armed mercenary soldiers on your front porch, to take your house and throw you into the street, where you will be arrested within 24 hours for 'vagrancy' and sent to Biological REsources cEnter to be chopped up and sewn together with other bodies by crazy 'doctors'


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