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Default most important thing to come out of Epstein blackmail circus

is that he recieved BILLIONS of SECRET quantitative easing bailout for his DERIVATIVES bullshit investment fraud scams.

'Deritivates', in case eou don't know is hocum for goys to convince them that what they are doing is not just blatantly criminal collective kiking of the goyim.

we so we know, that jew propoganda media gets some of the TENS OF TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS they print up, and gangsters iike Trump, Epstein get bllions, and these 'deriviatives' traders are getting TRILLIONS Of it.

where is my QE check in the mail so I can pay my extortion/property taxes and so I have place to live?

ANYONE who is still WORKING for US currency is a FUCKING FOOL, it is that simple


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