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Default Are Antifa the Real Nazis?

I have seen cuckservatives do this time and time again.

Political correctness is oppression disguised as good manners.
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most countries use 'antifa' secret police to destroy public protest.

they don't' want them to be seen as the secret police of the state though, so they pay them to dress in skirts, wear pink wigs, etc.

and the dummies laugh and go 'ha ha ha, look the pink wig'

because theyre not in military uniforms, or police uniforms, the goyim are absolutely dumbfounded by this level of sophistication
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Freddy Ford
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Freddy Ford

We have feared the alliance of the experienced Gentile sovereign power with that of the blind power of the mob, but all measures to prevent the possibility of such an occurrence have been taken by us. Between these two powers we have erected a wall in the form of the terror which they entertain for one another. Thus the blind power of the populace remains a support on our side. We alone will be its leaders, and will guide it towards the attainment of our object.
[Protocol 9]
The mob is used to listen to us, who pay it for its attention and obedience.
[Protocol 10]
Shanks' translation.


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