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Old November 24th, 2009 #1
Alex Linder
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Alex Linder
Default How the Judeo-Left Does It

Language needn't be logical or regular to be useful. There's no reason other than convention to drive on the right vs left, or to stop on red rather than green.

One uses conventional grammar and spelling to aid communication. One should only depart from these for solid reasons.

Of course, it is also true that the enemy attempts to regularize and routinize its lies and smears by making them conventional, through the coining and mass-media use of terms that are inherently dishonest - homophobia being a perfect example. The final success of these terms is when they are converted into legal concepts and written into laws. Terms coined by the judeo-left are devised to divide the world into two camps: the good guys, who support the leftists-commuist-jews, and the bad guys, who belong to yesterday's reactionaries.

So, one should use neutral language as intended. One should coin new terms -- or break rules -- whenever it results in a tighter skin on reality, giving the reader a better grip on what's actually going on. And one should root out and explode any deliberately misleading or deceptive language used by the enemy.

The judeo-left, as the aggressors, have for their advantage the fact that those they oppose are made up of stupid, cowardly and conformist types - which is to say 90% of the conservatives. That is not to say that the top ten percent of conservatives, the true intellectuals, are not worth infinitely more than all leftists combined, they are, but to say that if the left can gain control of society's manure-spreaders (government instiutions, public schools, mass media) it can define reality to and for the stupid herds of conservatives, who will, most of them, not even perceive the game being played, and, the rest of them, fear to fight it.


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