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Ned Hiller
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Ned Hiller
Default Superstition Kept The Jews, Africans, and Native Americans Backwards

Even in ancient times, the Caucasians and Asians already had vast and powerful empires and were making groundbreaking discoveries, inventions and structures like farms, ranches, agricultural terraces, aquaculture centers, apartment blocks, animal mill, watermill, and windmill factories, blast furnaces, oil refineries, roads, highways, drawbridges, suspension bridges, ocean going ships, and even artificial islands that were used as commercial and naval relay stations for ships, and all of this is proof of their racial superiority.

The Caucasians and Asians surpassed the Jews, Africans, and Native Americans because they used organized religion to eradicate superstition in their empires, while these 3 inferior races remained backwards and had no archaeological evidence of such inventions, and this was caused by their degenerate superstitions which made them stupid and illogical. Could the extremely superstitious practices of magic, paganism, occultism, shamanism, and animism be caused by the Jews, Africans, and Native Americans inferior genes?

Here are examples of racially inferior, superstitious stupidity, even in modern times:

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